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Shower valves are essential components to a shower system that are used to control water flow and temperature. The shower valve can divert the water to either the shower head or the tub faucet in most cases, if your setup has both. A diverter will control where the water comes from. In addition, shower valves control the temperature of the water that is released from either the shower head or faucet. Hot water will typically come from the left while cold water comes from the right. High quality shower valves will be sturdy, precise and easy to use. If you have a problem with water temperature or water flow, it probably means there is something wrong with the shower valve. With that being said, a high quality shower valve is absolutely essential for a comfortable shower experience.

Types of Shower Valve Trims

Pressure Balancing Shower Valves

One of the most common types of shower valves is the pressure balancing valve. A pressure balancing shower valve features a single control and a handle. Also, there is no change to the pressure of the water. This type of shower valve is very simple in terms of operation. Simply turn the handle to the left for hot water and turn it to the right for cold water. The valve will keep the temperature within a few degrees of the desired temperature. An internal component controls the pressure of the water to keep the flow comfortable.

Diverter Shower Valves

A diverter shower valve is commonly used in bathrooms that utilize a shower and bathtub combination. The diverter featured on the shower valve trim is used to divert the water to either the shower head or the bathtub faucet. This diverter can be a switch, a knob or some type of small mechanism that is easily operated. By pressing or pulling the mechanism, water gets diverted. Two-way and three-way diverter valves are available for your shower system.

Mixing Shower Valves

Although less common nowadays, mixing shower valves are still somewhat relevant in the shower valve industry. Mixing shower valves draw water from both the cold and hot water taps to create a balanced temperature for the water. This is the type of shower valve that, when somebody flushes the toilet using cold water, a surge of hot water comes from the shower head. Mixing valves are not designed to moderate sudden changes in water temperature, which is why this occurs.

Transfer Shower Valves

Transfer shower valves are needed if you plan on having multiple types of shower heads that can flow at the same time. These are typically found in large walk-in showers that have both a standard shower head and a hand shower, for example. Transfer shoer valve trims allow water to flow to all of the fixtures without shutting off the flow of the main shower head. To switch between each fixture, many transfer shower valve trims have a mechanism to do so. This type of shower valve is necessary if you plan on incorporating multiple shower fixtures in your area.

Thermostatic Shower Valves

These types of shower valves have built in temperature adjustment that will automatically adjust the flow of the water based on the temperature. There is generally a temperature dial on the face of the shower valve that will tell you the temperature before actually turning it on. These are seen as some of the most user-friendly and technical shower valves due to the amount of features available. Anti-scald and anti-cold features can be found on newer models to ensure a comfortable water temperature at all times.

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Valve

Choosing a shower valve trim will depend on several very important factors that need to be considered. Because a shower valve is such an important component of a shower system, you need to choose one that fits the correct criteria.

Compatibility - A shower valve must be compatible with the situation you need it for. For example, if you simply have a single shower, a pressure balancing shower valve would be a good option. If you have a large walk-in shower, you may want to consider a transfer shower valve trim. An incompatible shower valve trim will cause major issues in terms of how a shower functions, so it is crucial that everything works together well.

Features - Different shower valve trims will have different features to utilize. Diverter levers, temperature control panels, multiple handles and other features are just some to choose from. Not all features are necessary but some will be important to your situation. For example, in a bathtub and shower combo, a diverter will be needed. Consider similar situations to understand what type of shower valve will be necessary for you.

Temperature Control - The way temperature is controlled with your shower valve is dependent on your preferred functionality. Pressure balancing shower valves control temperature easily while keeping consistent pressure. Thermostatic shower valves tend to be much more precise when it comes to temperature, in addition to additional temperature control features. This is one of the most important factors to consider in terms of comfort.

Visual Aesthetics - In addition to all of the functional necessities and features, you want your shower valve to look luxurious as well. A beautiful design will help tie together the overall look of the shower area. This probably shouldn’t be prioritized when looking for a shower valve, but it is definitely something you should make sure meets your standards.

Shower Valve Trim Trends

Shower valve trims are the decorative visible part of the shower valve. This includes the handle, backplate, diverter and other features of the valve that can be seen. When it comes to the physical design of the shower valve trims, several features are available.

Rectangular Shower Valve Trims

A classic rectangular shape for a shower valve trim is simultaneously one of the trendiest. The simple rectangular shape is very sleek and can fit seamlessly into almost any design. The shape is sleek and sharp, adding a level of style to any modern shower design. In addition, there are no flashy bells and whistles, which is perfect for a more minimalist bathroom design. Various other aspects of a shower design can share the rectangular shape as well, making it easy to create a cohesive shower design aesthetically.

Round Shower Valve Trims

A softer take on the design, a round shower valve is perfect for essentially any scenario. Instead of a sharp stylistic take, round shower valve trims are comfortably shaped and very versatile. Round shower valves are great options for both kids bathrooms and master bathrooms, with such a simple shape being extremely effective. The handles can be round to match the wall plate as well.

Stainless Steel Shower Valve Trims

One of the most popular finishes in bathroom fixtures is stainless steel. Stainless steel offers an elegant finish with a durable surface, making for a great all around finish for your shower valve. In addition, stainless steel is an incredibly durable finish to have, especially on bathroom accessories. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it one of the best options for bathroom fixtures that come in contact with water. Also, it is simply one of the best looking finishes you can find. It will match with essentially any type of shower design you have, making it a safe choice that is also very luxurious.

Polished Chrome Shower Valve Trims

Much like stainless steel, polished chrome is a very elegant finish that also thrives in a bathroom environment. You will typically find polished chrome in faucets, tub fillers, mirrors and many other bathroom fixtures. If it is cared for properly, polished chrome will shine magnificently. That being said, upkeep does not need to be done that often, making it very convenient. It is very easy to match with other elements of the bathroom design, especially your shower. The neutrality of chrome makes it a great piece to incorporate into a shower environment.

Importance of a Shower Valve Trim

A shower valve trim is absolutely essential to a functional shower setup. There are several reasons as to why this is true. First of all, a shower valve is what is used to allow the water to flow to your shower head. If using a diverter, it also allows the water to flow to a faucet. Shower valves are also responsible for controlling the temperature of the water flow. Depending on the specific type of shower valve, temperature can be controlled very effectively and precisely. To sum it up, a shower valve trim is essentially the most important piece of your shower setup. Without it, a shower can not properly function.

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