LED lighting is one of the most efficient and effective ways to light your bathroom area. In a bathroom design, LED lighting can be found in various areas. However, it is important to know how and why you should use it to get the most out of it. Whether it is your main lighting source, or simply something smaller, LED lighting is definitely worth incorporating in your design. This guide will go over why you should use LED lighting in your bathroom.

LED Lighting is Extremely Efficient

LED Lighting is Extremely Efficient
LED Lighting is Extremely Efficient

When it comes to lighting a space, efficiency is incredibly important. The efficiency of a specific type of lighting will dictate how much money you are spending on energy. In addition, it will also determine how often your lights need to be replaced. These are two things that can slowly but surely make you pay more than you realize. This is especially true if you are using inefficient lighting solutions.

LED lighting specifically, is one of the most efficient types of lighting you can find today. They use about 85% less electricity than a traditional incandescent light bulb. In addition, they use 50% less electricity than fluorescent bulbs. The amount of electricity saved will ultimately vary depending on the specific type of bulb. Of course, this is incredibly beneficial to the overall state of your bathroom in terms of economy.

The Cost of LED Lighting in a Bathroom

Energy costs always need to be considered when planning a budget. Although lighting can vary in cost in terms of energy expenditure, it is still an important factor in overall cost. LED lighting should be looked at in two different ways. First, the initial cost must be taken into account. LED light bulbs are typically a bit more expensive than other types of bulbs. They are not the most expensive in most cases, but they are still higher in price.

Second, the long term cost needs to be taken into consideration. This is where LED lights pay for themselves. Although LED lights will cost a bit more than traditional incandescent lights, they will last much longer. In addition, they use much less energy. Therefore, the slightly higher one-time payment will absolutely be worth it. In general, LED lighting is one of the most cost effective types of lighting to incorporate in a bathroom design.

Where is LED Lighting Generally Used?

LED lighting can be used in a variety of different areas in the bathroom. Various types of fixtures and items can utilize LED lights in unique ways. For starters, it is definitely recommended that you use some type of LED lights in your main source of lighting. Recessed lighting is quite common in today’s design trends. However, many other types of ceiling lights can be very popular and elegant. At the very least, you should have some type of ceiling light setup that utilizes LED lighting.

Other than ceiling lights, there are several other options to consider as well. Standalone light fixtures offer some beautiful designs as well as some complementary lighting pieces. Lamps and other similar fixtures are great options. Bathroom vanity lights are also good options due to how much time is traditionally spent in the area. It is a good rule of thumb to keep all areas of the bathroom well. This is especially true for the areas that see the highest amount of traffic.

The Environmental Impact of LED Lighting

Aside from being extremely efficient, LED lights are also great for the environment. There are several key reasons for this, each of which aids in preventing environmental harm. The environment is a key factor in everybody’s life. Preserving it is of the utmost importance as we progress as a society. Below is a list of some of the most effective environmental benefits LED offers that highlight the importance of bathroom technology.

  • Efficiency - As previously stated, LED lights are extremely efficient. Lasting much longer than incandescent bulbs, they are basically the standard at this point. Less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Non-Toxic - LED lights do not contain any toxic elements that could harm the environment. IN addition, if they end up in landfills, damage is minimized. Although they shouldn’t end up there in the first place, it still minimizes the harm done.
  • Fewer Need to be Produced - like any other product, it is better to have less of them to throw away. LED lights are still mass produced of course. However, because they last so much longer, less of them are being thrown out on a daily basis.
  • Long Lifespan - Because these lights last so much longer, there will be much less carbon emissions. Fewer replacements means fewer resources needed for the production of the lights.

Safety is Optimized with LED Lights

One of the most overlooked aspects of LED lighting is how safe it is compared to other types of lights. When you take a closer look, it becomes very apparent that there are several key differences. First of all, LED lights do not get nearly as hot as incandescent lights. This is important to know, especially if your lights are exposed. If you have kids, this can be very crucial as well. Children can absolutely get burned on incandescent lights if they are exposed.

