A simple bathroom design may be the best design for you.

Keep Your Design Simple

One of the best ways to clear up your bathroom is to change to a simple yet effective design. Simplicity is often what a design needs in order to flourish and maximize the comfort you experience. A simple bathroom design revolves around minimalism and basic bathroom design concepts for you to achieve a great balance.

Smaller Bathroom Fixtures

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Floating Bathroom Vanities - Inka

When designing a simple bathroom design, you might want to focus on ensuring items are not too big or not proportionate with the rest of your bathroom. This includes all aspects of your bathroom. Keep your fixtures like sinks, vanities and mirrors on the medium to smaller side. Smaller bathroom fixtures make your bathroom feel very minimalist and simple. If things in your bathroom get too big, things start to feel overwhelming and in the way, especially if you are going for a minimalist design. A small bathroom vanity, despite its size, can still incorporate a number of beautiful design aspects while simultaneously being compact and accessible. Small bathroom vanities are of course, perfect for small sinks. Popular sink styles for small vanities include drop-in, under mount and vessel sinks to name the most common. Other sinks can work as well, and pedestal sinks are also great options. If you choose a small bathroom vanity, a small bathroom mirror with the same width as your vanity will be the way you want to go. Sometimes you can get away with a slightly bigger mirror, but a mirror with the same width is the safest and best looking budget way to go. It is also a great way to create space in your bathroom.

Pick Neutral Colors

In order to make a simple bathroom design, simple bathroom colors will work the best. Neutral simple bathroom paint colors like gray, white and black will work well in this budget bathroom design scheme. Try to avoid bright colors such as yellow, green and other popping simple bathroom paint colors. Shades of neutral simple bathroom paint colors give off a nice relaxing feel and keep the tone of the bathroom calm and simple. Because these simple bathroom paint colors aren't very eye-catching, you can try some combinations with black, white and gray. For example, black and white is a very popular design for simple and minimalist bathroom designs due to the effective contrast as well as the combination of two neutral simple bathroom paint colors. That being said, it won't hurt to include some brighter colors in your design, but make sure they are only small simple bathroom accents. If too many bright simple bathroom paint colors are used in your design, your bathroom can start to look a bit overwhelming.

Minimal Accessories

Another thing you should consider when designing a simple bathroom design is to keep the bathroom accessories to a minimum. Make sure you have all of the accessories you need, such as towel bars and other necessary accessories, but make sure you don’t clutter your walls and counters with accessories that are just getting in the way or taking up space. You should include accessories such as towel bars and toilet paper holders at the bare minimum, but if you want to include other accessories you definitely can and you probably should. You just want to make sure that you do not have an excessive amount of accessories all over your bathroom. If you have too many unnecessary accessories in your bathroom, it starts to get cluttered and uncomfortable.

Final Note

A simple bathroom design is a nice break from the complexity of everyday life and keeping it simple will add a comfortable and relaxing room to your home.