Round sinks are very popular in many bathroom designs.

Versatility of Round Sinks

Round bathroom sinks are some of the most accessible and easy to incorporate sinks on the market. Round sinks can come in the form of vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks, undermount sinks and basically all other types of sink styles that you can think of. Because the shape of a round sink is so basic, it can be used in a variety of different situations. Rounded sinks offer a number of very rewarding benefits if you choose to include them in your bathroom.

Where They Fit

In most bathrooms, you can put a round bathroom sink just about anywhere. One of the most unique but effective places to incorporate a round sink in the corner of your bathroom. Rounded bathroom sinks tend to work better than sinks with sharper edges mainly due to the fact that a rounded outside edge simply looks and feels better than a sink with corners. Small rounded corner sinks are great for compact bathrooms, due to the amount of space they end up saving you as well as the addition of a great deign aspect. Rounded sinks can fit well on a flat wall as well, whether it be on a vanity or mounted directly on the wall. Another great consideration for a rounded sink location is in or on top of your vanity. Beautiful round vessel sinks are always great options for a luxury bathroom style, or any other style for that matter. Rounded sinks can fit virtually anywhere in your bathroom design.


Depending on your specific bathroom design, there are a few reasons why a rounded sink will benefit your bathroom. A round sink has rounded edges, so if you have kids in the bathroom, there are no sharp corner that a child could hit their head on. Another benefit of rounded sink is the soft and comfortable feeling that they radiate. Sometimes sharp corners and edges can be a little too rigid for your bathroom design, and a round bathroom sink can remedy that problem.