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Shop through our collection of high-end magnifying mirrors including our led lighted makeup mirrors, wall mounted makeup mirrors and freestanding makeup mirrors, double sided magnifying mirrors, and many other styles. Enjoy our wide variety of carefully curated bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about magnifying mirrors.

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Find the Perfect Luxury Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

Shopping for and finding the perfect magnifying mirror can be a tedious process. The right magnified mirrors will depend on a wide variety of factors that include how you plan to use the magnifying mirror, your bathroom design, lighting in your bathroom and many other factors. Depending on your use, some magnified mirrors features may be necessary. The following guide will help you understand the different features and designs of magnified mirrors.

Magnifying Mirrors Types & Designs

Magnifying face mirrors can be divided into several groups. In its simplest form, these groups can be categorized by the following criteria: Non-lighted or magnifying light mirrors, free standing or wall-mounted, shape, magnification, finishes and styles.

Magnifying Mirrors: Lighted or Non-lighted

Non-lighted Magnifying Mirrors

The most common type of magnifying makeup mirror is a standard, non-lighted magnifying mirror. These mirrors can be inexpensive, though many manufacturers also produce luxury non-lighted cosmetic mirrors. A non-lighted mirror is perfect for any bathroom or bedroom that is already well lit from either natural light or from other bathroom fixtures. Moreover, a free standing non-lighted makeup mirror is very portable and can be moved with ease from room to room. This type of magnifying mirror is available in all sizes, shapes, finishes and designs, and can be very easy to find locally or online. As with all bathroom fixtures, it is, however, important to consider the quality of the products.

Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying lighted mirrors are greatly increasing in popularity mainly due to new technology in LED Lighting, sensors and battery life. Magnifying lighted mirrors provide additional lighting for the bathroom and often times especially in high-end magnifying mirrors, the lights are slightly angled towards the mirror making it easier to apply makeup, shave or to use for any other purpose. There are several different types of magnifying light mirrors to consider such as LED, Incandescent and Fluorescent, however, LED lights have the greatest benefits.

Types of Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

LED Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

LED magnifying light mirrors provide the best lighting from all the lights that are available. LED's lights are also very efficient and the bulbs usually last up to 50,000 hours, which essentially means they should never need to be replaced. Most mirrors manufactured today also feature auto-off technology which will automatically turn off the lights of the mirrors after 10 minutes of inactivity, which increases the lifetime of the lights. Furthermore, LED lights can be dimmable or have a continuously color adjustable feature that allows you to use a light color that is most comfortable for your eyes. Due to their high quality, energy efficiency, and the beautiful light that LED magnifying mirrors produce, these are the most highly recommended types of lighted magnifying mirrors.

Fluorescent Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Fluorescent lighted magnifying mirrors historically have had most of the same benefits as LED lighted magnifying mirrors (energy efficient, long lasting, and beautiful lighting), however, over the last few years they fell behind relatively quickly. Fluorescent lighted magnifying mirrors can be less expensive than LED lighted magnifying mirrors but they are less energy efficient and last between 10,000 to 50,000 hours. On the higher-end, they can last as long as LED lights, however, LED lights are typically twice as energy efficient.

Incandescent Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Incandescent lighted magnifying mirrors are now rarely produced though you may still find some of these mirrors on the market. Incandescent mirrors are the least expensive type of lighted magnifying mirrors, however, they are the least efficient light and will not last as long as LED lighted mirrors or Fluorescent lighted mirrors, which will eventually cost you more in your energy costs and by the eventual need to replace the bulbs or the mirror itself. Two benefits of incandescent lighted magnifying mirrors are that they dim relatively easily and generate high light output, which can be very beneficial for a bathroom that does not have great lighting.

Magnifying Mirrors Mount Types

Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirrors

Wall mounted magnifying mirrors can greatly enhance your bathroom design. Magnifying mirrors are available in a wide range of finishes and designs and can complement your bathroom hardware and accessories. By mounting your magnifying mirror, you preserve space on your bathroom counter creating a more minimalist and comfortable bathroom. Additionally, advanced design techniques can enable you to mount your magnifying mirror inside of your medicine cabinet or bathroom cabinet. Though, if you incorporate this design technique, it is very important to ensure that the mirror can fold in a manner compact enough to fit inside of the closed cabinet.

