Importance of Comfort in Your Bathroom

One of the most important aspects of a bathroom design is the comfort you get from it. Bathroom comfort is arguably one of the most important things a bathroom has to offer, so make sure that you are focusing on it as much as possible. Bathroom comfort is accessible in so many different aspects of your bathroom, that the process of incorporating it in your design will be easy and affordable. The comfort of your fixtures, accessories and environment is crucial to your enjoyment. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible while increasing the overall quality of your comfortable bathroom design.

Elements of Bathroom Comfort to Consider

  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Comfortable Rugs
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Use Color
  • Natural Light
  • Maximize Accessibility
  • Beautiful Design
  • Heating and Ventilation

What Fixtures Do You Need?

In a bathroom that emphasizes bathroom comfort, certain fixtures will benefit you more than others. For example, fixtures that you will be in contact with directly should take priority here. This includes fixtures such as showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks to name a few. If you are frequently using a bath instead of a shower, a bathtub should be higher on your list of priorities of fixtures you should optimize. Consider a bathtub with arm and headrest to ensure maximum comfort, and even some bubble jets for an added feature. A shower should be comfortable on your feet and everything should be in reach so that you don’t experience any annoyances. Sinks should be mounted at a comfortable height and be made of a smooth and sleek material as well. With that being said, you should look to every area of your bathroom to increase comfort, not just the fixtures listed above. All in all, you should always be trying to find the best fixtures for optimizing your comfort.

Features That Make a Bathroom Sink Comfortable

Features That Make a Bathroom Sink Comfortable - LVR 210
Features That Make a Bathroom Sink Comfortable - Ciotola 100c

A bathroom sink is important because it is one of the most used fixtures in a comfortable bathroom design. because of this, you want it to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. This is easier said than done, because there are so many different sizes, shapes and textures that are available for any sink style. If you want a simple sink design that does the job and is quite comfortable, you may want to go with an undermount sink. This sink is very reliable in terms of both bathroom comfort and design. This is why you see this kind of sink in so many commercial bathrooms and home bathrooms. These sinks are almost universally comfortable and they are always options to consider.

If you want to go for a more luxurious option that comes with a bit more of a design factor, try a vessel sink. Vessel sinks are a bit more difficult to deal with simply because of the various height differences you could be dealing with. Vessel sinks have some of the highest potential in terms of design and beauty, so if you can find a comfortable one, which is not hard by any stretch of the imagination, it will benefit your design greatly. Comfort isn't just about how the sink feels, but it is about the feeling you get from having it as a piece of your comfortable bathroom design.

Installing a Bathroom Vanity at a Comfortable Height

Installing a Bathroom Vanity at a Comfortable Height - Ambra 60f
Installing a Bathroom Vanity at a Comfortable Height - Ambra 60

A comfortable bathroom vanity height will be a crucial factor. A comfortable bathroom vanity height will typically be around 36 inches. This can slightly vary, but it is best to keep it around this height for universal comfort. Because many people will be spending a bulk of their time in front of their vanity, it is crucial that it is both comfortable and ergonomic. Make sure your vanity is fit to your preferences in order for you to be fully comfortable.

Storage and Counter Space on Your Bathroom Vanity

You can choose between a freestanding or wall mounted vanity, depending on your bathroom style and personal preferences. In addition to the mounting style, you also should pick a comfortable size. Choose a large vanity if you value storage space and counter space. A smaller vanity will be better in small bathrooms that may struggle with incorporating certain fixtures. The design of the vanity in terms of color and material are also important. Your bathroom should match with the rest of your bathroom design. If you have a certain design in mind, make sure your bathroom vanity fits in with it well. Bathroom vanities are so important to a bathroom design due to how much you need to use it. Because of this, it should be comfortable to use and beautiful to look at.

Optimize and Organize Your Vanity Area

A vanity is one of the most essential fixtures in a bathroom design. This fixture holds a number of different accessories, toiletries and most importantly, it houses the sink. All of these aspects are extremely important to your vanity area, so effective organization is essential. When organizing your bathroom, the vanity will be one of the best places to begin. Consider all areas of your vanity when going about your organization process.

Organize Your Vanity Drawers

Remove all items from the drawers and sort them into what you do need and what you don’t need. Keep the essential toiletries and other items you need and discard any old trash or expired products. After your drawers are clear, you should definitely consider implementing some dividers in order to keep your items organized for an extended period of time. Make sure that you keep consistent with your drawer organization so you don’t run into any future problems.

Drawer dividers are incredibly useful in a vanity because of how effective they are at separating the items. Dividers can accommodate essentially any item that you might want to have in your vanity. This includes anything from toothbrushes to comb and brushes. If your vanity drawers aren't organized, it will only cause you frustration in the long run. You should always be looking for ways to organize your vanity.

