Wall mounted faucets come with a variety of benefits that can improve the overall design of your bathroom as well as the style of your sink.

Wall Mounted Faucets

If you are looking for a new faucet to complement your sink, wall mounted faucets are a great way to add a unique design factor to your bathroom. They offer a refreshing way to include a faucet in your bathroom, getting away from the traditional deck mounted faucet. Wall mounted faucets come with a variety of different features that deck mounted faucets do not have. For example, one of the most obvious factors is the installation process. A wall mounted faucets offers much more versatility as far as the installation process is concerned. A wall mounted faucet can be adjusted at any height that you see fit, while a deck mounted faucet can only be installed on the sink itself or on the counter top. That being said, if a wall mounted faucet is too high, splashing can occur, making for some possible unnecessary messes. Wall mounted faucets will usually have a longer installation process, being that they have to be installed in the wall. The process will be a little more difficult than a deck mounted faucet, but that shouldn’t be a problem due to the benefits you will get from the wall mounted faucet.


Another thing that is almost always consistent with wall mounted faucets is the number of handles they have. Wall mounted faucets generally have two handles, although some can have one handle. Two handles are often the more popular choice, but if you do prefer one handle, that option will definitely be available to you. Two handles may be a more effective way to keep your faucet clean because you don’t actually have to grab the handles, you can just use the back of your hand to adjust temperature and water pressure. A single handle can work in a similar way depending on the style, but it can be a little difficult sometimes.

Sink Pairings

Wall mounted faucets can work with virtually any sink design, but there are a few that work better than others. Vessel sinks are a great pairing for wall mounted faucets because of both the practicality and the design factor. A vessel sink will generally require a wall mounted faucet unless you decide to use a high deck mounted faucet that can reach over the sink. Wall mounted faucets will make everything easier in that aspect as well as mesh well with the design. Under mount or drop-in sinks are also good matches for a wall mounted faucet for essentially the same reasons, though you can be a little more versatile with these sink designs. Almost any sink will work well with a wall mounted faucet, so consider the sinks listed as well as any sink that you may have in your bathroom or that you may have in mind.


Wall mounted faucets also offer you some free space on your counter. Because the faucet is fixed to the wall, your counter top space becomes more open and usable. You also have the option to mount your faucet at a number of different heights depending on the style of faucet you have, as long as the installation is at an appropriate height. In addition, you have more room for anything else you may want to put there. This can be a great design factor for your bathroom, especially if you are going for a more minimalist design. The less clutter you have in your bathroom, the better.

Finishes and Materials

One of the most appealing reasons to purchase a wall mounted faucet is the quality materials used along side the beautiful finishes. Like any other bathroom faucet, wall mounted faucets are composed of many of the same materials. The most common base material for many faucets is solid brass because of the durability and overall quality. Zinc and chrome plated plastic are also used, but if you value quality over all else, brass is the optimal way to go. As far as finishes go, the most popular include chrome, different types of nickel, stainless steel and matte black to name a few. When it comes to a finish, you have a bit more freedom than you have when deciding on a base material. It is important that the finish you choose matches well with your sink, as well as the rest of your bathroom design.


Installation is a very important aspect to consider when going this route. First you need to know what is behind your wall, and if you have the space to include any plumbing there. You also have to drill the right amount of holes to accommodate the specifications of the faucet as well. This is a difficult process overall, so if you don't have the right experience or knowledge to install your faucet, it is recommended that you contact a professional. Because it is wall mounted, you are going to have do some modifications to your wall. This could be a very big project that could have serious implications if you trip up during the installation.


Wall mounted faucets can vary in price. Like other fixtures the price will depend on build quality, finish, material and other additional features. Quality should always be one of the first things you consider when purchasing a wall mounted faucet, so don't shy away from spending a bit more to improve the overall quality of your vanity/sink area. On average, a wall mounted faucet will cost around $200.

Final Note

Wall mounted faucets are always a great addition to a minimalist or modern style bathroom. They will fit in with several other bathroom themes as well. Consider implementing a wall mounted faucet in your bathroom.