Unique Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom renovations are not very common in most homes. In fact, it happens about once every ten years on average. Because of this, it is important that you choose a beautiful and unique set of bathroom fixtures. The value of a unique bathroom vanity can not be understated in this situation. People spend a lot of time in their bathroom, especially in front of their vanity. A vanity is required for a number of different things involved in your morning routine. Brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, shaving and many other tasks are done at your vanity. Because of this, it is important to have a vanity that is comfortable, accessible and unique to your bathroom. A bathroom vanity is a centerpiece of your bathroom, so it is important to focus on all of these elements.

The other way to add some light to your unique bathroom vanity is through the use of lighted bathroom mirrors. Lighted bathroom mirrors are some of the most effective ways to light a vanity area, especially when LED lighting is used. LED lighted mirrors can come in many unique designs that can complement a vanity area. Wall mirrors are great if you want a fully lighted main mirror. If you want a smaller mirror, try a lighted magnifying mirror. Some lighted mirrors can double as vanity cabinets as well. With a multitude of beautiful finishes, shapes and sizes, lighted bathroom mirrors are great additions to promote an interesting vanity setup.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A unique bathroom vanity will incorporate interesting and artistic features that are not commonly found in the traditional bathroom vanity. For example, a unique bathroom vanity might incorporate a unique shape, such as a half circle, instead of a rectangle or square. In addition, a unique bathroom vanity may also incorporate a handcrafted body or bold colors. There are several ways to make a bathroom vanity beautifully unusual. Consider some handmade bathroom vanity or DIY vanity ideas if you are looking for some inspiration. Sometimes, a vanity can be crafted from an existing piece of furniture. By doing this, your bathroom vanity will truly be one of a kind. Unusual bathroom vanities should always be considered when going through a bathroom renovation.


Skyland 32137.01+CP488009 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - WS Bath Collections

This Skyland Wall Mounted Vanity offers a very unique design with a number of great features. The design is both modern and minimalist, making it versatile for a number of different bathroom designs. The structure of this unique bathroom vanity is made of matte black metal for a sleek design. In addition, the counter-space on the vanity top and structure provide ample space for toiletries and storage. The vanity sink is gloss white ceramic as well, for a beautiful pairing with the matte black frame. The faucet hole is on the right side of the sink as well. The Skyland’s one of a kind bathroom vanity design offers a beautiful streamlined look for any modern bathroom design.



Retro 1050+7300 Console Bathroom Vanity - Modobath.com

The Retro 1050+7300 Bathroom Vanity features a ceramic white bathroom single sink with a metal washstand. The washstand is finished in polished chrome as well, making for a sleek element of style. The sink has countertop space on both sides, making it easy to store your bathroom vanity accessories. This retro bathroom vanity promotes a feeling of comfort and style, with its classic design and unique shape. This makes it one of the more interesting bathroom vanities on the market. It can be used in a multitude of bathroom designs due to its versatile design elements. Sometimes, a funky bathroom vanity such as the Retro can be just what your bathroom needs in order to thrive.


With the incorporation of a unique bathroom vanity, you will also need a unique bathroom vanity mirror to complement it. Your bathroom mirror should match your bathroom vanity. Whether your bathroom vanity is antique, modern, artistic, classic or retro, there is a unique bathroom mirror to match with it. Consider a lighted mirror for a clean and accessible vanity area. If you have sufficient lighting already, consider a bathroom mirror with a beautiful frame that matches the finish of your bathroom vanity. Another great idea is to add a magnifying mirror or makeup mirror. You can use this mirror in tandem with a wall mirror to create a beautiful vanity setup. This mirror should also match well with the overall theme of the unique bathroom vanity.


Speci T5-R Environmental LED Lighted Wall Bathroom Mirror - Modobath.com

The Speci T5-R Environmental LED Lighted Wall Bathroom Mirror is unique in terms or design and functionality. For example, The lights of the T5-R are installed on the back of the mirror. These LED lights provide high quality lighting to the vanity area as well as the mirror. These lights are environmentally friendly due to their high efficiency and their ecological production, made without using lead or copper. The design of the mirror is beautifully simple, making it a versatile choice. This mirror is wall mounted and made in Italy, making it a beautiful and well built mirror to incorporate into any bathroom design.



Abraham Bathroom/Vanity Mirror - Wayfair.com

The Abraham Bathroom/Vanity Mirror is a large bathroom mirror that fits best with a double bathroom vanity. This unique mirror incorporates a beautiful wooden frame in a walnut color and it is mounted on a track. The track adds a very unique design element that will work very well in an industrial style bathroom design. Because this mirror is on the larger side, it will help light up your bathroom while giving you a great reflection, making your bathroom look a bit bigger. The combination of wood and metal makes this a unique bathroom mirror that can boost the quality of your bathroom design.



