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Lighted bathroom mirrors have built in lighting capabilities that provide visibility and brightness to the area. Lighted wall mirrors are great for increasing bathroom comfort and accessibility. Shop through our collection of lighted bathroom mirrors and enjoy our wide variety of carefully curated bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about lighted bathroom mirrors.

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Lighted bathroom mirrors incorporate LED lighting that is built into the mirror. These Lights can be utilized in the frame of the mirror or incorporated directly on the face of the mirror, along the edge. LED lighting is incredibly efficient and cost effective in the long run. In most lighted bathroom mirrors, the LED lighting will usually never need to be replaced, unless a major accident occurs that affects the quality of the lighting. This LED lighting can be powered by one of two main methods. First of all, lighted bathroom mirrors can be battery powered. This is a convenient choice that allows for a power source independent of any wires or cables.

On the other hand, most lighted bathroom mirrors are hard-wired (connected directly to the power supply). This will allow for a consistent source of power that will not have to be replaced, such as batteries. Lighted Bathroom mirrors are incredibly versatile, while also being some of the most effective types of mirrors available. Most come in either a rectangular or circular shape, with slight variations available as well.

Where Lighting is Implemented on a Lighted Bathroom Mirror

When it comes to where the lighting is actually implemented on a lighted bathroom mirror, there are four main places. First, the lighting can be implemented on the top of the mirror. This allows the light to cover the entirety of the mirror in one single strip of lights. Second, the light can be on the sides of the mirror. This provides the mirror with ample light, while leaving the top of the mirror open for a more full reflection from top to bottom. Thirdly, the light can be backlit or environmental. This lighting comes from the back of the mirror, allowing for the entirety of the mirror face to be visible, with ample lighting coming from behind the mirror to brighten the area. Last, there is perimeter lighting. Perimeter lighting is utilized around the entire perimeter of the mirror.

Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

LED lighting is very cost effective and efficient. It allows for a range of color temperatures and brightnesses as well. LED bulbs are versatile in the sense that they can be integrated directly into your bathroom mirror without having to replace them for quite a long time.

Fluorescent Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Fluorescent lighting is a gas charged type of lighting that produces light through chemical reaction. They use more energy than LED lights and about the same amount of energy as incandescent lights. They can burn out faster than LED bulbs as well.

incandescent Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

As one of the traditional bathroom lighting solutions, incandescent light bulbs are affordable and easy to find. They are often available in many different shapes and designs, but they do not have the efficiency or brightness control of other types of high quality lighting solutions.

Halogen Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Halogen bulbs are longer lasting alternatives to incandescent bulbs. They are not quite as common in bathroom mirrors, but they are used in small lighting appliances and fixtures around the bathroom in some situations.

Powering a Lighted Bathroom Mirror

A lighted bathroom mirror will be powered through one of two ways. The first powering method is a hardwiring power method. This is one of the most reliable and consistent ways to power your lighted bathroom mirror. One thing to note is that once you choose a location for your hardwired lighted bathroom mirror, it will have to stay there. Unless of course, you are okay with reading the hardwiring process in a different location of your bathroom, which can be somewhat difficult depending on your experience.

The second way to power a lighted bathroom mirror is with batteries. Batteries are great for bathroom mirrors that may need to be moved or transported. The portability is not a pressing issue, but it can help in some cases. The biggest downside of batteries is that they will eventually need to be replaced. Depending on the specific mirror, different batteries may be necessary.

Built-In Lights Vs. External Lighting

Lighted bathroom mirrors will typically have lights built into them somehow. These light bulbs will usually be in the form of a light strip or something similar. Built-in lights make it very convenient for mirrors and bathroom vanity areas, as no external lighting is required to light the mirror. Of course, other types of lighting should be present in your area, but built-in lights provide your bathroom mirror with high quality and sufficient lighting.

Not all bathroom mirrors have built-in lights, but all bathroom mirrors should be lighted up in some way. External lighting can be very effective if this is the case for your bathroom mirror. This is commonly implemented in the form of some type of lighting directly above the mirror. There are various ways to do this, so explore your options to find out the best type of lighting for your specific design.

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