Installing a Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror

  • Step 1: Determine the area you would like to install the magnifying mirror. Measure the projection from the wall to the area that the main users would be using the magnifying mirror. For example, if you have the magnifying mirror to the right of a bathroom vanity, the mirror should extend out to the front of the bathroom vanity.
  • Step 2: Determine the height of the magnifying mirror. The recommended height is about 5 feet and 6 inches from the floor, however, if taller individuals will be using the mirror predominately, you should consider mounting the mirror higher. Once you determine the height, mark the wall with a pencil.
  • Step 3 (for hardwired magnifying mirrors - if you don't have a hardwired magnifying mirror, you can skip this step): Determine if the mirror has a built-in electrical box or if you will need to install a junction box. At ModoBath, all of our lighted magnifying mirrors have built-in electrical boxes, making them much easier to install. If you need a separate junction box, you will need to cut into the wall and install a junction box inside the wall where the wires will be connected, we recommend hiring a professional for the installation. Once the wires are connected the magnifying mirror should be mounted above the box to cover it completely. For magnifying mirrors with a built-in box, the wires can be connected inside the mirror.
  • Step 4: Install the backplate of the mirror onto the wall using the hardware that is provided. Once the backplate is installed, you can install the magnifying mirror on the backplate and secure it using the Allen screw(s) that are included.
  • Free Standing Magnifying Mirrors

    Free standing or vanity luxury magnifying mirrors or luxury makeup makeup mirrors are also great options especially for bathrooms that you cannot or prefer not to drill into the wall. These luxury magnifying mirrors or luxury makeup mirrors can be perfect for apartment bathrooms and bedrooms. These luxury magnifying mirrors or luxury makeup mirrors can be easily moved so you are not stuck on having it only in your bathroom and can use the mirror in your bedroom, on your bed, or even bring it with you if you are traveling for a long period of time. For short trips, you should consider a travel makeup mirror.

    The technology of LED lights has contributing to significantly improving the utility of vanity magnifying mirrors. Historically, due to the intensive power supply need to operated traditional lights, vanity magnifying mirrors were always non-lighted or plug-in mirrors. LED lights are low-energy lights (though they provide impressive lighting) that can operated at a high level using batteries; these batteries can be rechargeable or standard batteries (AA or AAA). These trendy battery operated vanity mirrors are definitely worth considering.

    Unique Magnifying Face Mirrors Features to Consider

    When shopping for a magnifying mirrors, you are going to come across many different types, designs and features and it is important to decide on the features that are most important to you so that you can narrow your search.

    Double Sided Makeup Mirrors

    A magnifying mirror is going to be either one or two sided. A two sided magnifying mirror will have a mirror on the back side as well as the front. The front side of the mirror will usually have a minimum magnification of 2x (3x and 5x are the most popular) and the back side will be a non-magnified mirror. The magnification will of course help you see more, making the mirror easier to use, however, a side that is not magnified will give you a fuller reflection, which may be a feature you need.

    Makeup Mirrors with Multiple Arms

    For a wall mounted makeup mirror or magnifying mirror, it is important to consider the arm length or projection of the magnifying mirror that you need. Two or more arms will give you more versatility and flexibility and likely make the makeup mirror that is wall mounted more comfortable to use. If you are mounting the mirror next to a vanity, you should ensure that the model you purchase extends far enough above the vanity to use comfortably without leaning.

    Sensor Activated Magnifying Mirrors

    Sensor activated lighted magnifying mirrors can be either touch sensors or facial sensors. Sensor activated mirrors are fairly newer technology and can be great feature to own. Usually the magnifying mirror sensors are used to change the light color, dim the light, and turn the mirror on and off.

    Dimmable and Continuous Color Adjustable Mirrors

    Changing the color or brightness of the light can make the makeup mirror more comfortable on your eyes and easier to use. Continuous color ranges usually have colors that range from a cool white to a warm white or yellow, giving you the ability to use your preferred light color to apply makeup, shave, or for any other cosmetic uses.

    Adjusted Height or Height Adjustable Magnifying Mirrors

    If multiple people will be using the same mirror, a height adjustable feature can be very beneficial. Height adjustable mirrors usually allow you to adjust the height, sometimes up to 10", which makes it more comfortable to use for everyone. Mirror height in a bathroom is always important to consider to maximize the comfort in the bathroom.

    Lighted Magnifying Mirror Wiring Types

    Hardwired Magnifying Mirrors

    Hardwired magnifying mirrors are the best long-term solution for a lighted magnifying mirror. Initially the mirror will need to be wired and installed, which can be costly, however, once the magnifying mirror is installed, it will likely not need any further maintenance. A hardwired magnifying mirror provides the best design by hiding the wire completely and if needed, you can have the mirror controlled by a light switch. If you can't envision replacing your magnifying mirror for a long period of time, then a hardwired magnifying mirror might be your best option.

