The Importance of a Bathroom Renovation

There comes a time in every home for a bathroom renovation. A bathroom renovation can be large scale or in a small space, depending on the size of your bathroom and the amount of renovation you want done. There are several things that could lead you to a bathroom renovation, including outdated fixtures, dysfunctional fixtures or appliances, or a number of other issues. In addition, there are several pros and cons that you need to consider as well. This guide will highlight the ins and outs of a bathroom renovation. Everything you need to know will be detailed in this guide in order to give you a smooth and efficient bathroom remodel experience.

Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom - Bathroom Sink
Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom - Magnifying Mirror

Outdated Fixtures

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, outdated fixtures can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore. It is important to stay updated with your bathroom fixtures, especially if you want to stay consistent with bathroom design trends. The modern bathroom design is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. The sharp and sleek characteristics among modern bathroom fixtures coupled with a variety of beautiful finishes makes the modern bathroom design a very worthwhile concept. Smaller fixtures such as faucets and accessories are easy to replace with more modern items. Larger items such as bathroom vanities, toilets and bathtubs will be bigger investments, so it is important to choose your perfect fixtures.

If any one of your fixtures is starting to slow down or perform poorly, it is time to consider at least a partial bathroom remodel. Faucets can often experience leaking and wear, vanities can get chipped, bathtubs can crack and several other issues can occur that can give you reason to renovate. It is important to replace broken or dysfunctional fixtures as soon as possible to promote the functionality and comfort of your bathroom design. Once efficient fixtures are implemented into your bathroom remodel, you will immediately notice the difference in both quality and functionality. An interior designer can help you choose some great luxury fixtures.

You Need Additional Cabinets and Other Storage

Additional Storage - Medicine Cabinet
Additional Storage - Cabinet

If you are going through a bathroom remodel, one of the reasons for doing so could be the need for more storage space. Strategically placing cabinets and shelves can not only open up your bathroom and include more storage space, but make your bathroom design look more appealing in general. Wall mounted medicine cabinets and shelves can open floor space to make the floor are larger and easier to clean. Bigger storage units can be helpful for storing towels and other toiletries that would be taking up extra space. Strategic placements come with several pros, making your bathroom remodel much easier to navigate, especially in a guest bathroom.

By increasing your storage space, more things become possible. Cabinets and certain vanities are a great option for adding storage space due to their versatility in placement. They can be fastened onto your wall most commonly, or put on the floor either standing freely or attached to the floor. Consider including a cabinet with mirrored doors to attain a two-in-one component. Shelves are a great way to display some beautiful accessories while simultaneously creating more storage space in a very practical manner. Combine it with a beautiful series of wall tiles for a beautiful design element. Pedestal sinks are also great at opening up the area. If you have a smaller bathroom design, consider incorporating a vessel sink.

You Need a Design Change

Sometimes you just yearn for a different atmosphere. It is easy to get tired of the same old bathroom design after years of using it daily. Your bathroom design idea may have been at the peak of fashion a few years ago, but now it may be fading out of style. Enhance your bathroom design with modern finishes, energy conserving fixtures, beautiful floor tile or vibrant colors. With a few subtle upgrades, your bathroom can look and feel fresh and new. This bathroom improvement will help you enjoy it to its full potential. A design change comes with pros and cons, but it will ultimately be a good decision if carefully planned out.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Always look to the future. A big part of renovating your bathroom is to save on energy costs. The long term benefits of implementing energy saving fixtures and features are quite rewarding. You can be creative when doing this by choosing from a variety of water saving fixtures, energy conserving lighting or ventilation methods among other things. Before you know it, the cost of the bathroom renovation will start to pay for itself due to the money you will be saving on your energy bill every month.

In addition, make sure you know where your water lines are. When remodeling, it is a good idea to keep your fixtures close to the water lines. Your new sink idea might not have to be where your old sink was, but it is important to consider putting new fixtures where old fixtures were. Including new plumbing or water lines might be necessary depending on where your existing water lines are located. Energy efficiency comes with pros and cons, with much more pros than cons. In addition, this will be one of the most efficient bathroom improvements.

