Large square bathroom sinks are becoming a staple in many bathroom designs.


Large Square Sinks

In many bathrooms, luxury bathroom sinks are highly desirable. Perhaps one of the most common and most beautiful styles of sink to include is a large square bathroom sink. Square sinks seem to be the most popular, typically because they provide the most basin space in tandem with their beautiful yet simple designs. These sinks can come in a variety of different styles, making them easy to incorporate into almost any bathroom design.

Why They Work

Large square bathroom sinks are popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, the larger the sink, the more space you have to work with. Larger fixtures convey more of a luxury feeling, making your bathroom experience much more comfortable. If you have a larger vanity, a large sink is effective at taking up counter top space and filling any awkward space on your counter. A bigger sink means that you have a larger area to catch the water to prevent any water splashing on your counter or mirror as well. Large sinks will work beautifully in any large bathroom, whether it has a large vanity or no vanity. A large wall mounted sink can work extremely well for space conservation as well as design benefits. A large vanity sink can also work very well in your bathroom design.


Large square sinks have one of the most simple but beautiful designs. Square sinks are appealing because of the minimalist appearance, making it easy to use in about any bathroom design. Large sinks are typically anything that is larger than twenty-four inches across, so it is important that your vanity or counter top can accommodate a sink of this size. Large bathroom sinks are most popular when used as a vessel sink, undermount sink, or a wall mounted sink. These installation types give you the most room to work with.