Bathroom Accessories

Every bathroom benefits from the inclusion of bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories need to be placed in the most orderly and aesthetically pleasing manner as possible in order to make your bathroom reach its fullest stylistic potential. Bathroom accessories can include items from toothbrush holders to soap dishes, so it is important to place these accessories in a strategic manner in order to maximize space and comfort in your bathroom.

Good Places For Accessories

There are a number of different places to place bathroom accessories, but each accessory has one perfect place for it to go. For example, a toilet brush holder and a toilet paper holder obviously needs to be placed in the immediate vicinity of the toilet. A towel rack/bar/hook should be placed very close to the shower or bathtub, within an arm’s reach. Smaller accessories such as bathroom hooks that can be placed on the countertop should be placed neatly on the countertop or in a bathroom tray in order to keep your bathroom countertop as organized as possible. These accessories include things such as soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and other similar accessories. These should be placed in a neat and organized manner that is accessible and comfortable.

Bad Places For Accessories

Bathroom accessories need to be placed in logical and accessible places, as mentioned above. You should always try to avoid keeping your accessories in hard to reach places such as high shelves or low places. You should also avoid pacing accessories that you use often in cabinets or drawers, unless they are in a neat and organized fashion. All in all, you want to make sure that your bathroom accessories are in a very accessible place. That will make your bathroom experience as comfortable as possible. For certain projects, there may be specific requirements that must be met to comply with building codes, local standards or national standards. For instance, certain projects may require an ADA compliant bathroom. In order to accommodate individuals with disabilities or mobility issues, ADA compliant regulations should be followed.

Towel Bars

Towel bars should be present in every bathroom design. Whether you need it for a shower or a hand towel, you should always have at least one that you can access. Towel bars are some of the most functional and most beautiful accessories that you can include in your design. As far as placement goes, there are several appropriate locations. First, you need to have a towel bar within an arm's reach of your shower. This is so you can have access to a dry towel as soon as you are done your shower. This is important because you won't get as much water on the ground if you can stay within your shower. Towel bar height is also extremely important. It should be mounted at a comfortable height for you while being accessible for others. A good towel bar height should be around 36 to 42 inches.

More About Towel Bars

Another reason you might need a towel bar is to hold a hand towel. If this is the case, you are going to want to have it right next to your sink. There are several different methods in which you can do this. First you can hand the towel bar on the wall next to your sink. If you do this, the towel bar should be at about the same height as your sink. You can do that, or you can adjust the height to fit your personal preferences. You should do whatever makes you the most comfortable, but you should also keep other people in mind. If you don't want a towel bar, you can also incorporate a towel ring for a more unique bathroom accessory. Towel racks are also very popular, especially in larger bathrooms. Towel racks hold multiple towels and they can even be heated. Consider a towel rack if you have a large design, but they can also work in smaller bathroom designs. Freestanding towel stands should be considered as well.

Toilet Paper Holders

When it comes to toilet paper holders, you should really only have it in one of two places. The first place to have it is right next to your toilet, on your vanity or wall. If your toilet is right next to your vanity, which is common, consider mounting it there. This is a popular place to place your toilet paper holder because it is close to the toilet and easy to access. If you don't have a vanity, mount it on your wall. As long as your toilet paper holder is immediately next to your toilet you should be fine. Toilet paper holder height is also incredibly important. When it comes to toilet paper holder height, it should be comfortable for you to access easily.
Another great place to put your toilet paper holder is right across from your toilet. You should only do this if you have a smaller bathroom. You also need to reach the opposite wall. This can be one of the most effective and accessible locations for your toilet paper holder. If you want a more stylish and unique way to hold your toilet paper, try a freestanding toilet paper holder. This is a great accessory for any size bathroom, as long as you have the space for it. These accessories are absolutely necessary in all bathroom designs, so make sure you have the one that fits your preferences and bathroom style.

