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Shop through our selection of high-end soap dispensers that includes a wide range of free standing and wall mounted luxury soap dispensers and quality models that are built to last for both residential and commercial use. Enjoy our wide variety of carefully curated bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about luxury soap dispensers.

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Find the Perfect Luxury Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers can be an important bathroom accessory that can greatly complement your bathroom design. Whether you are searching for soap dispensers for your own home or for soap dispensers to use for a commercial project, you should find the perfect soap dispenser at By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is provide our customers with various styles of soap dispensers that are both high in quality and suitable for your intended need. The following high-end soap dispenser buying guide should help you narrow your search and decide on the model that is ideal for your project.

Soap Dispenser Styles

Modern Soap Dispensers

Contemporary or modern soap dispensers will feature up-to-date designs, geometry, and finishes. Rectangular soap dispensers that are narrow and tall are amongst the most popular types of modern soap dispensers. The rectangular shape is both elegant and sleek in design and integrates flawlessly in a modern bathroom. Similarly, cylindrical soap dispensers are easy to integrate and also fit very well in a modern themed bathroom. A majority of the bathroom accessories sold today are finished in polished chrome and soap dispensers have followed the same trend. When shopping for modern soap dispensers for your home bathrooms, the main aspects to consider are the design, shape and the finish. Look for a decorative soap dispenser that will match the rest of the bathroom. Choosing a high-end soap dispenser model will ensure the soap dispenser, especially the pump, lasts for a long time.

Vintage Soap Dispensers

A Traditional or vintage soap dispenser is designed with more curvature and generally with more recognizable designs than a modern soap dispenser. It is common for vintage soap dispensers to be made of glass or crystal and incorporate traditional finishes such as polished gold or brass. Vintage soap dispensers will match very well with retro-styled bathrooms that also incorporate classical bathroom fixtures such as solid wood bathroom vanities or a vintage bathroom sink.

Soap Dispenser Applications

Commercial Soap Dispensers

Although design can be an important aspect of a commercial soap dispenser, commercial buyers should generally focus on the quality of the soap dispensers to ensure that it lasts through heavy use. The quality of a soap dispenser pump is determined by the number of pumps before failure; high quality soap dispensers will have a pump that last much longer than one of lower quality. If you are purchasing a soap dispenser for a commercial project, you should consider purchasing a couple of extra spare pumps.

It is also essential to have either wall mounted soap dispensers or built-in dispensers for commercial projects. Free standing soap dispensers are generally not a great option due to the chance of theft. Wall mounted soap dispensers can have several unique features that should be considered such as a lockable compartment and one-hand operation functionality (can be used with only one hand). It is also important to consider that a commercial soap dispenser should be ADA compliant. An ADA compliant soap dispenser must have one-handed operation functionality and the soap dispenser button or piston must require no more than 5 pounds of force to activate. Built-in soap dispensers can also be considered which can be integrated directly in the bathroom countertop and help create a functional and clean design.

Residential Soap Dispensers

When shopping for soap dispensers for your home, you will have various designs, styles and finishes to consider. The criteria does not differ between master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kitchen soap dispensers, or children's bathrooms. We recommend choosing a soap dispenser that works well with your bathroom theme and the overall theme of your home, and also a soap dispenser that will be enjoyable to use and not need to be replaced for a long period of time. The ultimate design will be preference based but whether you are choosing a chrome soap dispenser, a gold model, a crystal dispenser, or any other style, we hope you find the perfect soap dispenser on our website.

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