New Bathroom Accessories

New Bathroom Accessories - Magnifying Mirror
New Bathroom Accessories - Bathroom Tray

When remodeling, you may have second thoughts about your current bathroom accessories. You may decide that you want new accessories for your newest bathroom remodeling ideas, depending on what direction you decide to go in. New accessories can often add a different atmosphere to your bathroom for the better especially if it matches your bathroom design. Keeping things up to date is always important for all aspects of your bathroom improvement.

Increase Your Home Value

If you are at all planning a bathroom design to market your house at any point in the future, improving the value of your bathroom is something to consider. Bathroom improvements are crucial in this regard. A beautiful bathroom can seal a deal you want to make when selling your home. Consider repainting the walls, incorporating wallpaper or tiling your floor differently for example. Another way to increase the value of your bathroom is to incorporate the most up to date fixtures and styles. Home buyers will most likely want to see a bathroom remodel with lasting features. Bathroom improvements are not only beautiful but increase comfort and functionality.

Update the Bathroom’s Color Scheme

The color scheme of a bathroom improvement is one of the most important aspects of a design. Color schemes, much like fixtures and other aspects of your bathroom, can get outdated. Colors such as mustard yellow and salmon pink are examples of more outdated colors that can work in a vintage bathroom, but not so much in today’s interior design practices. Neutral colors such as black, white and gray are great choices for a modern bathroom design or any design in general. Other colors like different shades of blue are quite effective as well. The pros of updating your color scheme will far outweigh the cons.

Fix Existing Problems

Chipped fixtures, loose tiles and leaky pipes are reasons enough for a bathroom renovation Persistent issues such as these can cost you time and stress. Replacing broken elements of your bathroom saves you money for the future along with radiating a refreshing new feeling and a comfortable overall vibe. If replacement isn’t absolutely necessary, brushing up or fixing certain aspects of your bathroom remodel that can be easily mended on your own is always an option. Bathroom improvements are important through fixing these existing problems.

Improve Comfort

Your comfort is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing for your bathroom experience. Sometimes older fixtures aren’t up to today’s comfortability standards so implementing newer, more comfortable pieces into your bathroom are well worth it. Bathtubs for example, can now have backrests, armrest, jets and other luxurious features to maximize comfort. An increase in comfort is one of the main reasons for a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel. This is a key bathroom improvement in terms of how one feels physically in a bathroom design. An interior designer can help you choose the perfect comfortable fixtures if you so choose.

Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodel can be one of the most expensive projects in your home if you are going for a full bathroom renovation. There are several reasons as to why this is. For example, the replacement of each fixture will cost you several thousand dollars alone. Of course, this will depend on the quality and brand of the fixtures you plan on using. Chances are your fixtures will be relatively high quality because you are starting from scratch. You should also consider labor costs if you are hiring people to perform the bathroom renovation. Different companies will charge differently for certain things, so choose a company that will accommodate you the best.

Resources also need to be considered as well. Materials, tools and other essential resources need to be planned out. Depending on what you need, this could be several hundred dollars. Paint rollers, sealant and other construction or functional tools will be needed in order to complete the bathroom renovation and bathroom improvements. It is important that you sit down and plan out your budget for every single item and bathroom improvement you are going to need. Make sure that you list every item, idea, resources, worker and other possible thing you may need. Go over the list several times and see how much each one will cost. It is crucial that you do this before you begin your bathroom renovation.

Let Your Contractor Know The Details

Once you have your budget completely planned out, let your contractor know every single detail and idea about the bathroom renovation. This is important if you want your exact bathroom renovation plan to play out how you want it. Give your contractor a detailed blueprint of how you want your bathroom to look. This way there will be no gray area when it comes to certain design decisions and ideas. Think about listing out specific guidelines on design, budget, possible mistakes and any other factor you can think of.

It is also important to choose a contractor that you can trust. It is important to hire a contractor that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Do some research and find the best contractors near you to do your bathroom renovation. The contractor should have a good reputation, while also having a price that you can work with in your budget. Because this person will be in your home for up to several days, it is important to get a trusted contractor for a bathroom remodel. This is one of the most important things to consider before you do your bathroom renovation. The pros a contractor will provide will serve to be very helpful if you decide to go that route.

