Striking and bold color can add flare to your bathroom.

Commonly Used Colors

The most common colors that people use to accent their bathroom in a bold way include red, orange, yellow, lime, blue and black. These colors are unique in their own way and do an effective job at catching the eye. The brighter colors work very well with a number of neutral colors due to the great contrast they provide. Generally, when you combine bright colors with neutral colors such as black white or gray, the bright colors become more apparent and stand out a bit more. If used correctly, these colors will add an aspect of beauty and style to you otherwise traditionally colored bathroom. These colors move away from traditional or neutral colors in order to make certain aspects of your bathroom stand out.

Colors on Fixtures

One way to use striking colors in your bathroom is to incorporate them on fixtures. Typically, if you want to have all of your fixtures in any given color, you want them to be the same color. Using different colors for each of your fixtures could prove to be harsh on yours eyes and can even come off as unappealing. Sometimes it may be in your best interest to incorporate color more sparingly because it may over-saturate your bathroom. One of the most popular fixtures to include striking colors on is your vanity. A vanity can incorporate different colors on the vanity itself or through the use of counter top accessories. A vanity with accented handles or a colorful trim can look great in a bathroom design. You can also make your vanity a natural wood or neutral color and then place some colorful accessories on the counter in order to create a beautiful combination. Another great fixture that can incorporate striking color is a bathtub. Some bathtubs can be very beautiful pieces of bathroom decor as well as functional and luxurious fixtures for your bathroom. Bathtubs can incorporate acrylic finishes that can use bright colors such as red, yellow, blue and other colors that can make your tub a beautiful centerpiece for your bathroom design.

Colors on Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are typically some of the most effective aspects of your bathroom at incorporating striking colors. Many bathroom accessories can include beautiful colors. There aren't any specific accessories that do this better than others, so you can always find some stylish bathroom accessories that can accentuate other aspects of your bathroom. To name a few popular choices, tissue box covers, magnifying mirrors and soap dispensers are common accessories that use colorful designs to present a beautiful design aspect.

Colors on Your Trim/Floor

Another way to include striking color in your bathroom is to incorporate it on your wall, floor or trim. Including color in your trim is a very common and popular way to incorporate striking color. On trim, the color is out of the way, but at the same time it will catch the eye and give your bathroom an indirect way to incorporate the color. For your floor, consider incorporate a tile pattern that sparingly incorporates color. This can be done in a number of different styles, so choosing a beautiful design can be easy and rewarding, giving your bathroom design an added effect of color and style. The color won’t be too bold while still helping your bathroom project the color effectively.

Final Note

Striking color adds style and creativity to your bathroom, making it a rewarding and worthwhile consideration.