Every bathroom benefits from some kind of unique design. Design can be found everywhere in a bathroom, whether it be on fixtures, wall patterns or floors. When designing your bathroom, you want to make sure you have this in mind. If you find the right combination of personal preference as well as practical implementation, you can get a very beautiful design aspect added to your bathroom. Oftentimes, a texture or pattern can break up the boring aspects or monotony of your bathroom. The right textures and patterns are crucial to the style and comfort of your bathroom, so make sure you spend the proper amount of time to decide which ones will work for you.

  • Patterns Help a Design - The inclusion of patterns will boost certain areas of your bathroom if they are used correctly. It is important to see where they will and will not work in order to create a beautiful environment for your bathroom design.
  • Texture is Just as Important as Patterns - Along with patterns texture will be an important element of the design of your bathroom. Texture can be subtle or bold, giving you plenty of options to work with.
  • Keep It Simple - Patterns and textures should be simple, yet effective. If you go overboard, your bathroom design may become a bit too much to look at.
  • Affordability - Patterns and textures can be extremely affordable when it comes to implementing them into your bathroom design. Inexpensive options are always available, coming in a variety of different forms, including on your fixtures and accessories.
  • Unique Designs - Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the inclusion of patterns and textures is the endless possibilities in terms of design. Purchase or create a beautiful and unique design for your specific bathroom environment.

Importance of Texture

Importance of Texture - Luna Vessel Sink
Importance of Texture - Xeni Vessel Sink

This is something that is often overlooked in many bathrooms. To get the most out of your bathroom, you need to incorporate texture to bring out your design. Texture is often defined as the appearance, feel or consistency of a surface. For the overall design of your bathroom, texture can be a great feature to incorporate. Texture can be implemented in a number of different ways. One way to do this is to implement a beautiful texture on your floor mould.

There are many possibilities for floor moulding texture, so it is important that you choose one that best fits in with your bathroom design. Overall, you should be looking to all aspect of your bathroom in order to implement some kind of texture. One thing to consider is that it is okay, and even recommended that you leave some areas with no texture in order to keep your bathroom design fresh.

Importance of Bathroom Patterns

Importance of Bathroom Patterns - Retro Bathtub
Importance of Bathroom Patterns - Tribeca

Patterns can be used in several different ways in your bathroom. The first thing to note is that patterns can be used in more ways than you think. Patterns don’t just come in the form of wallpaper or tiles, but can be used in many other aspects of your bathroom. The layout of your bathroom can be put in a pattern that will be most effective and accessible for your everyday use. Of course, patterns can definitely be used and should be used in a decorative manner as well. Patterns on shower curtains, floors and walls to name a few, are great ways to incorporate patterns in your bathroom design. As said with textures, it is okay to leave some areas of your bathroom with no patterns, for the same reasons. You don't want to overwhelm your bathroom space with excessive patterns.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric shapes in a consistent pattern is a great way to add a design factor to your bathroom wall patterns or floor. The best reason for using geometric shapes in your tile pattern is because it is a neat and uniform way to include a pattern in your bathroom. Equilateral shapes all have the same number of sides with equal length, making them great for this particular design. For example, you can use wallpaper that utilizes different shapes such as hexagons or octagons.

For your floor, using these shapes adds a different design factor that gets away from the typical square tile design. Hexagons and octagons give off a design similar to a honeycomb design, giving your bathroom a unique design that works especially well with a tile floor. This can also work well on your bathroom wall patterns. If you choose to implement this design on your wall, use bigger shapes instead of very small shapes that you would put on your floor. You can experiment with different colors for your design, but one of the most common floor tile colors are black, white and blue.

Unique Patterns for Your Design

Instead of using a design that already exists, you may want to incorporate your own specific tile design. This will encapsulate a number of different things. First, you can start with some beautiful original color designs. Whether you like bold colors or soft colors, choose the colors that you think will make you design stand out the most. You should also try to use unique shapes. Instead of using traditional squares or other geometric shapes, try to stay away from that a little bit. You might want to use triangles or even some type of round tile shape. Either way, you should try to make your tile design unique to your specific bathroom style.

Floral Patterns

One of the most interesting and common patterns you can find in a bathroom is some type of floral pattern. These patterns can offer some of the most lively and beautiful designs to a bathroom if they are used correctly, and in the right places. There are many different ways for you to incorporate this kind of pattern in your bathroom design, so you will not have any trouble finding areas to use it. Whether it be on your fixtures, decor or curtains, there are several different areas to consider. This guide will go over some of the most effective ways to incorporate a floral pattern into your bathroom design.

For spring, you might want to use a floral pattern that will incorporate tulips of a variety of different colors and sizes. If it is summer, maybe consider some sunflowers or other bright flowers. Winter might have you wanting to use some kind of snow berries or evergreen patterns. As for fall, maybe you want some fall tones in the form of changing tree leaves. With that being said, you don't have to just focus on seasonal changes. If you find a floral pattern that you enjoy and are comfortable with, you may just want to stick with it all year round. As you can see, the possibilities in this regard are essentially endless. A great location for flowers is on top of your bathroom vanity. Comfort is key in a bathroom design, so if a floral pattern is something you want, you should strongly consider it.

Floral Decor

This is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate some kind of floral element in your bathroom design. Simple wall decor can be extremely effective when it comes to displaying your beautiful bathroom features. This can be done mainly through the use of paintings, photographs and other types of wall ornaments. This can be a painting that you may have made yourself, a picture you might have taken or maybe even a mural like design that is directly on your wall. This is one of the best times to get creative, so take your time to think about what you will want to do in terms of floral decor.

