Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom accessories are important to every bathroom, no matter what size it is or what fixtures are included. Bathroom accessories include items such as soap dishes/dispensers, towel bars/rings, toothbrush holders, toilet paper holders and several others. Some of these accessories can come in sets, so if you plan on buying these accessories all at once, here are some ideas as to what you should be looking for.

WS Bath Collections

A great place to find high quality and luxurious vessel bathroom sinks, WS Bath Collections presents a collection of unique and beautiful bathroom sinks. At WS Bathroom Collections, you can find some of the best vessel bathroom sinks on the market with various options to choose from. WS Bath Collections creates their vessel bathroom sinks with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and it is likely that you will find your perfect vessel bathroom sink here.


Kohler is another great choice for vessel bathroom sinks. Kohler provides a selection of vessel bathroom sinks that are good quality and well-designed. They are one of the most well known providers for bathroom products and are definitely worth considering when choosing your vessel bathroom sinks.

American Standard

Another common bathroom sink provider, American Standard is a solid option for you to consider. Vessel bathroom sinks at American Standard are simple, but well built and reliable. If you are looking for a vessel bathroom sink that will last long and fit well into any bathroom design, American Standard is definitely one of the brands that you should consider.