White Fixtures and Why They Work

White Fixtures and Why They Work

One of the most popular colors in a bathroom design is the color white. White can be incorporated in a number of different fixtures and can be implemented beautifully. Fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, vanities and several other fixtures and accessories can benefit greatly from being white. There a number of different stylish white finishes to help with this. Because white is such a versatile color, there are many possibilities for your white bathroom fixtures. The versatility will tell you where you can incorporate your fixtures as well as what kind of fixtures you can use. This guide will highlight some of the best aspects of white bathroom fixtures and how you can implement them into your bathroom design.

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One of the best things about the color white is how versatile it is. White is one of the most popular bathroom colors because of this. If you look at any bathroom design, it is likely that you will find white in at least one area of the room. One of the main reasons as to why this is, is because of how well other colors go with white. White is one of the neutral colors when it comes to design. It is advised that you implement it in order to complement your brighter colors.

How to Use It

With that being said, white can be used as both an accent and a base color for your overall bathroom design. For example, you can make your wall white and then you can accent them with different colors. You can also do the reverse by implementing a certain color for your walls and accent it with white bathroom fixtures and accessories. Both of these methods are incredibly effective at creating a beautiful bathroom environment. Because of this, you can't really go wrong with either one. It will most likely come down to your personal choice as to which one you really want. One of the other great aspects of the color white is the brightness that it brings into your bathroom.

If your bathroom struggles with visibility or brightness, incorporating white in various areas of your bathroom will allow for a brighter environment. This is an improvement over colors such as black or other darker colors. Of course, this should not deter you from using darker tones. They are beautiful and effective when used in the right places. White will just help you out with lighting if you are having problems. If you are having trouble picking colors for your bathroom design, you should always have white on your mind. Matte white is extremely versatile and beneficial, and it can be great for your situation. Used commonly in bathroom fixtures and accessories, matte white is sleek and modern.

White Bathroom Sinks

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One of the most common glossy white bathroom fixtures you will find in a bathroom is a sink. A bathroom sink is one of the most important white bathroom fixtures in your bathroom due to how much it is used. White sinks come with some great white materials as well. A white sink can be made of a strong porcelain or ceramic material to ensure a long lifespan. With that being said, there are various different sink types and styles that can be implemented into your bathroom design.

Sink Types

The most common types of bathroom sinks are wall mounted sinks, vessel sinks, undermount sinks, drop-in sinks, pedestal sinks and semi-recessed sinks. Each of these particular sinks work wonderfully if they are used in the right design. One of the most used sinks is an undermount sink. This is because it is great at saving space while providing you with an extremely comfortable and effective sink for your bathroom design. This sink is great for any bathroom no matter who is using it. You should also consider a white bathroom faucet. A matte white bathroom faucet can match extremely well with a white bathroom sink. Matte white bathroom faucets are probably the best choice in most cases because they will go well with a glossy white bathroom sink. If you do not want a white bathroom faucet, the second best option will be some kind of neutral metallic finish.

It can also be made of a variety of materials, with ceramic being one of the most popular. Another great sink to consider is a wall mounted sink or a vessel sink. One of the best aspects of certain wall mounted sinks is their ability to be mounted on a wall or a counter top to become a vessel sink. Not all wall mounted sinks will have this ability. It is important to choose a sink that has this ability if it is the way you want to go. If you don't want to go with porcelain or ceramic, there are other options for you as well. For example, one of the increasingly popular finishes for bathroom sinks in the past few years is a matte white finish. This finish is very beautiful and sleek, and you should definitely consider it for your next bathroom sink.

White Bathtubs

Although they are not used in every bathroom design, bathtubs can be some of the most comfortable and relaxing white bathroom fixtures for you to use in your bathroom design. If you are looking for a new bathtub for your master bathroom or any other bathroom for that matter, consider a beautiful white bathtub. The reason why a white bathtub is so effective is because of how calming the color white is naturally. If you are trying to go for a spa design or a relaxing zen environment, the best color for your bathtub will absolutely be white. Consider matte white for one of the sleekest and most stylish finishes for your bathtub.

Aside from the color of your bathtub, there are various different features and attachments that you can include on your bathtub. These features include jets, contoured seating for maximum comfort, arm rests, back rests and many other features. These are designed to make your bathtub the most comfortable white bathroom fixture in your bathroom design. Of course, you want the area around your bathtub to be comfortable as well. Keep the area fairly neutral. This will keep the area as relaxing as possible. One of the most important things to do for a zen or minimalist bathroom is to create and keep the environment as peaceful as possible. White is one of the best colors for this particular theme. Consider this for your bathtub and the surrounding areas.

White Shower Areas

White shower fixtures are some of the most beautiful elements of a high quality shower area. First of all, a white shower head can be a beautiful centerpiece of your shower. White shower heads can be mainly matte white or glossy white, with other options available as well. By incorporating a white shower head, you have a starting focal point for a beautiful design. White shower fixtures such as shower baskets and other similar items are also critical to a beautiful design. There are many white shower fixtures to choose from. Keep your options open. In addition, your white shower fixtures should be the same finish as your white shower head. This will help your shower design fit better together.

White Bathroom Accessories

One of the other areas to focus on that you definitely should not overlook is your bathroom accessories. Accessories come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. It is important to take all areas into account. The first place to look is your bathroom vanity. Your vanity will accommodate a number of different accessories. All of them will serve unique and necessary white bathroom fixtures. First, focus on the accessories that you will use the most.

Accessory Types

This includes soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and other similar accessories that you will use on a daily basis. You want to make sure that your vanity accessories all match each other as well. For example, if you have a black bathroom vanity, one of the best things to do is to incorporate a beautiful set of matte white or glossy white accessories. Often times, you will be able to find a set of accessories with matching colors that will give you all of the accessories you need for a complete set. Once you have your vanity accessories taken care, you can now look to the other accessories in your design. These accessories will include towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders and other similar accessories.

These items will usually need to be purchased individually, but in some cases, you will be able to find sets that include any given number of accessories like these. These accessories are necessary aspects of a bathroom design, so you need to focus on both quality and design. You can use matte finishes on these to create a sleek and modern set of accessories that will give your bathroom a great sense of comfort. Metal is a great material for these accessories, so if you can find a metal base with a beautiful matte white or glossy white finish, it should be something to consider. Plastic accessories are also an option, but it is important to remember that metal will be more durable in the long run.

White Bathroom Vanities

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Vanities are one of the most important white bathroom fixtures in a bathroom design. They house your sink, provide you with counter space and store items inside of them to give you easy access to the items you need. A white vanity will be a great focal point while doubling as a great white bathroom fixture. This is one of the easiest white bathroom fixtures to use white with because it will be a great base and starting point for the design of the rest of your bathroom.

There are two main types of vanities to choose from. The first one is a wall mounted white bathroom vanity. Wall mounted white bathroom vanities are great for creating space. They also provide your bathroom design in terms of minimalism and modern features. The other option you have is a freestanding white bathroom vanity. These white bathroom vanities are just as versatile as wall mounted vanities with only one key difference. They have legs instead of being mounted to the wall, so that is definitely something to consider. One of the best ways to incorporate a white vanity is to use white as a main color while accenting it with a color of your choosing. Make sure it goes well with the rest of your bathroom design.


You will most commonly find white bathroom fixtures made of either wood, ceramic or porcelain. These are the most popular. These are so popular due to a combination of both build quality as well as the color. White is so popular in these cases because of how well it goes with almost every other color you can think of. Because white is a neutral color, similar to other colors such as black or gray, it can work in essentially any other bathroom. These materials are very reliable and are the first you should consider when looking for the best materials for your bathroom design.

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