In addition to that, LED lights require much less power. This means they can be operated at much lower voltages. Of course, higher voltages run the risk of accidents, at least more so than lower voltages. This is another overlooked element that many do not consider when searching for lighting. Safety is a key element of a healthy bathroom design. Due to this, LED lights will be some of the best options for optimizing your safety.

The Small Size Offers Design Flexibility

LED lights are physically small. The individual lights can work together to create almost any form or shape. Of course, you can easily find LED light bulbs that feature a traditional design. However, many other beautiful designs are capable of being made. For example, LED light strips are quite popular outside of the bathroom. However, they can be used in bathrooms if implemented in an appropriate manner.

Due to the small size, they can be used in almost any area of the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors utilize these small LED lights magnificently. Other bathroom accessories can utilize LED lights as well. Just about any shape or design can be created using LED lights to light it up.

Dimmer Switches with LED Lights

Instead of staying at a consistent brightness, LED lights can utilize dimmer switches. It should be known that LED lights require hardware specifically designed to accommodate this feature. However, this doesn't mean it is hard to find. Being able to set your LED lights at a specific brightness is an incredibly rewarding benefit. If the lights are too bright simply turn them down instead of turning them off. This will allow you to control the brightness levels to create the optimal space in terms of visibility.

Color Options are Endless

LED lights are known for efficiency and quality. However, they are also incredibly versatile in terms of color choice. In a bathroom design, white light is the optimal choice. This is due to the bright and clear nature of the color. However, you can utilize other colors to create a beautiful sense of style and uniqueness. Whether you want warm colors or cool colors, you have the options. In addition, some LED lighting products can change the color of the lights at the press of a button. Depending on the design you want, this can be an incredibly valuable addition to a design.

The Perfect Light for Visibility

In most cases, LED lights provide the best lighting in terms of visibility. Visibility is one of the key components of a healthy and safe bathroom design. LED lighting emits a very clear and bright light without being too overwhelming. This is the perfect balance to make a bathroom feel accessible and comfortable. When implemented above a vanity or as ceiling lights, it is incredibly effective. It is also great for mirrors. Both wall mirrors and magnifying mirrors are great when LED lighting is implemented in their designs.

LED Lighted Mirrors are Becoming Staple Bathroom Fixtures

Every bathroom needs some type of bathroom mirror. In general, two types of bathroom mirrors are being used in today's bathrooms. First, there is the wall mirror. Wall mirrors are the main type of mirror that every bathroom should have. It is generally mounted above a vanity for everyday use. Second, some bathrooms will have magnifying mirrors. These mirrors have a range of magnifications, ranging from 1x to 10x in most cases. Both of these mirrors offer incredible benefits to a bathroom, especially when they utilize LED lighting.

LED Lighted Wall Mirrors

Mirror Placement - T5 Bathroom Mirror
Mirror Placement - Geometrie Bathroom Mirror

As stated previously, wall mirrors are essential fixtures to have in a bathroom. LED lighted wall mirrors are especially beneficial. This is due to the visibility being added to a standard wall mounted mirror. In general, the LED lights can be implemented in three main areas of the mirror. The lights can be located on the frame of the mirror, on the face of the mirror or behind the mirror. The placement of the lights is mainly aesthetic, but it can also impact the amount of light it produces. For example, a backlit mirror will generally show less light than a mirror with lighting on the face. Both of these options are great options however.

LED Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Much like wall mirrors, magnifying mirrors are very common in today’s bathrooms. Although they are not as required as wall mirrors, they are still incredibly beneficial. LED lighted magnifying mirrors have the ability to give you a clear, close-up reflection. In addition, the lights are great for creating very visible reflections as well. Similarly to a wall mirror, lights can be located on the face or frame of the mirror. Some magnifying mirrors are double sided, so back lighting isn’t as common. LED lighted magnifying mirrors are some of the best fixtures to include in a master bathroom due to the convenience and versatility it offers.

In Conclusion

LED lights provide a plethora of amazing benefits to a bathroom design. Energy efficiency alone is an amazing reason to include them. However, LED lights are much more beneficial once you look at all of the pros of the design. If you are going through a bathroom remodel, LED lights should be your first option to consider.