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Find the Perfect Luxury Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are a center point of any kitchen design due to their functionality and design. Used for cooking, washing dishes, cleaning utensils and other general kitchen tasks, kitchen faucets are essential for various reasons. A high quality kitchen faucet will not only make these tasks easier, but it would help complete create a beautiful, harmonized design in the kitchen. Quality is important for a kitchen faucet due to the amount of use it gets on a daily basis as well as the overall design quality of the fixture. Overall, a high quality kitchen faucet is one of the best investments to make and it will last a lifetime.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

One of the most popular types of kitchen faucets is the pull-down kitchen faucet. This type of faucet will give you the mobility and accessibility you need to perform a number of different everyday tasks incredibly easily. Pull-down kitchen faucets utilized a head that can be detached from the faucet and attached to a hose. This hose can be moved around your kitchen sink in order to access all points of the area. In addition, pull-down kitchen faucets are usually on a swivel, making it much easier to reach all spaces. If it does not have a swivel, the hose is still versatile enough to maneuver around the sink well enough. The main feature is that the faucet head is pulled down, and not out.

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

Similar to pull-down kitchen faucets, pull-out kitchen faucets work in extremely similar ways. The main difference is the direction in which the faucet head is pulled. Of course, for a pull-out faucet, the faucet head will be pulled out towards you. Otherwise, these types of faucets will typically function in the same way. One key difference is that pull-out faucets will be able to reach the areas of the sink closest to you. Also, depending on the sink you have, the choice between a pull-down and pull-out faucet can vary. It will also come down to personal preference, so keep that in mind as well.

Single Lever Kitchen Faucets

Single lever kitchen faucets are quite common in kitchens all over the country. This is mainly because of the easy to operate system. A single lever can control both the water pressure and the water temperature. This is great for quick and easy operation, which is a necessity for kitchens that see a lot of work being done in them. Sometimes a minimalist kitchen faucet design is one of the most comfortable and accessible fixtures that can be incorporated into your bathroom design. In addition, more than one lever can possibly get in the way if you have a cramped space. Many kitchen faucets incorporate the single lever operation, so consider it for your next purchase.

Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

A commercial style kitchen faucet will look and operate similarly to a faucet that you might find in a restaurant. These kitchen faucets will generally be easy to operate and have various different features that make tasks simple and easy. For example, commercial style kitchen faucets will generally have some type of sprayer in order to wash dishes effectively. In addition, they are also very flexible and maneuverable. These features are necessary for cleaning dishes or other similar items in large quantities. If you find yourself needing a kitchen faucet that can cover an area effectively and with the greatest of ease, a commercial style kitchen faucet may be the option for you.

Kitchen Faucet With a Sprayer

Another common type of faucet, a kitchen faucet with a sprayer combines the two most important elements of a kitchen faucet in one. First of all, the kitchen faucet itself can incorporate essentially any feature that a kitchen faucet could have. This can include and extendable hose, swivel base, pull-down or pull-out heads and any other possible feature in general. On top of that, this kitchen faucet includes a separate sprayer that can be used to spray anything in your sink or even help to clean the sink in general. This is one of the most versatile types of kitchen faucets on the market today, making it a great choice for any type of kitchen design.

Sensor Kitchen Faucet

For a hands-free approach to a kitchen faucet, consider a sensor kitchen faucet. Sensor kitchen faucets are great at keeping the area as clean as possible, without having the need to get your hands all over the faucet itself. The only downside to a sensor kitchen faucet is that it can be a bit difficult to use in some circumstances. For example, you will have to keep the sensor activated for a long duration if you are washing many dishes or utensils, which means the water may turn off sometimes. This can be remedied with some technical adjustments, so this is also a solid kitchen faucet option to consider.

Kitchen Faucet Design Trends

Matte Black Kitchen Faucets

One of the most popular and trendy finishes for kitchen and bathroom designs across the country is the matte black finish. Matte black radiates a feeling of luxury and quality, making it a perfect choice for a kitchen faucet. In addition, matte black is incredibly versatile in terms of what it can be combined and matched with. Because black is a great neutral color, it can be paired with essentially any kitchen sink design. Many kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel, which matte black can match with incredibly well. Matte black kitchen faucets will bring a new level of comfort and design into any kitchen centered around a modern aesthetic.

Professional Style Faucets

If your current kitchen faucet seems a bit underwhelming in terms of both design and functionality, consider a professional style faucet. A professional style faucet will be a step up in both quality and features included. For example, a traditional kitsch faucet may have a swivel and maybe a sprayer. A professional style kitchen faucet will generally be extremely well designed while incorporating the necessary features needed to maximize effectiveness in the kitchen area. Consider a professional style kitchen faucet if you feel as though your kitchen needs an upgrade in the all around sense.

Modern Style Kitchen Faucets

As the years go on, certain styles go out of style. The kitchen is no exception to this rule, and kitchen faucets may be a great place to start when stepping into a modern design. A modern style kitchen faucet utilizes the trendiest finishes and features, making it great to last in your kitchen design for years to come. Some of the most popular modern finishes include matte black, matte white, stainless steel, glossy black and other similar finishes. Gold is also a beautiful finish to consider for a modern feel with a vintage touch. Many modern style kitchen faucets also come equipped with the most useful features, such as sprayers, hoses and other effective tools. Modern kitchen faucets are highly recommended for any kitchen renovation or upgrade.

