A small bathroom sink is a compact way to include a quality sink into your bathroom design. There are many ways to include a small sink in your bathroom, but one of the most beautiful ways is with the inclusion of a cabinet in the design. This can be done with several methods, including vanities, pedestals and other similar fixtures. This guide will go over how you can incorporate a small bathroom sink with a cabinet effectively.

Best Features of Small Bathroom Sinks

  • Small Size - A small bathroom sink will typically measure about 200 inches. This allows it to fit into essentially any area of your bathroom with relative ease.
  • Accessibility - Because the sink is small in size, it is very accessible. Being able to be installed anywhere with the same features as a normal sized sink makes a small bathroom sink incredibly versatile.
  • Faucet Pairing - Small bathroom sinks have very beautiful and unique ways to incorporate faucets. Single hole faucets are very popular and have great designs and functions to choose from.
  • Space Saving Benefits - Using a smaller bathroom sink will make your bathroom look bigger and likely free up wall space and/or counter space.

Importance of Space When Incorporating a Small Bathroom Sink

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Space is perhaps the most important aspect of a bathroom design. It promotes comfort and relaxation if you have a sufficient amount of space to move around in. Not only is it good for overall comfort, but it is important for the accessibility of your bathroom as well. By incorporating a small bathroom sink with a cabinet, you will be able to save space while simultaneously incorporating a beautiful design element. Small bathroom sinks are some of the most useful fixtures used in tandem with a small vanity. If you place these two fixtures in a very accessible and comfortable location, you will be able to create a great bathroom environment. Keep all of this in mind for your bathroom design.

There are several locations as to where you can place your small bathroom sink and vanity. If your bathroom is very small, one of the best places to put your vanity is in the corner of your bathroom. This is such a great place because it fills an unused space while also giving you a convenient spot to wash your hands and do other tasks. Even if you just want a wall mounted sink, a corner sink is one of the most convenient fixtures you can have. You can also put your small bathroom sink between your most used fixtures. It is recommended that you place your vanity and sink next to your toilet. This is important because cleanliness is a crucial part of your and your bathroom's health.

Small Bathroom Sink Prices

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Small bathroom sink prices will vary depending on the style and size of the sink. Small bathroom sinks are just like any other size of sink in the sense that they can come in a variety of different styles, such as vessel, wall mount, undermount and others. As far as prices go, It depends on the style. The average homeowner reports paying around $380 for an average sized bathroom sink, so a small bathroom sink will typically cost less than that. On average, you should be spending around $150 to $400. Of course, if you want a higher end sink, you will be paying close to the $400 range, and sometimes even more. If you want a good quality but more budget option, you will be paying a little less than that.

One of the most common materials used in sinks is ceramic. Ceramic sinks will range in price, but you can typically find budget to mid-range sinks for a decent price. More expensive materials include materials such as certain types of metal, glass/crystal and stone. Different brands will offer different prices as well. All of these things will factor into the price of a small bathroom sink, so make sure you know what you want before you buy.

Small Bathroom Sink Styles

Although mini bathroom sinks can essentially be implemented essentially anywhere in your bathroom, there are some places that will definitely work better than others. If you already have a vanity that you love, this will be the most obvious place for your small bathroom sink. If you are replacing a mini bathroom sink, you should try to find one that resembles your previous sink in order for it to be as compatible as possible with your vanity. You can also consider a vessel sink if that is something that you want to explore. If you don't have a vanity or don't plan on having a vanity as part of your bathroom design, wall mounted bathroom sinks are incredibly useful in a small bathroom design.

These small bathroom sinks can be mounted on a flat wall surface or in a corner. Both of these areas are great for a mini bathroom sink. It will generally come down to your specific bathroom design, so it may vary where you will need to put your tiny bathroom sink. The corner is a great place to install your small bathroom sink if you are trying to conserve space, while a sink that is mounted flat on the wall will make for more of a focal point. Both of these sinks are beautiful if used in the right design. In general, mini bathroom sinks are very similar to normal sized sinks in terms of how they can be installed and placed in your bathroom.

Types of Small Bathroom Sinks

If you are planning to incorporate a small bathroom sink, there are several different styles and shapes that you can choose. For a corner bathroom sink, you can choose a rectangular, rounded or triangular shape to fit your preferences. Small bathroom sinks with sharp corners like rectangles and triangles are great for modern bathroom designs with their sleek and smooth edges. These are the three most common shapes that you will find as you are shopping for your corner or wall mounted bathroom sink. If you want to go for a more soft or traditional design, a rounded corner sink could be the best choice for you. As for vanity sinks, the same will apply. A beautiful small vessel sink is a great choice for your small bathroom due to their beautiful designs and easy installation. Vessel sinks can be a bit more versatile when it comes to shape compared with wall mounted sinks. Because this small bathroom sink is placed on the top of your counter, you will have a bit more freedom as to what your sink looks like. The whole sink will be on display with this style.

Explore finishes and colors to make for a beautiful small vessel sink. Lastly, small drop-in or undermount sinks are very nice if you are trying to maximize counter top space while incorporating a beautiful mini bathroom sink. These will only work if you have a counter of vanity that you can put the small bathroom sink into, so it is definitely something that you need to take into consideration before you buy. Each of these tiny bathroom sink designs will benefit a bathroom differently and uniquely, so make sure you are choosing the sink that works the best for you in terms of both design and functionality.