Utilize Storage Effectively

A singular vanity unit might not always be the best option for storage in your bathroom. In fact, it almost always isn't enough. There are several ways to remedy this situation. First you can incorporate a separate, stand alone storage unit. This unit should be placed in a convenient location relative to your bathroom design. Storage units are incredibly effective at storing your unused items. Consider this as an option if you are having trouble organizing loose items on your vanity.

Another option available to you is the incorporation of shelves. Shelves can be used in a multitude of different ways that can open up the space on and in your vanity. For example, you can incorporate a low shelf that is with arm's reach. This will allow you to put the accessories that were on your vanity onto your shelf.

Medicine Cabinets

One of the most effective and useful options for organizing a vanity area is through the use of a medicine cabinet. Not only are medicine cabinets effective, but they are one of the most versatile fixtures out there. The first and most effective aspect of a medicine cabinet is the inclusion of a mirror. Not only is the mirror necessary, but behind it will be storage space. Medicine cabinets can hold a myriad of different items. The only downside to a medicine cabinet is that it will only hold relatively small items. These items include toothpastes, soaps and other daily items. This is almost never an issue however, because cabinets aren't meant to hold large items in the first place.

Comfortable Shower Heads

Comfortable Shower Heads - Supioni
Comfortable Shower Heads - Supioni Wall Mounted

Your shower and/or bathtub are two of the most important fixtures in your comfortable bathroom design in terms of feeling physically comfortable. A shower is used every day, sometimes multiple times a day, so it should be optimized for bathroom comfort and ergonomic efficiency. The first thing you need to take care of is your shower head/valve. This is the most important part of your shower because this is what will control the temperature, pressure and spray style of the water. If your shower head is leaking or broken, consider replacing it much sooner rather than later. There are three main shower heads that you can choose to incorporate in your shower area. The first style, and most common, is the wall mounted shower head. This shower head is easy to install and is quite maneuverable if it has a pivot. Many also allow you to adjust the spray style as well.

Rain style shower heads allow the water to fall on you, simulating rain and making for a very relaxing shower experience. Because this particular style of shower head is mounted directly above you on the ceiling, it creates a unique design aspect and a great addition to your shower area. If you need maximum maneuverability in your shower, consider a hand shower. This will allow you to detach your shower head and hold it in your hand. If you need help with hard to reach areas, this will maximize mobility and give you exactly what you need. Shower seating is also important and quite useful in tandem with a hand shower system. Mats and grab bars will also help you keep your grip in the shower if you need some additional aid there. These are great for a comfortable bathroom design.

Spacious Shower Area

Your shower should also be big enough for you to comfortably move. The typical size of a shower is 48” x 36”. Most people would be comfortable moving in a shower of this size. However, you may want a bigger or smaller shower area depending on the size of your bathroom. It is important that you choose a size that is big enough for maximum comfort, while still comfortably fitting into the rest of your design. Walk-in showers are incredibly comfortable, so consider one for your next bathroom renovation or remodel.

Comfortable Toilet Height and Size

A comfortable toilet is necessary for a comfortable bathroom design. There are several things to consider when creating a comfortable toilet area. First of all, you need to have a comfortable toilet itself. The standard height for a toilet seat will be around 17-19 inches. This will be the height of most chairs. Depending on your personal preferences, it can be a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most toilets are rounded, but rectangular toilets are also available. There are also different methods of flushing to consider. Some toilets are automatic while others require manual flushing with a handle or lever. If you are worried about conserving water, an automatic toilet might be the best option for you. A comfortable seat is always important as well. This is something that can be bought separately, but it is wise to try to purchase everything as a whole to save on costs.

Create a Comfortable Toilet Area

You should also make sure the whole toilet area is comfortable to use. Keep your toilet paper holder within an arm’s reach. This will make it comfortable in the long run, giving you easy access to toilet paper when you need it. You should also keep a plunger and toilet brush in the vicinity as well. These can be displayed next to the toilet or stored in some type of cabinet. Some toilet brush holders are very stylish, so that is something to consider. Overall, the area should be spacious enough for you to be comfortable at all times.

Features That Make a Bathtub Comfortable

Features That Make a Bathtub Comfortable - Milode
Features That Make a Bathtub Comfortable - Retro

If you use your bathtub frequently, you absolutely should prioritize comfort there, especially if you use it every day. If your bathtub is too small for you, this is already a problem. This problem can be fixed by the inclusion of a luxury freestanding bathtub. Luxury bathtubs can come equipped with a number of great features that help you with bathroom comfort and relaxation. Many of these features will immediately make a difference if you are experiencing them for the first time. These features include comfortable padding in the form of a back rest or arm rests. You can also include features such as water and bubble jets to make your luxury bathtub simulate a Jacuzzi or a hot tub. Touch pads for manual heating and cooling your water can be mounted at a perfect location for accessibility. bathtubs are always innovating to increase bathroom comfort and make you feel as comfortable as possible. A tub filler needs to be thought of in the same way as a shower head. You want a nice comfortable flow of water that stays consistent and adjusts the temperature perfectly. Depending on where your bathtub is located, you can choose between a floor mounted tub filler or a wall mounted tub filler.

