Smart and stylish, wall mounted vanities have much to offer.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Bathroom vanities are essential pieces to a bathroom design, housing your sink, storing your items and adding a beautiful piece of furniture to the area. Wall mounted sinks are versatile and stylish, encompassing a number of different materials and colors to give you your perfect vanity design.

Free Up Space

One of the most rewarding aspects of wall mounted vanities is the space they create. Being mounted on the wall, you now have space to either store objects under the vanity or keep the area empty, making it easier to clean. Not only will you have space underneath your vanity, but your entire bathroom will look bigger. Because they can be mounted at a preferred height as well as come in many different sizes, you could have a lot of space to store items underneath your vanity. A vanity can also have a large amount of internal storage as well, making it a great fixture for general storage as well. Wall mounted vanities general have either drawers or doors. Drawers will let you organize more effectively while doors will give you a bit more storage space.

Choose from a wide variety of wall mounted vanities:


When it comes to wall mounted fixtures, you generally have much more freedom than fixed or floor mounted fixtures. Wall mounted vanities allow you to mount it at the optimal height for your preferences. Whether you require a tall vanity or a shorter vanity, you have the freedom to place the vanity just the way you want it. Another great thing about the versatility of wall mounted vanities is the sizes. You can find large rectangular vanities or small rounded vanities and every thing in between. You can also find vanities that don't have doors or drawers, but are just sleek and thin vanities that can hold a beautiful vessel sink.

Sink Pairings

An important aspect to always take into consideration when purchasing a wall mounted vanity, is how your desired bathroom sink will pair with it. Different vanities can only accommodate certain sink types, so this is an essential step of the buying process. Some vanities can only incorporate a vessel sink, while others can be much more versatile. For example, if you want an under mount or drop-in sink, make sure your vanity is deep enough to incorporate the one you want. If you are only interested in a vessel sink, you have much more leeway as to what vanity design you can choose. This should be one of the first things to take into consideration due to just how important it is.


Wall mounted vanities are not only versatile and convenient, but they incorporate a trendy modern design as well. For example, because the vanity floats, tile design on your floor is presented more effectively. As for the vanity itself, they can come in several different designs and styles, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Wall mounted vanities, as previously mentioned, can have doors or drawers, both with their own set of benefits. Another design aspect of wall mounted vanities is how you install the sink. Wall mounted vanities can incorporate any type of sink that would be installed on most other vanities. Drop in or under mount sinks are popular options for these types of vanities due to the amount of space they save as well as the beautiful design. Other popular options include a variety of different vessel sinks.


The price of a wall mounted bathroom vanity will vary depending on a number of different things. The first is the material that it is composed of. For example, a vanity made of glass or stone may be more expensive than a vanity made of a common basic wood. Another thing to consider is the size. Most bigger vanities will be more expensive than smaller vanities with some wiggle room depending on material and quality. For a bathroom that needs multiple sinks, a double bathroom vanity will be more practical than buying two separate vanities, which will most likely cost you a bit more money.

Final Note

Wall mounted vanities are effective in improving the look of your bathroom as well as giving you a stylish and convenient vanity to incorporate in your bathroom.