Vanity Sinks

There are endless possibilities when it comes to bathroom vanity sinks to include in your bathroom. Because there are so many options, it is important to know which styles will work best for you. With many sink styles and vanity types, there are several combinations that could work well in your specific bathroom design.

Sink Styles

When you are looking for a sink to incorporate into your bathroom vanity design, consider all of your options. Some of the most popular bathroom sinks for your vanities include vessel sinks, drop-in/undermount sinks and semi-recessed sinks. These sinks will all work well on a bathroom vanity due to their seamless designs and installation methods. Vessel sinks promote a more artistic approach to your vanity, with most of the sink being visible. This gives you the option to be creative with the colors and patterns you may want on your sink. Drop-in/undermount sinks will drop right into a hole on your vanity to give your vanity and sink combination a smooth look. Semi-recessed sinks give somewhat of a combination of vessel and drop-in sinks. These sinks will look great on a countertop or vanity due to their unique design.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are some of the most beautiful sink styles that can be used in a bathroom design. These particular types of sinks sit beautifully on a countertop. The two main benefits of vessel sinks are the design and the functionality. Vessel sinks are arguably one of the most beautiful fixtures that you can incorporate in your bathroom in general. This is mainly because you can see the full body of the sink, besides the bottom. With that being said, essentially no sink will display the bottom due to necessary plumbing requirements.
Vessel sinks can work in a variety of different bathroom designs. One thing to take into consideration is that you need to have a countertop to put this sink on. This is absolutely necessary. Once you have your countertop or vanity situated, you can decide on a vessel sink. Your vessel sink should be a focal point in your bathroom while acting as a beautiful accent to your vanity. Because the sink will give a 360 degree view of the design, you can make this one of the most beautiful and eye-catching fixtures in your bathroom.
You should also be conscious of the types of faucets that are compatible with certain vessel sinks. Most faucets will be able to work, depending on the type of sink you have If your vessel sink has faucet holes, you will be able to mount a faucet right in it. If it does not, you will be limited to a deck mounted faucet or wall mounted faucet. However, don't take this as a bad thing. Most faucets will be either one of the two. Wall mounted faucets are very beautiful and they save counter space. It is also important to note that your faucet might need to be mounted higher up on the wall. Of course, this will depend on the height of your sink. This is important because vessel sinks will typically take up a bit more space than other sinks.

Undermount and Drop-in Sinks

These sinks are not exactly the same thing, but they are similar in design. Undermount sinks will be mounted underneath the countertop, while drop-in sinks mounted by fitting them in from above. Besides the installation method, these sinks are quite similar for the most part. Undermount sinks will end up being flush with the countertop. Drop-in sinks can be similar, but sometimes they will have a raised lip. It will ultimately come down to your personal preferences as to which design you prefer.
These sinks will need a hole cut out in your countertop in order to fit them. This will be slightly different depending on the specific sink that you have. It is important to have the measurements checked and everything planned out before installation. This includes planning out wear the faucet needs to be as well.
As far as faucets go, you have a few options. One thing to not, is that many of these sinks do not include faucet holes due to the nature of their installations. You may be able to find a drop-in sink with faucet holes, but undermount sinks with faucet holes are extremely rare. With that being said, you still have the options of a wall mounted or deck mounted faucet. Either faucet style will be a great option. Again, it will ultimately come down to your personal preferences. Deck mounted faucets are always popular for these sinks, but don't forget the beauty of a wall mounted faucet.

Semi-Recessed Sinks

Another beautiful option for you to consider is a semi-recessed sink. These sinks utilize a unique design and great functional qualities. Semi-recessed sinks can be seen as a combination of vessel sink and a drop-in sink, but isn't really either of the two. A semi-recessed sink has a unique installation method that gives your bathroom a great piece of design.
Semi-recessed sinks can essentially utilize any type of faucet. Whether it be deck mounted, wall mounted or mounted directly on the sink, there is a semi-recessed sink that will be able to accommodate it. Some sinks will have faucet holes, while others don't. However, there should be a design out there for you and your specific design. These sinks are some of the most beautiful and versatile sinks on the market, so consider one for your next bathroom design.

Integrated Sinks

There are also a great number of vanities that have sinks built right into the counter. This is a popular choice among buyers due to the two in one product. A vanity with an integrated sink makes for a smooth connection between the sink and the countertop. This is similar to an undermount sink in many cases. The only main key difference is that the undermount sink is technically separate from the counter. You will be able to find many integrated sinks in vanities from different suppliers and sellers.

Vanity Styles

There are two main vanity styles that can accommodate a bathroom sink. The first of the styles is the wall mounted vanity. Wall mounted vanities can be mounted at any height and can accommodate almost any sink style. Wall mounted vanities offer a more minimalist style, so the incorporation of a vessel sink with a simple design or a semi-recessed sink could work magnificently. Free-standing vanities look more traditional and look best with undermount sinks, but can look just as beautiful with almost any other type of sink. Overall a vanity sink should reflect your personal preference and a beautiful design.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Wall mounted vanities are great for any bathroom design and prove to be very popular. These vanities are very versatile and can accommodate a variety of different sinks, faucets and storage capabilities. One of the best things about wall mounted vanities is the space creation. They create space on the top and bottom, making them prime choices. Underneath the vanity, you can store any items in bins or storage containers. On the counter, you can house a variety of different accessories. Wall mounted vanities are great options to house your bathroom sink.

Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities are also very good options in terms of holding your sinks. The vanities do not have as much storage space underneath, but they make up for it on the countertop. These vanities are great in terms of versatility as well. As long as your plumbing situation is in order, you can move this vanity to any area of your bathroom. Freestanding vanities can also house more in terms of storage in most cases. Wall mounted vanities are similar, but freestanding vanities have a bit more support. These are things to think about when choosing your vanity.

Choosing Your Perfect Sink and Vanity

Much of what will influence this decision will come down to your specific design as well as your personal preferences. First, focus on what your bathroom can accommodate in terms of both functionality and design. The functionality of your bathroom should take priority however.
In terms of functionality, you need to focus on both space and comfort. Space will have to do with where you can physically use your fixtures and how they are placed near each other. It is important to keep your fixtures close to each other while having enough space to use each one. This will promote comfort in your bathroom as well. It is always important to have access to all of your fixtures comfortably.
You will also need to focus heavily on the design of the fixtures. Your sink and vanity are the two most used fixtures in a bathroom due to how much is done in the area. Because you are using them so much, you will want them to look sleek and beautiful. This is where you can get creative and explore your options. Make sure you are matching your vanity area with the rest of your bathroom as well. This will create a sense of unity and comfort in your bathroom environment.