Creating Comfort With Bath Rugs

One of the best ways to feel warm and comfortable in your bathroom is through the use of rugs and carpets. Rugs and carpets will help to insulate your floor and give you a warmer floor to walk on. It is advised that you don't carpet the entire floor of your bathroom because it could end up getting wet and some irreversible damage can occur. Small carpets are much more effective because they can be moved around, easily washed and personalized to your liking. The best places for a carpet are in front of your vanity and your shower. These are the places that you will be standing the most frequently, so a carpet in each of these places will be great for keeping you warm and comfortable.Great design elements and a great way to boost bathroom comfort, rugs are especially effective in a comfortable bathroom design.

Bath Rugs Help With Warmth and Design

The main purpose they serve is comfort for your feet as well as a mini insulator for the room. When you walk into your bathroom with bare feet, it is important that you are stepping on a warmer rug instead of chilling tiles. Carpets and rugs can also add a great design aspect to your bathroom as well, with a wide selection of colors and styles available. You should have at least one rug in your bathroom for both increased quality as well as an added design benefit. It isn't recommended that you carpet your whole floor, because you will want to wash your carpets on a regular basis.

Best Bathroom Accessories to Help Increase Comfort

Bathroom accessories play a pretty big part in the overall bathroom comfort of a quality comfortable bathroom design. Accessories should aim to accomplish what your bigger fixtures may have a little bit of trouble doing. Smaller accessories are great for the lower levels of accessibility such as organization, sorting your items and other similar tasks. Toothbrush holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers, baskets and other accessories all do something to increase the bathroom comfort level one way or another.

  • Towel Bars - Towel bars will comfortably hold your favorite towels and keep them accessible. You can also use accessories such as towel hooks, towel racks and towel rings.
  • Soap Dishes and Soap Dispensers - They keep your bathroom counter clean while giving you easy access to soap when you need it. Consider getting one or both of these accessories.
  • Toilet Paper Holder - A toilet paper holder needs to be sturdy, durable and beautiful to achieve peak bathroom comfort. Place it in an accessible location in order to maximize comfort.
  • Toothbrush Holder - keep this accessory on your vanity in order to keep the countertop clean and organized. A toothbrush holder will ensure that your toothbrushes are always available for you.
  • Shower Baskets - Shower baskets can be mounted on the inside or outside of your shower, depending on where you want them. A shower basket will hold and organize all of the things you might need in your shower.

Calming Bathroom Colors for Comfort

Color is always important to a bathroom design. Some examples of calming and relaxing colors include basically any soft colors such as light shades. Light yellow and blue are too popular colors in this regard, but any soft color that fits your color scheme would work perfectly. If you have white walls, consider repainting in this particular scheme. If you like your white walls, you don’t have to recolor your entire bathroom, but sometimes you can add accents to your existing color scheme. One thing you should take into consideration is your favorite colors. You should try to find the right combination of your favorite colors and the colors that will make your bathroom the most comfortable overall. This will make the process both easy and fun for you.

Where Color can be Utilized to Create Comfort

There are several ways to incorporate color into your bathroom without sacrificing any quality at all. for example you don't have to just focus on your walls. One of the best ways to introduce color into your design is to incorporate it in your bathroom fixtures and accessories. If you do this there are a few things to consider. First of all you want to make sure that your bathroom fixtures and accessories are both matching in terms of color or finish. for example if your bathroom fixtures focus on white because they are all ceramic you might want to consider the same for your accessories. Uniformity in your bathroom is an important element to complete design. Because of this it is something that should not be overlooked.

Visual Comfort With Natural Light

Visual Comfort With Natural Light - Egg Bathtub
Visual Comfort With Natural Light - Yuma Bathtub

As far as lighting goes, natural light is perhaps the most efficient and beautiful. Natural light offers a number of things, including lower energy costs and a beautiful alternative to electric lighting. Even if you only have one small window in your bathroom, do what you can to incorporate as much light as you can in your bathroom. Natural light in tandem with electric lighting is probably the most optimal choice. As far as windows go, you can choose a wall window, skylight or a combination of both. Skylights are beautiful additions to a comfortable bathroom design if your bathroom can accommodate it. Natural lighting is definitely an effective way to achieve a comfortable bathroom.

