The Vintage Design

A vintage bathroom design can be one of the most beautiful and comfortable designs that you can implement in your traditional bathroom. A vintage bathroom design offers a traditional style along with a number of beautiful fixtures and accessories. With stylish materials, finishes, ideas and design features, a vintage bathroom design could be the perfect design for your bathroom. This guide will go over some of the most effective ideas to have your bathroom utilize a great vintage bathroom design.

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Vintage bathroom fixtures are both well functioning items as well as beautiful pieces of art. Some of the best vintage fixtures are pedestal sinks, ceramic sinks, brass, gold or copper finished pipes and faucets along with other similar fixtures. Pedestal sinks are great for a vintage bathroom design due to their traditional design and their simple but beautiful styles. Ceramic pedestal sinks make the vintage style really make a statement in your bathroom as well. If you don’t want to include a pedestal sink, try a ceramic sink on a wooden vintage bathroom vanity. Another great fixture to include is a freestanding bathtub with legs. This is a common fixture in a vintage bathroom, and will give your bathroom an idea for a beautiful centerpiece.
Your vintage bathroom fixtures need to be paired with beautiful vintage accessories. This includes things such as towel bars, soap dishes, trays and other similar accessories. Try incorporating some gold towel bars to accent the overall vintage design of your traditional bathroom. Glass soap dispensers can also add a beautiful accent to your bathroom design. Other gold, glass and brass/copper accessories are great options to include in this particular design due to the cohesion that they bring to the overall design.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal Sinks - Retro
Pedestal Sinks - Contea
One of the most iconic and recognizable fixtures of a vintage bathroom design is a beautiful pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks can come in a variety of different design, materials and finishes that work in several designs. For a vintage design in particular, you will want to look more towards a traditional look. When choosing your sink, consider an elegantly crafted sink with some beautiful curves and features. You want the sink to look like it was brought here from the past, but it belongs in the present. There are many different beautiful designs that you can choose in terms of how your sink looks, so explore your options.
You also need to focus on the materials and finishes that your sink should incorporate. One of the best ways to go is ceramics. Ceramics are one of the most popular finishes for a vintage bathroom design because of how well it goes with the other elements of the design. A ceramic sink will more often than not be white, which is a very versatile color. This will allow you to match many other areas of your traditional bathroom with your sink. If you do decide to include a pedestal sink, you most likely won't be using a vanity. If you do want a vanity for your vintage bathroom design, a pedestal sink might not be the right decision. If you have multiple people using the bathroom, you can incorporate both. The only issue is that it may break up your design a bit. This is something to keep in mind.

Utilize Gold Where You Can

Gold is one of the most synonymous finishes when it comes to a vintage bathroom design and vintage colors. This finish can be implemented in several different areas of your traditional bathroom. For starters, one of the most effective places for gold is your faucet. The faucet is one of the most used and most visible parts of your bathroom. Because of this, it will greatly benefit from this finish. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing a gold faucet setup with a beautiful white sink. This creates a beautiful combination of vintage colors that is very eye-catching. If you have a three hole faucet, this can be one of the most luxurious looking fixtures in your bathroom. With three beautiful pieces of your faucet on your sink, you'll create a beautiful vanity or sink area with beautiful vintage colors.
Another great ideas for gold is on your traditional bathroom mirror frame. Every bathroom needs a mirror, so a vintage bathroom design will greatly benefit from this. You can either choose a rectangular mirror or a circular mirror, depending on your personal preferences. Either shape will work beautifully. For your frame, it is recommended that you choose an elegant design. This will accentuate the overall beauty of your bathroom. Try not to have your frame match the overall qualities of your bathroom while being a beautiful piece in and of itself. Consider this to complete a vintage bathroom vanity area.

