Round sinks are very popular in many bathroom designs.

Versatility of Round Sinks

Round bathroom sinks are some of the most accessible and easy to incorporate sinks on the market. Round bathroom sinks can come in the form of vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks, undermount sinks and basically all other types of sink styles that you can think of. Because the shape of a round bathroom sink is so basic, it can be used in a variety of different situations. Rounded bathroom sinks offer a number of very rewarding benefits if you choose to include them in your bathroom.

Where They Fit

In most bathrooms, you can put a round bathroom sink just about anywhere. One of the most unique but effective places to incorporate a round bathroom sink in the corner of your bathroom. Rounded bathroom sinks tend to work better than sinks with sharper edges mainly due to the fact that a rounded outside edge simply looks and feels better than a sink with corners.
Small rounded corner sinks are great for compact bathrooms, due to the amount of space they end up saving you as well as the addition of a great design aspect. Rounded sinks can fit well on a flat wall as well, whether it be on a vanity or mounted directly on the wall. Another great consideration for a rounded sink location is in or on top of your vanity. Beautiful round vessel sinks are always great options for a luxury bathroom style, or any other style for that matter. Rounded sinks can fit virtually anywhere in your bathroom design.


Depending on your specific bathroom design, there are a few reasons why a rounded sink will benefit your bathroom. A round sink has rounded edges, so if you have kids in the bathroom, there are no sharp corners that a child could hit their head on. Another benefit of round sink is the soft and comfortable feeling that they radiate. Sometimes sharp corners and edges can be a little too rigid for your bathroom design, and a round bathroom sink can remedy that problem.
Round bathroom sinks are also simply comfortable fixtures to have in your bathroom. They will always be comfortable to the touch, especially if they are made of a high quality material. Round bathroom sinks are very popular, so they are very accessible as well. All of these things make a round bathroom sink one of the best options that you could possibly consider. They have no sharp edges and are the safest sink to have in any bathroom design. In addition, they are some of the most versatile fixtures to include in any bathroom style. Due to this, you will have no trouble finding a round bathroom sink to fit in with your design.


Because round bathroom sinks are so versatile and common, they can be made of a variety of different materials. The most common material you will find is white ceramic. Ceramic is used in many bathroom designs due to how accessible and affordable it is, along with the versatile white coloring. In almost every commercial bathroom, you will find ceramic sinks. This is for two main reasons. First of all, ceramic is extremely durable. It takes a lot to damage this material, so it is one of the most reliable materials to utilize. Secondly, it is very easy to clean. Ceramic is smooth and clean naturally, so it is very easy to clean. This is especially important in a commercial bathroom due to how many people will be using. This is also why durability is important. Keep this in mind if you want a ceramic sink for your bathroom design.
Glass is also a beautiful material to use for a round bathroom sink. Most glass sinks will be vessel sinks so that they can display their beautiful features. If you have a modern luxury bathroom design, a round glass vessel sink could be one of the most beautiful additions you could possibly have. Glass is most of the most stylish materials for a bathroom sink, so it is definitely something to consider. You can also incorporate a cut crystal sink. They are very similar to glass sinks, but have beautiful and intricate cuts on them to make patterns or styles. These are extremely beautiful and very luxurious.
Stone is another great option if you want a beautiful material. Much like glass, you will most commonly find stone sinks in the form of vessel sinks. This is also so they can show off the beauty of the materials used. Stone sinks can be composed of several different types of water friendly stone, giving you several to choose from. These sinks will typically be the most expensive. This is because they are usually hand crafted and quite durable for the price. This is a sink to consider if you have a beautiful natural or rustic bathroom design. Stone is a beautiful natural material with many aesthetic benefits.
Metal is also a great material. This material is generally used in drop-in sinks or bar sinks, but can still be used in a bathroom. The shine that these sinks give off is both beautiful and welcoming. This makes them a great choice for many different designs. Metal drop-in sinks are easy to clean, and if they drop in, very easy to install. All of these materials work in their own unique ways, so take your time to pick the right one for your specific design. Consider a drop-in sink for easy installation and a beautiful centerpiece.

Faucet Pairings

When it comes to round bathroom sinks, the possibilities are essentially endless in regard to the type of faucet you can pair with them. For starters, you can essentially pair any faucet you want with a round sink. However, you need to know which faucet will work best with your specific sink. For example, say you have an undermount sink or a vessel. There are two ways to go. You can either use a deck mounted faucet or a wall mounted faucet. Deck mounted faucets will benefit your sink in two main ways. First, they are incredibly easy to install. They require one to three faucet holes in your counter or on your sink. These faucets are also very easy to operate. They will have one or two levers that can adjust the temperature of the water as well as the pressure.
If you do not want to utilize a deck mounted faucet, you can incorporate a wall mounted faucet. Wall mounted faucets come with a multitude of great benefits that will boost the quality of your bathroom design. First of all, wall mounted faucets are great at saving space. This is because they are mounted on the wall instead of taking up space on the countertop or vanity. These faucets will allow you to incorporate some more vanity accessories to give you some more accessibility in your area. Similarly to deck mounted faucets, wall mounted faucets will have one or two levers to adjust both the temperature and the water pressure.
When it comes to the faucet that you want, it will ultimately come down to your personal preferences. A deck mounted faucet and a wall mounted faucet will both work incredibly well with many round bathroom sinks. Decide which faucet matches the best with your specific design, and implement to create a beautiful sink and faucet combination.

Sink Styles

Essentially any type of bathroom sink can be round. The round shape of these sinks makes them incredibly versatile in many designs. Undermount sinks are perhaps the most common type of sink that you will find in a bathroom. In addition to undermount sinks, vanities with integrated sinks are also very common. These two types of sinks are great for any bathroom design, making them great options for you to consider. Vessel sinks are also very commonly round. These types of sinks are very beautiful and very versatile. The vessel sink will display the material of the sink beautifully, making it a stylish option for your vanity. Semi-recessed sinks are similar, but half the sink is hidden. However, these semi-recessed sinks are still very useful and very beautiful. Essentially any sink will work well if round. You should also consider double sinks. Double sinks are great if you have multiple people using the bathroom. Double sinks are also great for larger bathrooms.

Should You Get a Round Bathroom Sink?

Round bathroom sinks are some of the best sinks to use in a bathroom design. There are several different types of sinks that can utilize this shape effectively. For example, double round bathroom sinks are available for larger bathrooms. It will ultimately come down to what you want in your specific design. For example, if you have a modern bathroom design, consider a ceramic vessel sink. This round sink will highlight some of the best qualities of your vanity area while giving you a very functional piece to your area. Another reason why you might want a round bathroom sink is because of comfort reasons. Round sinks do not have any sharp edges or corners, making them both very safe and very comfortable.
In the end, you should get a round bathroom sink if you are unsure about what you really want. They are safe sinks to incorporate and they have many comfort and stylistic benefits.