Try these unique themes in your bathroom design.

The Marina

Marine bathrooms are common along the coasts, but they can work just about anywhere. This is one of the most fun designs to work on in your bathroom because of all of the options you have. The marine theme typically incorporates everything you would find at a dock or marina. This includes rope, wood and the color blue most importantly. Blue and white are very common in the design, as well as touches of red or yellow to accent the rest of the room. It also includes wavy design to simulate the motion of water. You can include things like bay windows or porthole windows as well, fitting in very well with the overall theme of the bathroom. This design works especially well in a bathroom because of the theme being centered around water. When you think of a room with water, you automatically think of a bathroom. The marina theme works very well because of this, making the design feel very natural and fitting.

Victorian Decor

A Victorian style often promotes class and sophistication, making it perfect for somebody who is a fan of more upscale and traditional styles. In a Victorian style bathroom, there are a few staples that generally go along with the theme. One of these is a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are simple and straightforward, while saving space at the same time. Another classic Victorian stable is storage in the form of chests. Wooden chests are a great way to incorporate the Victorian style into your bathroom due to their wooden build and the opportunity to include a metal molding with a beautiful design. White, brown and gold are common colors used in this theme. Victorian accessories and fixtures can be great aspects to your bathroom design, making it definitely worth considering.<

Historical Influence

If you are looking for a unique bathroom design idea, try looking back in time. You can use history as inspiration in several different ways. One way is to look at history in the context of the history of your home. For example, if your home was designed in a certain decade, try incorporating a bathroom design from that decade. You can also go with a vintage feel that includes materials such as wood, stone and cast iron. This theme fits more with an early american design that will give your bathroom a classic colonial feel. The greatest benefit to this design theme is the versatility you have, looking through the years to find the design that you like the best. If you are a history buff, this can be one of the most fun and interesting projects you can conduct in your home, let alone your bathroom. Explore different bathroom designs from a number of different time periods in order to make a unique and beautiful bathroom design.<


Making your bathroom revolve around stone material is a great way to incorporate that natural or rustic style theme. Stone can be used for most bathroom fixtures so it would be a problem finding them. The most popular stone fixtures are bathtubs and sinks, two of the most beautiful fixtures to have in your bathroom. You can also incorporate stone in your floor or wall. A stone wall can be done in several different ways. You can do a slate wall with thinner stones or you can do something similar to a brick and mortar design with bigger pieces of stone for a less uniform but more natural looking wall. For your floor, you can use smooth stone to make for a sleek addition to the theme. Stone can be utilized in a number of different ways due to stone being such a versatile material. If you don't really want to incorporate stone in your fixtures or floors, try recreating a natural scene or include stone beautiful stone accessories or decor. You can also experiment with a number of different kinds of stone such as granite, limestone, blue stone, onyx and slate among a number of others.

Final Note

If you want a unique bathroom design, explore your options and pick your favorite one. A bathroom deserves to have a comfortable design that you will love for years to come.