    Battery Operated Magnifying Mirrors

    Battery operated magnifying mirrors will have lighting that is equal and equivalent to hardwired magnifying mirrors. Similarly, they provide a sleek design due to the lack of wiring. One of the biggest benefits of a battery magnifying mirror is that you can avoid the initial expense of installation associated with a hardwired mirror. Battery magnifying mirrors usually operate with standard AA batteries or a rechargeable battery. If the mirror uses standard batteries, those batteries will likely need to be replaced every 6 months or so. For rechargeable magnifying mirrors, it is important to consider where the mirror will be plugged in. For a free standing makeup mirror, you do not need to plan much but for a wall mounted magnifying mirror, it is important to install the mirror close to a wall socket.

    Plug-in Magnifying Mirrors

    Plug-in makeup mirrors are the simplest of the three choices and also the least expensive. The cable and plug may slightly compromise the design of your bathroom, however, you will not have any upfront cost of the wiring installation associated with a hardwired makeup mirror and you will not need to deal with the battery replacements associated with a battery makeup mirror. If the wire of the mirror does not bother you then a plug-in magnifying mirror is a great option.

    Professional Makeup Mirrors

    If you are an industry professional such as a make-up artist. It is very imperative to choose a magnifying mirror that will enable you to do your best work. Generally, we recommend professional lighted makeup mirrors that are defined by having the best LED lighting (continuously adjustable lighting color is a plus), made of high quality materials to ensure durability with time, and easily moveable or portal so that you can easily adjust the potential of the professional magnifying mirror as needed.

    Determining How Much Magnification your Mirror Needs

    Before deciding on the magnification that you need, it is important to distinguish between high-end makeup mirrors and mirrors of lesser quality. High-end magnifying mirrors or high-end makeup mirrors will have distortion free mirrors and the magnification will be much clearer. Typically a high-end 3x magnifying mirror will look clearer and more magnified than a low-end 5x or 6x mirror. When shopping for magnifying face mirrors or high-end makeup mirrors, look for terminology such as distortion-free which usually indicates the mirror is of higher quality.

    When purchasing a high quality magnifying mirror, the most common magnification is 5x which will provide a clear and very sufficient magnification. The next two most common magnifications are 3x and 7x, which are for consumers looking for a mirror that is either slightly less magnification or slightly greater. Typically for a standard size magnifying mirror without distortions, we do not recommend any magnification higher than 7x as they become too difficult to use. An exception to this rule is if you have any type of eye condition where the additional magnification is necessary and can be useful. Another exception is for small travel magnifying mirrors in which a 10x magnification can be useful due to the compact size of the mirror.

    This shopping guide for magnifying mirrors should help you determine the type of magnifying mirror you need along with all of the important features your magnifying mirror should have. Our range of magnifying mirrors is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom mirrors, fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our magnifying mirrors on

    The Most Popular Magnifying Makeup Mirror Styles to Consider

  • Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are a popular choice amongst shoppers of cosmetic mirrors. A lighted makeup mirror can enhance the user of the fixture and make it easier to apply cosmetics or shave.
  • Hardwired Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are a type of lighted makeup mirror where the wiring is hidden. A wire can be unappealing to some users making this option an excellent design choice for most bathrooms. The one downfall is that you will need to hire a licensed electrician to install the mirror.
  • Battery Operated Magnifying Makeup Mirrors provide the benefit of a lighted cosmetic mirror without the need for installation or the potential unattractive look of having a wire.
  • Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are a common choice for most bathrooms. Counter space can oftentimes be very limited in a bathroom, install the mirror onto the wall can help save some very much needed space.
  • Countertop Magnifying Makeup Mirrors can be portal and easy to move from room to room. Also, a countertop cosmetic mirror will give you the ability to hold and angle the mirror at any desired angle if needed.
  • Chrome Magnifying Makeup Mirrors provide an excellent design with a beautiful and clean, shiny finish. Today, the most popular finish in bathrooms is chrome and using a chrome mirror will surely match the rest of your bathroom fixtures and accessories.
  • Matte Black Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are trendy magnifying mirrors that work will in both modern and classical bathroom designs.
  • Gold Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are excellent choices for high-end, vintage-styled bathroom designs.
  • Round Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are very popular and simply designed to match any bathroom decor. Round magnifying mirrors are the most common shaped cosmetic mirrors on the market.
  • Square Magnifying Makeup Mirrors are gaining significant popularity. The square shape is more modern and provides additional surface area for the mirror.
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