If all else fails, just incorporate your favorite flowers in your bathroom design instead. One thing that you need to be careful of is that you do not want to overwhelm your bathroom with floral patterns everywhere. If you already have the majority of your bathroom decorated with your favorite floral pattern, it is recommended that you do not include flowers as well. The same can be said the other way around as well.
Flowers do bring a beautiful and effective natural element to your home, so they are something to consider. If you do want to go this route, you want to make sure that the flowers will be able to strive in a wet environment. These flowers can include lilies, orchids and begonias among others. You also always have the option of fake plants as well, if you don;t want to worry about replacing or maintaining any of your plants. Overall you want to be in a comfortable and beautiful bathroom environment. If floral patterns and natural aspects are things that you think will work effectively in your design, they are definitely things that you can consider.

How to Properly Use Tile

Tile is one of the most reliable materials to use in your bathroom design. It can be used in several different locations, all of which are effective at incorporating tile. The most common place you will find tile is on the bathroom floor. Tiles can come in many different shapes and sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect tile pattern for your bathroom design. Some of the most common tile patterns include squares and hexagons. You will also be able to find other geometric shapes, such as octagons or other similar shapes. It will ultimately come down to your personal preferences as to what shape you want in your bathroom design.

In addition to all of the different shapes that you can use, you can also use a variety of different colors. Many bathrooms Incorporated black and white tile. However, many other different colors can be used. Depending on the bathroom design that you have, you may want to incorporate a variety of different colors. For example, if your bathroom centers around a nautical theme, you might want to include some white and blue tiling. If your bathroom is modern and focuses on the color green, you might want to incorporate some splashes of green tile in certain areas of your bathroom. There are several different ways to go in terms of color, so this is something that you want to explore your options with.

Wall Tile

Tile is most commonly used on a bathroom floor, but you can also use it on your bathroom walls. There are several different areas in which you can use your walls in this situation. The most effective place to incorporate tile on your wall, we'll be in your shower area. Tile does a great job of protecting your home from any water damage. Because of this, you will want to strongly consider incorporating tile into your shower design. Tile is also very very commonly used as a backsplash. The area behind your sink can get wet often, so it is important to incorporate some kind of backsplash. Tile does a great job in this regard.

You can also make your whole entire wall tile. This isn't a very common practice, but it is something to consider. Just because it is not common, doesn't mean that it isn't a beautiful design. You can incorporate any color that you want, and you will be able to match your bathroom floor as well. This will create a cohesive design that will make your bathroom much more uniform. Tile is great in any bathroom design, so look to all areas to see where it will work best for you.

Patterns Based on Color

Sometimes, your patterns can be based around solid colors. This is a very common and effective way to incorporate patterns into your specific bathroom design. One way to do this is by using a striped pattern. Choose two contrasting colors or similar colors to create a beautiful stripe pattern. Depending on your personal preferences and overall theme, vertical or horizontal stripes can be very effective. In addition, even diagonal stripes can be effective. Black and white are very popular colors to use here. White is always a good base color to use when pairing other colors with it.

Another way to use color effectively is through any other type of pattern. For example, using different color tiles and shapes can result in a variety of different colors in order to create beautiful designs. You can get very creative in this area considering how common tiles are in bathrooms. There are so many ways to effectively use color, with many of your options coming down to personal choices and preferences. In the end, choose your favorite colors to create the perfect series of patterns in your bathroom design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are patterns and textures important in a bathroom?
A: Patterns and textures add an element or uniqueness and life to your personal bathroom design. Unique or even simple patterns will make your bathroom a more comfortable place to be. Patterns and textures are much more exciting than blank walls or fixtures, so try to incorporate some kind of pattern to spice up your bathroom environment.

Q: Why are patterns and textures important in a bathroom?
A: Patterns and textures add an element or uniqueness and life to your personal bathroom design. Unique or even simple patterns will make your bathroom a more comfortable place to be. Patterns and textures are much more exciting than blank walls or fixtures, so try to incorporate some kind of pattern to spice up your bathroom environment.

Q: Are there bad patterns?
A: It is important to keep your options open and look at all pattern possibilities. However, it is important not to go overboard or overly intricate. Keep your patterns relatively simple in order to keep the bathroom design comfortable and fun. If your patterns are too crazy, you could end up feeling a bit too overwhelmed by an intricate pattern or texture.

Q: Where should I avoid patterns?
A: You do not not necessarily need to avoid patterns in any place of your bathroom. If anywhere, maybe avoid patterns on fixtures such as your sink, toilet and other traditionally solid color fixtures. With that being said, patterns can work effectively anywhere, as long as they are being used properly.

Q: Is it okay to not use patterns?
A: It is absolutely fine to not use any patterns. For example, a minimalist design will revolve around simple colors and blank spaces. Patterns are not necessary, but they can help a variety of different bathroom designs greatly. You do not need patterns to be a prominent part of your design either.

Q: Is tile important in a bathroom?
A: Tile will bring two main elements into your bathroom design. First of all, tile adds an element of protection to your design by incorporating water resistant material to your environment. Second, tile is one of the best ways to incorporate simple patterns. Tiles can come in many different shapes and sizes, so multiple different patterns are available.

Q: Should I use patterns in all of my rooms?
A: Patterns are extremely effective tools when it comes to bathroom design. Not only in your bathroom can they be used, but in every single room in your home. It is important to consider the implementation of patterns in your home in order to create a beautiful interior design for you to enjoy.

Q: What patterns work the best?
A: it will ultimately depend on both your personal preferences as well as the overall theme you are going for. Make sure that your patterns are consistent from room to room, as well as in all of your pieces of decor. Clashing patterns or textures can break up a room unnaturally, so try to keep everything as uniform as possible.

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