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Bathroom Sinks

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Our featured & best selling bathroom sink collections combine the highest elements of design, quality and functionality to bring harmony to every bathroom.
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Wall-mount Bathroom Sinks
Seed Luxury Vessel Bathroom Sinks
Luxury Vessel Sinks
Retro Classical Bathroom Sinks
Classical Bathroom Sink
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Unlimited ADA Compliant Luxury Bathroom Sinks
ADA Compliant Bathroom Sinks
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Cosa Italian-made Bathroom Sinks
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Exclusive bathroom sink designs and collections
Semi-recessed Bathroom Sinks
Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sinks
Elegant bathroom sinks that hang above the counter
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Small Bathroom Sinks
Perfect for small bathrooms & powder rooms
Crystal High End Bathroom Sinks
Crystal Bathroom Sinks
High-end, Crystal Glass Bathroom Sinks

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Glamorous Crystal Bathroom Sinks
Cameo Designer Bathroom Sinks
Collection Luxury Bathroom Sinks
Seed Italian Bathroom Sinks
Simple ADA Compliant Bathroom Sinks
Skyland Thin-edge Drop-in Bathroom Sinks
Vision Countertop Bathroom Sinks
Trace Designer Vessel Bathroom Sinks
Energy Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

Shopping for Luxury Bathroom Sinks

Finding the perfect bathroom sink can be very rewarding but simultaneously difficult. A quality bathroom sink (or multiple) should be a part of every bathroom. Quality and durability will ensure longevity, reduce maintenance costs, and may even create a more hygienic bathroom. When you’re shopping for a bathroom sink, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make, some of which will be preferences and others related to the potential limitations such as space, applicable laws when pertaining to commercial bathrooms, and other limiting factors (walls, flooring, existing pipes, etc). Whether you’re deciding between a luxury bathroom sink or a more standard bathroom sink, you’ll have plenty of options.

Bathroom Sink Types

There are many different types of bathroom sink installation types to choose from. Selecting the installation type will typically be the first step in the process. Bathroom sink types include wall mounted bathroom sinks, vessel bathroom sinks, undermount bathroom sinks, pedestal bathroom sinks, console bathroom sinks, amongst many others.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Wall-mount or floating bathroom sinks are installed onto the wall and have an elegant floating appearance. Luxury wall mounted bathroom sinks will incorporate elegant design features such as thin-wall designs and elegant shapes. Both vintage wall mount bathroom sinks and modern models will give a more contemporary and spacious appearance, making this model potentially the most aesthetically pleasing of all the installation types. Wall mount bathroom sinks are also common in commercial bathrooms. Many commercial bathrooms require ADA compliant bathroom sinks, which are typically easiest to achieve by using a wall-mount sink.

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Vessel or countertop bathroom sinks sit on top of a countertop or bathroom vanity. Due to their simplicity, vessel bathroom sinks are the easiest type of sink to create unique designs and shapes. Luxury vessel bathroom sinks, for instance, can have specialty shapes such as hearts, eyes, amongst other very unique and compelling designs. Since they sit on top of the counter, a vessel bathroom sink will quickly catch the eye so when considering this type of installation, we suggest entertaining some of the designer bathroom sinks that are available. Luxurious bathroom vessel sinks are available in essentially every size imaginable and endless colors and finishes.

Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Simple, yet elegant, an undermount bathroom sink is mounted underneath the counter creating a seamless design. Undermount bathroom sinks are amongst the most popular installation types because they are typically paired with bathroom vanities and countertops. Though it is difficult to find a truly luxurious bathroom sink that is undermounted, there are still some intriguing models.Undermount bathroom sinks are considered high-end are typically due to the quality rather than the design, though quality should never be under-appreciated.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

These vintage bathroom sinks are freestanding and elegant pieces of bathroom art. Although there are many modern pedestal bathroom sinks, this installation type is more common for classical bathroom sinks. The classic design allows a designer to create unique shapes in both the pedestal design and the basin which can create a beautifully designed, high end bathroom sink.

Console Bathroom Sinks

Console bathroom sinks are one of the most popular new designs in the luxury bathroom sink market. These console bathroom sinks, also known as console bathroom vanities, combine elements of a bathroom sink and a bathroom vanity. Console bathroom sinks can be either wall mounted or freestanding and are available in both retro-styles and more contemporary styles. Luxury console bathroom sinks seamlessly incorporate additional functionality through horizontal bars that can be used as towel bars, integrated bathroom shelves, and several other creative design elements.

Drop-in, Semi-recessed and Vanity Bathroom Sinks

This group of bathroom sinks is typically grouped together because of their similarities. Drop-in bathroom sinks are similar to vessel bathroom sinks, however, they are dropped into the counter so that only the rim of the sink sits on top of the counter. Similarly semi-recessed bathroom sinks are also dropped into a counter, however, the front apron of the sink also sits in front of the counter. A vanity sink is a bathroom sink that is used primarily with a vanity. Vanity bathroom sinks are a more global category and they can be drop-in, semi-recessed or undermount bathroom sinks. Though, it is important to note that many bathroom vanities have a countertop that allows you to pair the vanity with a vessel bathroom sink.

Commercial Bathroom Sinks

For commercial projects such as offices, airports, restaurants, gyms, amongst many others, considering a high end bathroom sink is always a strong recommendation. Many commercial projects are designed with the customer in mind and this makes design an important element to always consider. However, more importantly for commercial bathroom projects, it’s important to keep the project’s long-term costs reasonable. For commercial bathroom sinks, using a good quality bathroom sink can significantly reduce repair, maintenance and replacement costs over the long term. Moreover, if the bathroom requires ADA compliant bathroom sinks, it’s important to consider the element of durability for the safety of the users.

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