Soap Dispensers and Soap Dishes

These two bathroom accessories are some of the most common vanity accessories in any bathroom design. Soap is an absolutely necessary element to a bathroom design. These bathroom accessories will give you a place to hold your soap while keeping your bathroom neat and organized. First, consider a soap dispenser. There are two main places for this accessory. The easiest way is to just place it on your vanity counter. You should keep it out of the way while still being able to reach it easily.
You can also mount a soap dispenser on your wall. This is probably the most convenient way to mount it. If you mount it on your wall, you'll be able to create more space on your vanity counter. This is great if you want to incorporate other vanity accessories, like soap dishes. For soap dishes, the same can be said. You can either place it on your vanity or mount it on your wall. It is not necessary to incorporate both a soap dish and dispenser, but it is something to consider. You should have at least one of them, so choose the type of soap you prefer and get the appropriate bathroom accessory.

Toilet Brush Holders

Toilet brush holders are yet another essential bathroom accessory in a bathroom design. There are several places where you can put this bathroom accessory in order to have it handy. First, you can put it right next to your toilet. This will ensure that you will have it ready at a moment's notice. This is the most common place you will find it. If you do want to put your toilet brush holder here, make sure it has a beautiful design and it is kept clean. This is important because it will always be on display. Consider a holder that goes well with the rest of your bathroom design and is made of a durable material. Avoid cheap plastic and consider metal or some other reliable material.
You can also place your toilet brush holder in your vanity or other storage unit. This will allow you to hide the holder if you don't want to put it on display. It will also help if you need a bit more space on your floor. Consider this as an option if you don't really want to spend the extra money on a beautiful toilet brush holder. This is where many people store their toilet brush holders. This is something to consider.

Shower Baskets

Of course, shower baskets need to be placed in the shower. However, there are certain places in your shower that they can be placed strategically. For example, A corner is one of the best places for a shower basket for several reasons. For example, a corner is one of the best locations in terms of saving space. Because of this, you should try to use one here.
You can also mount one flat on your wall. This is a great place to put one if you place it strategically. This means that you should put in a location that will give you access to it while keeping it relatively out of the way. Shower baskets can incorporate one to three baskets in one fixture as well. This is great if you need to store multiple different items in your shower at once. Each basket will be able to hold a different item. This helps with maximizing your storage capabilities. These will typically be cheaper than buying three separate shower baskets, so keep this in mind.

Adhesive Bathroom Accessories

Adhesive bathroom accessories are incredibly effective accessories in a bathroom design. They can be mounted extremely easily and are very versatile in terms of placement. You will be able to find essentially any accessory with the ability to be mounted with adhesive. One of the greatest benefits of adhesive accessories, is that they will not damage your wall. Most of them have safe adhesive technology. Your paint and wall will be safe through the installation process. The adhesive is strong, so make sure everything is perfectly lined up for the installation process. Bathrooms need to be comfortable and accessible in order for you to have the most relaxing experience possible. One way to help achieve this is through bathroom accessories.
Self-adhesive bathroom accessories include basically any fixture that isn’t a main fixture in the bathroom, such as a bathtub, toilet, vanity, etc. Things such as towel bars, toilet paper holders and towel racks, among others, are perfect examples of necessary accessories. These self-adhesive bathroom accessories can also be adhesive, which makes them easy to install, extremely reliable and make your bathroom look neat and organized.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

Bathroom accessory sets are great solutions when trying to find a way to incorporate all of your accessories. Bathroom accessory sets can incorporate a number of different accessories that you can use to style your bathroom design and add functionality. These sets will typically cost less than purchasing each of your accessories separately. Take this into consideration. When all is said and done, make sure that you have all of the accessories you need in your bathroom design. Having each bathroom accessory is very important for both the comfort and functionality of your bathroom design.
Place them all in a strategic and appropriate manner. You will feel the comfort level in your bathroom rise. Bathroom accessory sets can often be confused with bathroom hardware sets, so it is important to know what sets them apart from each other. Read our article on the main differences between bathroom hardware and bathroom accessories in order to get a better understanding.

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