New Kitchen Faucet Technology

Home technology is becoming more and more relevant in kitchens today, and kitchen faucets are beginning to utilize some great features in that regard. For example, sensor technology is amazingly useful for a variety of reasons, including both cleanliness and water conservation. In addition, new innovations are coming onto the scene. Voice activation is something that is being included in some new kitchen faucets, which can make your experience much more hands free and easy. Other technological advancements are always being tested in kitchen faucets, so keep an eye out for some kitchen faucet technology that will help improve your overall experience.

Three-Hole Kitchen Faucets

Because many faucets are single-hole faucets, or single-hole faucets with sprayers, a three-hole kitchen faucet can be a great change of pace. Three-hole kitchen faucets bring a more vintage element of design to a kitchen with the inclusion of two levers instead of one. These faucets are great for accentuating the overall area of the kitchen sink space. Three-hole kitchen faucet can utilize some great finishes, such as brass, gold and chrome, giving a kitchen a unique yet comfortable design element. These faucets will take up a bit more space, which is something to consider. However, three-hole faucets are some of the most elegant and beautiful fixtures you can include in your kitchen design.

Important Features of Kitchen Faucets

Swivel Features

One of the most important features of a kitchen faucet is the ability to be set on a swivel. This is a feature that is typically found in most kitchen faucets nowadays, but it is definitely not something to overlook. A swivel will allow the faucet to reach essentially all areas of the kitchen sink. Because kitchen sinks are generally larger than bathroom sinks, it is especially important. Kitchen sinks are used for washing dishes, preparing food and other similar processes, so having a kitchen faucet on a swivel is an incredibly useful feature to have available to you. The mobility and accessibility is essential for maximum efficiency.


A sprayer is an incredibly useful tool for a kitchen faucet to include. Sprayers allow you to utilize a great element of mobility which in turn, let’s you do the things you need to do much easier. Sprayer can be combined with the head of the faucet, which is one of the most common ways for it to be incorporated. You can also find kitchen faucets with separate sprayers, which is great for using your faucet and sprayer separately, but simultaneously. In this day and age, sprayers for kitchen faucets are almost necessary due to how useful they are. Much like a swivel base, a sprayer should be one of the first things to look for when choosing a kitchen faucet for your design.

Solid Base Materials

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the kitchen faucet is the base materials used. Solid base materials are incredibly important for the longevity and functionality of the kitchen faucet itself. One of the most durable and common base materials used is solid brass. Solid brass is also a great material for other kitchen accessories as well, making it easy to match kitchen utensils and accessories with each other. Many kitchen faucets incorporate other materials such as certain plastics as well. Plastic is a great material for the complementary parts of the faucet, but a solid metal base will always be the best way to go in terms of durability and planning for the long run.

Water Pressure

Although water pressure is not entirely dependent on the type of faucet, it does matter in some regard. Kitchen faucets should have an appropriate water pressure to ensure that you are getting the most out of the fixture. A kitchen faucet should also be designed to release water in a comfortable stream that is effective for washing dishes, hands and preparing anything in the kitchen. Water pressure can always be adjusted through several different means, but if the issue is with the faucet itself, consider purchasing a new kitchen faucet that can effectively release water.

Spray Style

The spray style of a kitchen faucet is something that can be important to some people, and less important to others. Spray style can vary depending on the type of kitchen faucet, and whether or not said kitchen faucet has a pull-down or pull-out hose. Most of the time, these kitchen faucets will have an option to switch between a single steady stream of water to a shower-like spray style. Each spray style has its own benefits and drawbacks, so having multiple options available at once is incredibly useful.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Faucets

Comfort is Important

A high quality kitchen faucet should always be comfortable to use. This means it should be easy to operate, experience little to no functional issues and feel comfortable in your hands. A kitchen is a room in the home that is used essentially every single day, so it is crucial to make comfort a priority. In addition to comfort, make sure that the overall aesthetic of the kitchen faucet is to your liking as well. A kitchen faucet should be nice to look at and easy to use, maximizing the overall feeling of comfort that your kitchen can radiate.

Choose an Elegant Design

The way a kitchen faucet looks is not only important for the overall design of the kitchen, but it is important for your personal preferences as well. First, choose a design that you love. You should not have to make compromises in terms of design, so you should be able to find a kitchen faucet that meshes well with your design while looking beautiful on its own. Consider all parts of the faucet, including finish, size and a variety of other design qualities.

Functionality is Key

Perhaps the most important element of a kitchen faucet is the functionality. A kitchen faucet needs to be easy and smooth to operate, making anything you need to use it for a complete breeze. The sprayer should be high quality, the water pressure should be perfect and the swivel should be extremely smooth. Overall, you should have a kitchen faucet that does everything you need it to do. In the end, having a kitchen faucet with more than you need, may be the best way for you to go.

Match it With Your Sink

A kitchen design does not center around just the kitchen faucet, but the combination it makes with the sink. Matching your kitchen faucet with your sink is one of the most important building blocks to creating a cohesive kitchen design. Many kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel, which is very easy to match with other finishes. Choose a kitchen faucet that goes well with your sink in order to build around it and design a beautiful kitchen area.

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