Decide What Fixtures are Necessary

When planning a bathroom renovation, you are going to need several new essential bathroom fixtures. You may not need a replacement for every single fixture, but chances are you will need some. This will also depend on the type of bathroom in which you are going to do a bathroom renovation. A powder room may only need a few replacements while a master bathroom will need much more attention when it comes to a bathroom remodel.

  • Bathroom Sink - A bathroom sink is one of the most essential fixtures to incorporate in your bathroom. If your current bathroom sink has any issues at all, such as cracks, stains or other issues, consider purchasing a new one for your bathroom remodel.
  • Bathroom Vanity - A bathroom vanity should be replaced if it is broken in any area beyond repair. It should also be replaced if it is hard to use or dysfunctional. For example, hard to open drawers or doors are a big red flag.
  • Bathtub - Bathtubs can last a long time, but they need to be replaced eventually. If you are not using a bathtub, but a walk-in shower instead, you don't need a replacement. In fact, you’ll probably want to remove it completely.
  • Bathroom Mirrors - Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need multiple mirrors. These can come in the form of both wall mirrors as well as magnifying mirrors in a bathroom remodel.
  • Shower - A shower is basically essential to a master bathroom at this point. If you are remodeling a powder room or small guest bathroom, a shower may not be necessary.
  • Other Fixtures - Every bathroom is different, so you may need unique fixtures to your design. Go through your bathroom remodel plan to figure out which bathroom fixtures you will or will not need. Many other fixtures, such as light fixtures, will serve as great bathroom improvements. The best fixtures should be considered.

Plan for Accessible Electrical Outlets

Because electricity is such an integral part of a bathroom design, it is crucial that you have easy access to several outlets. These outlets will need to be used for hair dryers, light fixtures, rechargeable items and other similar appliances or items. Make sure that these outlets are accessible while still following regulations. For example, outlets must be mounted on the wall, GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters), be on one dedicated circuit and they can not be within 36 inches of the bathtub. There may also be other regulations that you have to consider, depending on your situation. Perfectly placed electrical outlets will allow for much more bathroom improvement possibilities, mainly some beautiful light fixtures.

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Clean the Area Thoroughly - Double Bathroom Sink
Clean the Area Thoroughly - Vanity

Before your bathroom renovation begins, it is important that you clean the area well. By cleaning the area, you make several things easier. For starters, you will find items you may have misplaced. In addition, you will be able to renovate each element of your bathroom in an efficient manner. If there is clutter all over the bathroom, it will become increasingly difficult to make the changes that you want. Remove all of the unnecessary items, sweep the area and do whatever else you can in order to clean the bathroom before your bathroom renovation. You can do this at any point before you start to do any major bathroom renovation.

What to Know About Demolition

When it comes to making the major demolition decisions, there are several things to consider. First of all, take safety precautions. This will vary depending on the size and location of the bathroom. A small bathroom will require a bit less attention than a large bathroom. Make sure you have proper safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and other required tools. Next, seal off the bathroom from the rest of your home so know debris gets into any other rooms. If you are not replacing any fixtures, you should either remove them or properly cover them to protect them from debris or damage. If you are hiring somebody to perform the demolition, it is still important to take these steps ahead of time.

It is also important to empty the water from each fixture and turn off the water supply to the bathroom. Leaks will occur if you do not take these precautions. If you are doing this bathroom renovation by yourself, make sure each fixture is safely removed. You will have to carefully remove each one, one at a time, in order to ensure that the demolition process goes smoothly. Do not go in with no idea how to do anything because it will only end up making the situation difficult to deal with. A good demolition will also open the door for quality bathroom improvements.

Is a Bathroom Renovation Really Necessary?

There are a number of reasons why a bathroom renovation may be necessary for your home. The most obvious reason is that your current bathroom is dysfunctional. Fixtures that are old or broken need to be replaced sooner than later. In addition, water damage or other types of damages on the floor or walls need to be addressed through a bathroom renovation. Basically, if there are multiple damages in your bathroom design, a bathroom renovation will likely be necessary. You also might just want a bathroom renovation for a bathroom design change. When it comes to this, there are several questions you need to ask yourself.