Wilhelm Frameless Wall Mirror - Birch Lane

The Wilhelm Frameless Wall Mirror has a unique shape that makes it perfect for a change in pace for your bathroom design. This mirror has double coated silver backing with seamed edges. The Wilhelm is a perfect mirror for a single vanity. This is a great bathroom mirror for a small bathroom as well, being incredibly effective at increasing the amount of light in your bathroom design. If you are looking for a smaller bathroom mirror with a stylish design, consider the Wilhelm Frameless Wall Mirror for your next renovation.


Unique Ideas for Creating a Bathroom Vanity

Creating a bathroom vanity is a rewarding process to add an addition to your bathroom design. This is a great way to add a unique and personalized piece of furniture to your area that can be used for years to come. You can use old furniture, make one from scratch or purchase a base to create your perfect and unique bathroom vanity. If you are using larger materials, you can even try to create a double sink vanity.

Antique Furniture Made into Bathroom Vanities

Aside from purchasing a unique bathroom vanity, consider making your own. A homemade handcrafted vanity can be one of the most beautiful focal points of a bathroom design due to the artistic features that can be implemented. If you have an unused dresser, consider converting it into a dresser bathroom vanity. Consider this idea with other pieces of furniture as well. This works especially well with bathroom vanities made from antique furniture as well. You might want to take a piece of furniture previously used in a dining room to create a beautiful vanity. This is a great way to create an original bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanities That Look Like Dressers

One of the best ways to create a vanity is by using a dresser design. You can create this vanity by using a dresser that you currently have, or by purchasing one. There are many dresser-like vanities on the market today, so keep your options open. It is recommended that you use classic and unique finishes for this type of bathroom vanity. This is to make the vanity stand out and become a piece of art in your bathroom design. If you want a homemade bathroom vanity, consider this option. You can also incorporate a vanity cabinet in tandem with your dresser vanity.

Handcrafted Bathroom Vanities

You can also consider a handcrafted bathroom vanity. If you have experience with woodworking, this should be something to consider. This way, you will be able to create your perfect vanity to your exact specifications. If you do not, there are other options. For example, a vanity can be made from a table or even a single board. A table can be altered to fit a bathroom sink. You can also mount a solid wooden board to the wall that can accommodate a sink. This can be a great way to create a double bathroom vanity without incorporating an overly large piece of furniture.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

This type of unique bathroom vanity focuses on a rustic feel with beautiful natural materials. A farmhouse vanity can be created by utilizing an old dresser and transforming it into a beautiful vanity. You can also consider using a small table for a single bathroom vanity. Make sure that your farmhouse bathroom vanity incorporates materials such as wood, brass and other similar types of materials. The same can be said about the bathroom accessories that you use to complement the area.

Antique Buffet Made Into a Bathroom Vanity

If you have a bathroom that is the larger size, consider an antique buffet made into a bathroom vanity. This type of bathroom vanity can also be used by repurposing a buffet style dresser into bathroom vanity. Depending on the size of the buffet, you can incorporate more than one sink into it. This will be especially helpful if you have multiple people using the bathroom. These bathroom vanities are perfect for a rustic or vintage bathroom style. This is a great way to incorporate a double sink vanity.

Vanities Made From Old Furniture

Aside from dressers and tables, there are several other pieces of furniture that you can use to create a beautiful bathroom vanity. Consider using a desk or a cabinet. You can use essentially any piece of furniture that can support the sink that you prefer. It is important to choose a sturdy piece of furniture in order to increase the longevity of your bathroom. This is especially true if you plan on using DIY fixtures in the rest of your bathroom as well. If the furniture is large enough, it will be perfect for a double sink vanity.

Finishes and Materials for a Unique Bathroom Vanity

A unique bathroom vanity can benefit from essentially any color. It will ultimately depend on the overall design of your bathroom in combination with your personal preferences. Some of the most popular materials for a bathroom vanity include various types of wood, metal, ceramic and sometimes even stone. If you are making a bathroom vanity out of an existing piece of furniture, chances are it will probably be made of wood or metal. Different types of wood include oak, maple, ash and other common types of wood used in furniture. Metal can be stainless steel and brass among several others, depending on what you decide to use. The materials used will often determine the color of the vanity. This is not always the case, but it is something to keep in mind.