Materials For Small Bathroom Sinks

Small bathroom sinks are versatile not only because of their sizes, but because of the many different materials and finishes that you can find. One of the most common materials that you will be able to find is ceramic. Ceramic is one of the most versatile and most common materials you will be able to find in a small bathroom sink. Not only is it versatile, but it is very durable and it works well in a bathroom environment. It works with many different faucets and is compatible with many different types of bathroom hardware. If you aren't sure of which material you want to use for your small bathroom sink, ceramic is one of the best ways to go. Other materials include metal, glass and sometimes even stone.

These materials are less common, but they can be extremely beautiful ways to incorporate a luxury material into your area. Stone will work very well in a rustic bathroom design that uses natural tones and materials. Glass will work well in a modern or luxury bathroom design due to the natural beauty of the material. Glass bathroom sinks will generally be used as vessel sinks, so this is something to consider. Metal sinks are typically used as drop-in or undermount sinks because of how effective it is in terms of both design and durability.

Incorporate a Cabinet

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Cabinets can be incorporated in a number of different methods. A single door pedestal or vanity is a beautiful and conservative option to go with. If you are in the market for a small sink, you will come across many different kinds of single door or single drawer vanities. A vanity with a door will include more storage space, but a vanity with drawers will allow you to keep your items more organized. A cabinet usually implies that a door is involved, so for the sake of this design idea, a vanity with a cabinet door will be the preferred way to go about including it into your design.

Almost any style of sink can work in a cabinet vanity design. However, some sink styles will work better than others due to both functionality and design. One of the most beautiful bathroom sinks to include in this style is a vessel bathroom sink. A vessel sink sits neatly on your vanity and gives your bathroom a beautiful touch of style. Other sink styles work as well, such as drop in sinks and other similar designs. Browse your options for possible sink style and find the one that fits your overall bathroom design the most effectively. Small sinks are very versatile. Because of this, you will be able find essentially any sink for your specific style.

Corner Bathroom Sinks

Corner bathroom sinks are incredibly effective if you are dealing with small spaces. There are several reasons as to why that is. First of all, corner sinks are incredibly useful in terms of convenience. If your bathroom itself is a tight space that you are dealing with, this should be one of the first things that you consider. Not only are these sinks important for space conservation but they are very comfortable as well. Just because they are small, doesn't mean that they necessarily sacrifice comfort.

Despite being so small and in a relatively uncomfortable location, corner bathroom sinks are great in terms of comfort and durability, if you get a good sink of course. These sinks are designed to be comfortable, in spite of where they are located.

Undermount and Drop-in Bathroom Sinks

These bathroom sinks are great for any bathroom design. First of all, you need a vanity to accommodate these sinks. These sinks fit comfortably in a vanity if the vanity is the right size, so definitely make sure your measurements are correct. they can be made of several different kinds of materials, so keep this in mind. Ceramics are popular, and different types of metal are available as well. The design options are there, so depending on your design, you will find a sink that fits into it nicely. These are some of the most common sinks in many bathrooms around the country, so they are very versatile and affordable.

As mentioned previously, you will need a vanity to accommodate these sinks. Because of this, you need to make sure it is big enough. Small bathroom sinks are very useful, but you do need to make sure that you can use them comfortably. Measure your sink and make sure that you vanity can hold it. After that, choose a faucet of your choice. You can essentially choose any faucet type you want. These sinks are quite versatile in this sense.

Should You Get a Small Bathroom Sink?

A small bathroom sink is a versatile and useful fixture to include in essentially any bathroom design, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. If you do happen to have a small bathroom, whether it be a guest bathroom or one of your main bathrooms, a small bathroom sink will definitely be a benefit to it. If you have a larger bathroom, large sinks will be appropriate, but smaller sinks could serve their purposes as well. They will work great for kids or if you have a smaller area in the bathroom that needs its own sink. Either way, small sinks are great fixtures in their own right, and should definitely be something to consider when designing your bathroom space.

Things to Know About Small Bathroom Sinks

Small bathroom sinks are limited in space
Because these bathroom sinks are small, the basin will be limited in space. This is definitely something to remember, especially if you value space. If you plan on having multiple people using the bathroom at once, a small bathroom sink might hurt the comfort level of the environment.

Faucets choices are limited
Small bathroom sinks will generally be limited in counter space. Because of this, the types of faucets that you can use will be somewhat limited. The best types of faucets to use are single hole, single lever faucets. These will maximize the space that you have and give you a comfortable faucet to use.

Corner bathroom sinks are recommended
If you are working with a small bathroom space, a corner sink will be a perfect fit. It will allow you to save space while incorporating a functional and beautiful fixture in your bathroom. Small bathroom corner sinks will make your bathroom environment much easier to move around in.

They will most likely be less expensive
Small bathroom sinks will almost always be more affordable, mainly because of the size. If you are on a budget, but need a large sink, consider two small sinks. This way, multiple people can use the bathroom comfortably at one time.