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Ellepi Bathroom Accessories
Picola Bathroom Accessories
Gealuna Bathroom Accessories
Baketo Bathroom Accessories
Skuara Bathroom Accessories
Divo Bathroom Accessories
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Loft Bathroom Accessories
Collection Loft
The elegance of minimalist design
Lea Bathroom Accessories
Collection Lea
Contemporary Bold Design
Mito Bathroom Accessories
Collection Mito
Modernity and warmth

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Saon Bathroom Accessories
Dado Bathroom Accessories
Gerla Bathroom Accessories

Shopping for Luxury Bathroom Accessories & Hardware: A Full Guide

Designing and renovating or building your dream home can be one of life’s most exciting times. In the process, you’re going to have at least one (and possibly many) bathrooms to design and perfect. The average person spends about thirty minutes in the bathroom per day, which makes creating a comfortable and relaxing bathroom. Building a design-forward bathroom will make your bathrooms that much more pleasant.

One of the most important parts of any bathroom design is the bathroom accessories and hardware. When it comes to accessories, quality really matters. Luxury bathroom accessories are built with strong materials that are durable and sure to last with time. These luxurious bath accessories are typically built and designed to withstand temperature changes and typically they are rust-resistant and tarnish-resistant. Considering bathroom condensation and temperature changes are prevalent for any bathroom with a bathtub or a shower, it really is important to have high end bathroom accessories.

Design Matters

When it comes to designer bathroom accessories, quality always comes first, however, design is a close second. The bathroom accessories luxury market attracts some of the industry’s best designers. Luxury bathroom accessories follow the jewelry market very closely and typically behind the jewelry trends by about one year. The trends typically revolve around new finishes and shape designs, specifically how metals are cut or angled. The luxury bathroom hardware trends can also involve trendy or new materials such as the recent trend of recycled materials.

Luxury Bathroom Hardware and Luxury Bathroom Accessories

A common question when it comes to bathroom accessories is whether there is a difference between bathroom hardware and bathroom accessories. The short answer is yes, there is a difference between the two, though, there is a significant overlap between them.

Bathroom accessories is considered a more global category and includes all accessory type items along with hardware items for the bathroom. This includes all bathroom hardware (bathroom hooks, towel bars, toilet paper holders, amongst others), niche or luxurious bathroom accessories such as shower stools and magnifying mirrors, and also tabletop accessories such soap dispensers, soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Bathroom accessories can also include towels, rugs, tissue box holders, luxury shower accessories, amongst many other bathroom essentials.

On the other hand, bathroom hardware only includes the hardware parts of the bathroom. The list of items that are considered bathroom hardware are as follows:

Bathroom Towel Hooks

The most common accessory in the bathroom especially for high end bath accessories is the bathroom towel hook. These elegant items are multi-function holders that are used for towels, robes, glass cleaners, hairdryers, air fresheners and many other bathroom essentials. When you’re shopping for luxurious bath accessories, we definitely recommend including at least a couple of luxury bathroom hooks in each bathroom.

Towel Holders

There are many different options to consider are holding and storing your towels. In most bathrooms, at least one towel holder is included in each bathroom. In larger and more luxurious bathrooms, you may consider a combination of these gorgeous high end bathroom accessories.

  • Towel Bars or towel rods can be single or double rods and are available in many sizes, styles, and finishes. A standard towel bar will typically be between 15 inches to 30 inches, though, they can be much shorter and also much longer.
  • Towel Rings are small, open-designed towel holders that can be square, rectangular, or round. These elegant bath accessories are typically installed close to the bathroom vanity or sink and hold small hand towels. A towel ring is perfect for small bathrooms, guest bathrooms or any bathroom that wants to incorporate luxury bathroom accessory sets.
  • Towel Stands are typically freestanding (though, some luxury models can be wall mount) that can hold multiple towels. These towel stands can be minimalist in design but they do still take some floor space, making them a better option for medium to large bathrooms. Luxury towel stands are an essential part of any high end bathroom.
  • Towel Racks, commonly referred to as hotel towel racks. These high end bath accessories can hold several towels making them very functional and essential accessories for any large bathroom. Not to mention, they look great in any bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holders

Next to a toilet, you will always need a toilet paper holder. You can also use a standard toilet paper holder, which will definitely be functional, however, to really bring out the most out of a bathroom design, you can consider a luxury toilet paper holder or luxury toilet roll holder. These luxurious bath accessories can be horizontal or vertical and can be either single or double holders. Along with the toilet paper holder, you may also like to consider a spare toilet paper holder which can store two or more additional rolls.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves are common for modern bathroom accessories and classical bathroom accessories alike. These accessories help improve the bathroom storage and can significantly improve clutter. The bathroom shelf can be used to keep toiletries off the counters creating a more comfortable bathroom environment.

Grab Bars

For safety reasons, grab bars can be very important bathroom accessories to incorporate into your shower. A grab bar, or safety grab bar, is a durable and heavy-duty bar that is installed either in the shower or by the toilet. This important accessory is designed to hold significant weight and can be grabbed or held onto by anyone to improve a person’s balance or support. In terms of ADA compliant bathroom accessories, a safety grab bar is a must for both shower areas and toilet areas of the bathroom. A luxury grab bar will combine the highest safety features and design.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories Sets

Luxury bathroom hardware sets and luxury bathroom accessories sets can make shopping for your bathroom much simpler and easier. These luxury bath accessory sets will typically include all the essential accessories that you need for your bathroom. Brands make these sets in smaller sets (perfect for guest bathrooms) or much larger sets that are more suitable for a larger bathroom. If you can’t find the perfect luxury bathroom accessories sets that include everything you need then the best way to shop would be through the a la carte model by choosing specific items for a bathroom accessory collection. On Modo Bath, you can shop by a full collection to browse through all matching and corresponding products; this is especially helpful for high end bathroom accessories.

The Bathroom Accessories Luxury

The importance of luxury when it comes to the bathroom cannot be overstated. The time that each individual spends in the bathroom makes the bathroom one of the most important rooms in the home. Incorporating high quality products will help always maximize your comfort in the bathroom and having long-lasting products will help prevent future expenses and hassles of replacing products. Luxury bathroom accessories, similar to jewelry, can also be the centerpoint of any bathroom design and truly bring out the beauty of any bathroom. Both modern bathroom accessories and classical bathroom accessories are available in a wide range of finishes and designs, ensuring that you will definitely find a collection that fits your decor.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories for Commercial Bathrooms

For commercial bathroom accessories or commercial bathroom hardware, you will need to find products that withstand significant use and have the durability to last with time. The need to replace bathroom accessories can be a costly endeavor for any project and choosing the luxury commercial bathroom accessories may be the only way to prevent the consistent need to replace these items. For the most durable accessories, we recommend either solid brass or stainless steel made bathroom accessories. These two materials are extremely strong, durable, long lasting, and reliable. In terms of finishes, both of these materials are considered base materials and can incorporate any outer coating or finish, giving you endless possibilities for your commercial bathroom design.

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