The color of the vanity will be somewhat dependent on the material, but you can make your vanity whatever color you choose. Paint your bathroom vanity to match your surrounding fixtures, wall colors and accessories. Try to focus on unique and bold colors to make your vanity stand out. Colors such as yellow, orange and blue can be great colors to utilize in order to make your bathroom vanity a unique part of your bathroom design. Natural tones are also extremely effective as well. Wood and stone tones are great for simulating some natural elements as well as creating a more relaxing atmosphere. For more inspiration of bathroom colors, read the article, Best Bathroom Colors.

Unique Bathroom Sinks to Pair With Unique Bathroom Vanities

With a unique bathroom vanity, a unique bathroom sink could make your vanity area much more effective in terms of design. A unique bathroom sinks can be composed of more materials than you may think. For example, a traditional bathroom sinks might be composed of ceramic. however, consider other materials such as wood, stone and glass. Paired with the right bathroom vanities, these materials could greatly increase the overall quality of your bathroom design. In addition, consider the different types of sinks as well:

  • Vessel Bathroom Sinks - Vessel bathroom sinks can be composed of many materials and sit beautifully on a bathroom vanity. With many unique shapes and styles, this can be one of the best options for your unique bathroom vanity.
  • Drop-In Bathroom Sinks - This type of sink is very easy to install in a homemade bathroom vanity. As long as you have a properly sized hole for it, there are many beautiful options for you to incorporate.
  • Undermount Bathroom Sinks - If you have a handcrafted bathroom vanity, this could be a great option. Fitting seamlessly into a dresser bathroom vanity or something similar, this sink should definitely be considered.
  • Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sinks - Semi-recessed sinks are great for a more unique option in terms of a bathroom sink. They may be a bit harder to install, but hey offer beautiful design benefits.

Unique Hardware on Your Bathroom Vanity

Depending on how you are planning on creating your unique vanity, you may want to use specific hardware for a cohesive design. The type of hardware you use on your bathroom vanity should match well with the vanity as well as the rest of the bathroom design. Consider the design of your unique bathroom vanity first. If you have a bathroom vanity made from an antique dresser, consider some beautiful brass handles or knobs for the doors and drawers. If you have have a farmhouse bathroom vanity, you may want to use some cast iron or ceramic hardware. It is important to understand which materials work well with the colors and design of your vanity.

You also need to consider the design of the hardware you decide to use. If you want a unique set or hardware, stray away from boring knobs or handles. Consider uniquely designed pieces of hardware that go with the design of your vanity. For example, your antique dresser vanity should have antique looking handles or knobs. Follow this same line of thinking for other unique bathroom vanity styles as well. You should try to match the other pieces of hardware around your bathroom as well. this includes accessories such as towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders and other similar items. This will make the overall bathroom design much more complete.

Faucet Sets For a Custom Look

In addition to a beautiful sink and vanity combination, you will need a great bathroom faucet. In terms of design, your faucet should match your hardware and vanity design. For example, if you have a brass finished set of hardware, consider a similar design for your faucet. If you want more of a neutral look to your faucet, consider a chrome faucet. Chrome faucets will be extremely versatile with any bathroom vanity design. In addition, you can also explore one, two or three hole faucets. This will open up a whole new area of possibilities for faucet design. For example, if your unique bathroom vanity is more modern, a beautiful single hole faucet could be a great option for you. An antique bathroom vanity could look amazing with a vintage three hole faucet. Explore your options to find a unique faucet for your unique bathroom vanity.

Unique Bathroom Vanities With Open Storage

Smart storage is one of the most important elements of a bathroom vanity. Many bathroom vanities incorporate storage in the form of drawers or cabinets. However, a unique bathroom vanity might have some more unique storage methods. For example, open storage is both versatile and good looking. A bathroom vanity with a full open storage shelf will allow you to store towels and other bathroom accessories that are a bit larger. One of the most unique bathroom vanity styles incorporates drawers, doors and open storage, for maximum storage capabilities. In this case, the open storage shelf might be on the bottom of the bathroom vanity, below a series of drawers and doors.

There are also options to consider with countertop space. If you are re-purposing an old piece of furniture with a large amount of countertop space, you will be able to store more items. This is something to consider before installing your bathroom sink. Instead of putting your sink in the middle of the vanity, you may want to put it a bit to the right or the left. This way, you will have a decent amount of counter space to work with. Open storage will make items easily accessible while adding a unique element of design.

Final Note

A unique bathroom vanity is a great addition to spice up a bathroom design. It is important to focus on personal touches as well as build quality and functionality. With several different methods of approach, you have many options in terms of creating a unique bathroom vanity. Take inspiration from existing pieces of furniture as well as handmade bathroom vanity options. If you need help with creating your vanity, don’t be afraid to contact a professional. Interior designers can be your best friend when going through this process. Overall, a unique bathroom vanity can add a great element of design to your bathroom.

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