Here are a few stylish and unique bathroom decor ideas.

Bathroom Decor

For any room in the house, beautiful decor is a must in order to make your room stand out and look good. When you personalize your bathroom, it makes you feel more comfortable, accomplished and pleased with the final product. Because bathroom decor is so vast and the possibilities are endless, this can be a very rewarding project for you. Decor can be implemented in your bathroom in a number of different ways, giving you the freedom to make your perfect bathroom decor plan.

Wall Decor

There are many ways to incorporate unique wall decor in your bathroom. One of the best ways to do this is through paintings or pictures. Paintings and pictures are one of the most unique aspects of art due to the fact that paintings and pictures are very unique in and of themselves. A great way to add personal to your bathroom is to incorporate your own personal paintings and pictures, to add more of a homey feel. Many of your decor items will be featured on the wall due to the space you will most likely have on it. You can also incorporate homemade DIY decor. This can include hangers, lighting or any other possible thing you can think of. The uniqueness derives from the creativity and freedom you have to utilize different types of decor in your bathroom.

Rugs and Mats

Rugs and mats can often be overlooked in a bathroom design. Firstly, rugs can be hit or miss in a bathroom depending on the style of your bathroom or the size of your bathroom. Sometimes it can be hard to incorporate a rug into a small bathroom due to space limitations, but a rug can work very well in a medium or large sized bathroom. With all of the styles and colors of rugs you can find, the possibilities are anything but scarce in this regard. Mats are typically used around the shower area and can be made of a few different materials including mainly plastic and wood. Wooden mats are very unique in the sense that they can’t be found in most bathrooms as well as the fact that they give a natural feeling to your bathroom. Plastic mats don’t give off quite the same feeling but they are effective choices when aiming to keep your bathroom clean and efficient. Bathroom mats are beautiful decor pieces while simultaneously serving a useful purpose in your bathroom.

Flowers and Plants

Even if it is subtle, flowers or other plants are very effective in adding brightness and style to your bathroom. Orchids are very popular flowers for a bathroom due to their beautiful flowers as well as their cohesiveness with traditional bathroom colors. Other plants such as aloe vera, bamboo and different types of ferns are great for any bathroom due to their inherent beauty and bright green colors. Aloe vera is particularly good for bathrooms, or any room for that matter, due to their usefulness in certain types of medical treatments for things like sunburn for example. These plants are great due to the lack of attention they need. This is because these plants can thrive on the humidity that your bathroom produces.

Decorative Fixtures/Accessories

If you are limited on space, one of the best ways to include decor in your bathroom is to incorporate it in your fixtures. For example, creative patterns or beautiful features on your vanity can be just as effective as stand alone decor pieces. This is a great way to combine two aspects of a bathroom design in one, while simultaneously adding pieces of functional furniture to your layout. This is a great way to save money, because you are condensing to things into one. You can also do a combination of the two, incorporating both decorative fixtures in tandem with stand alone decor pieces.

Final Note

Bathroom decor can come in many shapes and styles, so experiment with your creativity to choose the decor that works best for you.