First of all, ask yourself if you have the funds for a bathroom renovation. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea at the time, but money is needed for another home project. Unless your bathroom is on the verge of breaking down, a bathroom renovation may not be required. In addition, your bathroom might not need a bathroom renovation. The average lifespan of a bathroom design is about ten years. Even then, you may have much more time before your bathroom needs to be renovated. Don’t rush to a bathroom renovation if you do not need one. The bathroom improvements that follow should be weighed before going through with the bathroom renovation.

Mistakes You Want to Avoid

When going through a bathroom renovation, there are several mistakes that you want to avoid that can stifle bathroom improvements. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, these mistakes should always be avoided. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make during their bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation.

  • No Plan - It is a smart idea to make sure that you have a plan before you do anything. Without a plan, there is no clear direction or end goal for your bathroom renovation.
  • Not Enough Space - Your bathroom renovation will require a decent amount of space. Ensure that you are moving your fixtures to allocated space in order to have enough space for your bathroom renovation.
  • You Don’t Have Durable Materials - When replacing the items in your bathroom, it is crucial that you use durable materials. By increasing the quality and durability of materials, the longevity of your bathroom design will also increase.
  • Unplanned Budget - It is essential that you have a carefully planned budget. Have money ready for multiple scenarios because you never know what issues may occur. Each fixture and element of the bathroom renovation needs to be accounted for.
  • No Timetable - Although you do not want to rush a quality renovation, it is important to set a completion date. This way, scheduling your other projects or appointments will become much easier. It doesn't have to be exact, but set an approximate timetable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a bathroom renovation take?
A: It will ultimately depend on the size and scale of the project. On average, a full bathroom renovation will take three to four weeks. It is important to allocate the proper amount of time to high quality and precise bathroom improvements. A half-bath or small bathroom will take longer than a full bath.

Q: Should I contact a professional for help?
A: If you have any concerns at all, professional help will be a great asset to have. This could be a design consultant, a contractor or anything in between. A professional will help you greatly with a smooth bathroom renovation. An interior designer can help you with any design questions.

Q: How much does a bathroom renovation cost?
A: On average, a bathroom renovation will cost around $6,000. This number could vary depending on the size and scale of your bathroom renovation. Sometimes, prices can get upwards of around $15,000. Remember to plan a budget to know how much money needs to be allocated to your bathroom design and best bathroom improvements.

Q: Do I need to plan anything ahead of time?
A: Before your bathroom renovation project, plan both the bathroom design and the budget. It is a very bad idea to go in blind. Make sure you plan out as much as you can in order to ensure a smooth and efficient bathroom renovation.

Q: Does a bathroom renovation increase home value?
A: A bathroom renovation will absolutely increase the value of your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, a bathroom renovation will help the overall appeal of your home with several bathroom improvements. The value of a half-bath will not be as impactful as a full bath.

Q: Should I do a bathroom renovation by myself?
A: If you have sufficient experience with projects like a bathroom renovation, you may be able to do it alone. However, it is always beneficial to contact somebody who has the best understanding about bathroom remodeling.

Q: How much lighting should I include?
A: lighting is important because it makes every area of your bathroom design visible and comfortable. Include lighting that will allow you to comfortably access each part of your renovated bathroom.

Q: Is ventilation important?
A: Ventilation is key for a comfortable bathroom environment. Proper ventilation will allow the flow of air throughout your bathroom design, keeping your area comfortable and clean in terms of air quality. Make sure your vents are not being blocked by any fixtures or furniture.

Q: Is a bathroom renovation difficult?
A: A bathroom renovation can be difficult if you do not take the proper steps. Plan a budget, design and all other necessary steps before your renovation begins. A clear plan will allow your bathroom renovation to go as smoothly as possible, allowing you to include multiple bathroom improvements.

Final Note

Renovating your bathroom design can stem from a number of reasons and it ultimately depends on what you want and how you want to do it. Bathroom renovations add a refreshing feeling to the atmosphere and can be a rewarding experience all throughout the process. By renovating your bathroom design, you can make your bathroom improvements easier to use and more comfortable in order for you to get the most enjoyment possible out of your bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel. Remember that interior designers and contractors can always help you.