There are many different types of windows you can incorporate in your comfortable bathroom design as well. If your bathroom happens to be on a basement level consider a hopper window. A large bathroom with a beautiful view outside should consider a bay window. If you have a guest bathroom, you may just want to consider something simple such as a storm window. There are several styles that you can consider, so look around and choose a window that you think will work the best. In addition to that, you can also style your windows. You can make them any color you want to match your bathroom design.

Maximize Bathroom Accessibility

Bathroom accessibility is important for your bathroom comfort. For easy accessibility, the first thing you want to make sure of, is the accessibility of your fixtures. Most importantly, you want to make sure your bathtub/shower, sink and toilet are easily accessible because they are the fixtures that you are going to be using the most. You also want to make sure all of your accessories and other items are accessible as well. You can use special accessories such as trays and drawer dividers to help you organize your items in both your drawers and your countertops. You can also use accessories like shower baskets to help you keep your shower easy to use and organized so you don't have to experience any unnecessary stress. If everything is organized and accessible, you will be stress free and your bathroom will be a comfortable and relaxing experience for you.

Space is Important for Bathroom Accessibility

In terms of positioning your fixtures you should follow a few basic guidelines. First of all you should make sure that your fixtures are relatively close to one another. Your vanity and sink should be close to your toilet. This is because you will need to use your sink immediately after you use your toilet. Using the same line of thought, you should also keep your shower near these fixtures as well. If all of your commonly used fixtures are close together you will essentially be maximizing the accessibility in your bathroom. You should also give each fixture enough space so that you have a comfortable area to work with. For example, you should not squeeze everything into one place just so you can have more area in the rest of your bathroom.

Choose a Design That You Like

It is absolutely essential that you have a design that you like. If you don’t, you will never truly have a comfortable bathroom. Physical bathroom comfort isn’t enough if you don’t like the layout, colors, themes or other similar elements. If you are starting a renovation, plan out how you want your bathroom to look before you purchase anything. This will ensure that you are getting the design you like. It will also give you time to change anything before anything is actually implemented. If you have a current design that you are uncomfortable with, try moving some fixtures around. This will cause you to do a small to large renovation depending on the size of your bathroom. Overall, you should love everything about your bathroom. This is especially true for a comfortable bathroom design you will be using often, such as a master bathroom.

Heating and Ventilation Impact Comfort

Temperature is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when keeping bathroom comfort in mind. A comfortable temperature is a great starting point. Keep your bathroom at a temperature that is most comfortable for you to ensure that your bathroom experience is perfect. Proper air ventilation is important as well to make sure that there is proper air flow to keep fixtures and the air fresh and clean. If you have a window in your bathroom, open it every once in a while in order to allow some fresh air into the area. If not, it is essential that you have another proper ventilation system in place to keep the air moving and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are rectangular toilets comfortable?
A: It all comes down to personal preference. Most toilets are designed to be comfortable, including rectangular toilets. Remember, you can always incorporate a comfortable toilet seat.
Q: How important is ventilation?
A: Ventilation in your bathroom is incredibly important for keeping your bathroom clean and fresh. If ventilation is lacking condensation will build up and mold can start to form. It could also cause unnecessary damages to some areas of the bathroom design.
Q: Should I carpet my bathroom floor?
A: It is recommended that you do not carpet your bathroom floor. Water can damage the carpet and seep into the wood beneath it. Instead, consider placing smaller rugs in certain places to increase bathroom comfort and warmth.
Q: Does the color of my bathroom matter?
A: It is ultimately up to you when it comes to color. Choose a color that you like and base your design on it. Don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer for some tips.
Q: How much will a bathroom renovation cost?
A: The average renovation will cost about $10,000. Of course, this will depend on the size and scale of the renovation you have in mind. Sometimes a renovation is necessary to create a comfortable bathroom design.
Q: How much should I spend on fixtures?
A: If you want to maximize on bathroom comfort, you will likely have to spend a bit more on bathroom fixtures. The quality and design of high end fixtures will generally bring with it a high level of bathroom comfort.
Q: How do I increase comfort on a budget?
A: try replacing smaller accessories with brand new ones. Incorporate some rugs, clean off your fixtures and maybe include some wall decorations. There is always something to improve on if you are trying to increase bathroom comfort levels.
Q: Why is comfort so important?
A: Because you will be using your bathroom multiple times a day, it should be as comfortable as possible. A comfortable bathroom environment will allow you to start and end your day on a positive note.

Importance of Bathroom Comfort

When it comes to what a bathroom should do, two things are often mentioned. These things are function and comfort. If you have a balance between the two, your bathroom will be a relaxing and easy experience for you to enjoy. Comfort is very important to a bathroom because without it, your bathroom becomes a room that you don’t look forward to.