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Collection Skyland is an elegant collection of integrated bathroom sinks and luxury floating bathroom consoles.

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Skyland Integrated Bathroom Sinks & Floating Bathroom Consoles

The Skyland Collection is a beautiful range of integrated bathroom sinks and gorgeous matte black vanity consoles. These luxurious integrated bathroom sinks are made in Italy and manufactured using high quality and durable ceramic then finished with a gorgeous glossy white finish. This collection of integrated sinks is available in three sizes and each of the three sizes can be paired with an elegant vanity structure.

Skyland 32133 - 18.9 inches by 18.9 inches, integrated bathroom sink

The Skyland 32133 is the smallest of the three models. This elegant integrated, small bathroom sink is perfectly square and incorporates a round bowl with a faucet hole in the corner. Due to its perfect symmetry, the sink can be rotating in all directions allowing you to place the bathroom faucet in any of the four corners. The Skyland 32133 can be paired with the CP383809T wall-mount bathroom console or used as a drop-in bathroom sink with any countertop or vanity.

Skyland 32137 - 31.7 inches by 18.9 inches, integrated bathroom sink with shelf space

The Skyland 32137 is a medium-size integrated bathroom sink that has a bowl on the right side of the sink and plenty of deck space on the left side of the sink. Paired with the wall-mount structure (Skyland CP388009), the combination provides a significant amount of storage space, counter space and storage. The Skyland 32137 can also be used as a drop in bathroom sink.

Skyland 32138 - 47.4 inches by 19.1 inches, integrated double bathroom sink

The largest of the three models, Skyland 32138, is a 47.4 inch double integrated bathroom sink that is perfect for larger or multi-person use bathrooms. The Skyland 32138 luxury integrated sink is available with faucet holes for each basin, elegantly placed on the upper corners for each basin, or without faucet holes allowing for wall-mount bathroom faucets. This large integrated sink can be paired with the CP484809 floating matte black console unit to create a truly beautiful wall-mount vanity with an integrated sink.

Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Sink Design

A design of a bathroom vanity or bathroom console with an integrated sink is becoming very popular for modern bathroom designs. The design provides an elegant and minimalist look and incorporates counter space and shelf space to create additional functionality. The floating vanity design will make any bathroom look bigger and feel bigger, creating a more comfortable environment.

To truly complete the look of the Skyland Collection, you can pair the integrated console units with a matte black faucet, drain and trap. We suggest the WSBC 53991.22 for the drain, WSBC 53922.22 for the trap, and the Flow T1.10 for the bathroom faucet.

We hope that you enjoy shopping through our integrated bathroom sinks and matte black console vanities from our Skyland Collection. This collection is carefully curated to ensure high-end quality and design. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Skyland Collection on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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