Unique Vintage Bathroom Tile Patterns

Vintage bathroom tile patterns are some of the most important parts of a bathroom's design. In a vintage bathroom design, you will see a number of different designs that can help you. One of the most popular vintage bathroom tile designs for a vintage bathroom design is a hexagonal one. A design that features a series hexagonal shapes is a great way to add a intricate yet simple element to your vintage bathroom design. If you use colors properly, it can make your bathroom feel even more beautiful. For example, a mainly white vintage bathroom tile floor with a series of black tiles creating different shapes is a popular way to go.
if you don't want to use a hexagonal pattern, there is always the reliable square pattern. Squares will generally always work in any traditional bathroom design, so a vintage bathroom design is one to utilize it in. Square tiling with an alternating black and white design is a common design choice. If you want more of a neutral design, try a neutral color. One of the best ideas is to utilize an all white tiling plan. This can bring a neutral base into your bathroom and create an open and welcoming area. Vintage colors are wonderful elements of a complete bathroom design. Popular vintage colors include white, black, grey and other neutral colors.


Space - Bathtub
Space - Loft Towel Rack
Space is an important aspect to every room in your house, bathrooms included. Because your bathroom will be used every single day, you need to make sure you have enough space for a comfortable area. There are several ways to open up space for your design. First, focus on storage. If you don't have effective traditional storage in your bathroom, you will struggle to create space and you'll experience clutter. You can use stand alone storage units in your bathroom to create a convenient way to store your loose items, such as various vanity sets. You can store these vanity sets on your vintage vanity or elsewhere. Consider bathroom cabinets as well. Bathroom cabinets can match with a vintage bathroom vanity for a great cohesive design. Bathroom shelves are also great for any items that you might need at a moment's notice. Recessed bathroom shelves are also options to consider.
If you have open space under a vintage bathroom vanity or dresser, consider using some storage bins to conveniently store any items. One of the most important things to consider is how these storage solutions will make your bathroom look. Make sure that you are choosing storage options that are friendly to your vintage bathroom design. Use the common vintage bathroom design elements and colors in order mesh your storage nicely into your overall design. You also want a clear floor. A large amount of clear floor space will help you with both comfort and mobility. All of these options are important for any traditional bathroom area.

Vintage Bathroom Lighting

You can not have a healthy bathroom design unless you have sufficient and beautiful lighting. Lighting is important for visibility, accessibility and comfort. There are several different ways for you to incorporate light in your bathroom. First, consider some beautiful ceiling lighting. This can come in many different forms. First, consider some recessed lighting. This is a great universal way to incorporate lighting in your design. You can also use some hanging ceiling lights. This can come in a number of different forms. If you want a very beautiful option, consider a chandelier. This will be one of the more expensive options, but it is something to consider.
Floor lighting is also a very beautiful and effective option. There are several different versions of floor lighting that can make your vintage bathroom design perfect. One thing to consider is that you make sure you are using vintage bathroom materials and finishes. Like your mirrors or faucet, a gold finish is a very popular option. If you use traditional gold in the right places, your bathroom will look gorgeous. Vanity lighting is also an option, with many variations available as well. Some vanity mirrors are also have LED lighting incorporate, so that will be a nice complement to your main vanity lighting. Vanity lighting is important for both comfort and accessibility in terms of your vintage vanity area. A medicine cabinet can also help in this regard. A lighted medicine cabinet will give you an additional source of vintage vanity lighting in addition to some extra storage.

Vintage Bathroom Decor

Vintage bathroom decor is a subjective manner in many designs, but a vintage bathroom design thrives on a certain type. Remember to focus on the vintage tones and materials, especially in a vintage bathroom vanity. Brass, chrome and gold are very popular. Ceramics are commonly used in this design as well, so white is always a good color to use. Try to incorporate photos or painting that accent your design. you can purchase these or even make them yourself. This will add a personal decorating flare to your bathroom design. Clocks are also very effective as decor pieces. It is definitely recommended that you go with an analog clock. Digital clocks look a little too modern to fit into this particular design. Vintage bathroom decor is essential to a complete vintage bathroom design.

Is This the Design For You?

A vintage bathroom design is a beautiful and effective design. It helps with comfort, accessibility and is one of the most good looking styles that you can implement. Decorating in a vintage style can be one of the most rewarding project to undertake.