One of the best features of an optimized bathroom is the inclusion of wall mounted accessories. This gives you the opportunity to clear off your surfaces and countertops while still keeping your favorite bathroom accessories available. If you currently have a countertop full of miscellaneous bathroom accessories, this is something that you will definitely want to consider. This guide will go over why you should switch to wall mounted tumblers and soap dispensers as soon as possible.

Why Wall Mounted Tumblers Benefit a Bathroom Design

Why Wall Mounted Tumblers Benefit a Bathroom Design
Why Wall Mounted Tumblers Benefit a Bathroom Design

Tumblers can be some of the most versatile small accessories you can include in your bathroom design. The simple design of a tumbler allows for several different uses and implementations. For example, tumblers have traditional uses. Holding toothbrushes is one of the main uses of tumblers, but other great ideas arise depending on what you plan on using your tumbler for. Tumblers are great for holding essentially any type of small bathroom item. Q-tips, soaps, tongue depressors and other small items can be stored easily in a tumbler.

After knowing this, why does a tumbler need to be wall mounted. First of all, wall mounted tumblers open up the space on your countertop. Of course, this is a great feature to take advantage of if you are working with a smaller space. Even if you already have ample countertop space, a wall mounted tumbler will simply add to the accessibility of the area. In addition, most wall mounted tumblers can be removed from the holder, adding an extra level of convenience as well as a unique and useful bathroom feature.

Different Types of Wall Mounted Tumbler Designs

When it comes to a wall mounted tumbler, various design options are available. Standard wall mounted tumblers will typically be round or rectangular. These two shapes are generally the most effective due to the efficiency and space they offer. Although tumblers are not huge accessories, it is still important to make sure they are optimized on storage space. In some cases, you can also find tumblers in a cone shape for a little bit of a shake up in terms of visual design.

In terms of materials, wall mounted tumblers will typically use two materials. The tumbler itself will feature one type of material, and the holder for the tumbler will oftentimes be different. For example, a popular combination is a glass tumbler with a chrome or stainless steel holder. Another popular combination is a ceramic tumbler with metal holder. Different combinations will bring different design elements to a vanity area.

Why Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Benefit a Bathroom Design

Much like wall mounted tumblers, wall mounted soap dispensers are incredibly beneficial bathroom accessories. However, wall mounted soap dispensers will generally be a much more important item to have. This is mainly due to cleanliness reasons on top of the ability to clear countertop space. A soap dispenser should be included in just about every type of bathroom design. Mounting it next to your sink or vanity area is essential to an optimized bathroom design.

Different Types of Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Materials

Wall mounted soap dispensers are quite versatile in how they are built in terms of both material and design. In addition, many materials can be used that are both clean and beautiful. One of the most common materials used in soap dispensers is glass. A glass soap dispenser combined with a beautiful metal pump is one of the best combinations out there. The glass can be colored with essentially any tone. The pump works brilliantly when utilizing a chrome or gold finish.

Other options are available as well in terms of material. Ceramic is a great option to consider due to the easy integration into a bathroom design. Because most bathroom fixtures are made of ceramic in some sense, it will fit right in. Another great material will be metal. Metal is one of the most reliable and durable materials, especially for a bathroom accessory that will be used on a regular basis.

Hardware Installation Vs. Self-Adhesive Installation

In general, there are two ways to mount wall mounted bathroom accessories. You will most likely have the choice between hardware and self-adhesive. Both of these have their pros and cons. First of all, a hardware installation will be one of the most common that you will encounter. This type of installation is durable, but it may require a bit of small renovation procedures depending on your situation.

Secondly, you can go with a self-adhesive installation. This type of installation is incredibly easy and quick to do. Most self-adhesive bathroom accessories will have a self-adhesive strip mounted on the back of the item. Simply peel off the protective cover and mount the item in the desired location. The surface should be dry before mounting to ensure a strong bond between the accessory and the wall.

Combine Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser and Tumblers in a Set

If you are looking for a convenient way to purchase both of these accessories, consider a bathroom accessory set. A bathroom accessory set can include various useful bathroom accessories, all in one purchase. Bathroom accessory sets will typically include three or four bathroom accessories. With all of the variety available, it is easy to find a bathroom accessory set that includes both a wall mounted tumbler and a wall mounted soap dispenser.