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Shopping for Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom furniture, specifically bathroom vanities, are the centerpiece of most bathrooms and most bathroom design plans begin with the bathroom vanity. Due to the importance of the same and the need to create unique bathroom designs, there are endless bathroom vanity styles available on the market; each of these bathroom vanities brings its own benefits and can truly shape the bathroom’s decor and feel. Luxury bathroom vanities can bring an even more elevated design bringing together quality, comfort and beauty.

Wall Mounted Luxury Bathroom Vanities

If you’re shopping for a luxury bathroom vanity, a floating vanity should definitely be a consideration. These luxurious vanities are mounted onto the wall creating a spacious feel. Whether you are using a modern bathroom vanity or a traditional bathroom vanity, this type of design will give you a fresh, modern look. It will also open up space underneath the vanity, allowing you to show off your elegant tiles or flooring and that same space can be used for small floor bathroom accessories such as a scale.

Luxury Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

Although floating bathroom vanities are increasing in popularity, freestanding bathroom vanities still reign supreme in many aspects. For one, there are endless options of luxury bathroom vanities that are freestanding. Wall mounted bathroom vanities typically have a weight limit (considering they hang on the wall) and as such, if you are looking for the highest end of bathroom vanities such as ones made out of solid wood, you will find a lot more freestanding options. Since these bathroom vanities support their own weight, they will be available in every type of material and style imaginable.

Console Bathroom Vanities

These trendy and luxurious bathroom vanities are replacing many traditional bathroom vanities. Console bathroom vanities are typically luxurious, open designs that include either a metal or ceramic structure and some type of shelving or multi-functional horizontal bars. The design concept of console bathroom vanities is fairly modern, however, you’ll find plenty of modern and classical console bathroom vanities to choose from.

Bathroom Cabinets

Luxury bathroom cabinets are essential for any high-end bathroom. Sufficient cabinetry is an essential to keep your bathroom clean, organized and less cluttered. There are many forms of bathroom cabinets to consider such as medicine cabinets, bathroom columns and storage drawer units. Oftentimes you’ll find bathroom cabinets from the same collection as your bathroom vanity, ensuring a perfect match.

Types of Luxury Bathroom Vanities

The most common types of bathroom vanities with drawers and bathroom vanities with cabinets. Some luxury bathroom vanities combine both elements for adding functionality and utility. When you’re shopping for a high-end bathroom vanity, it’s important to consider the technology of the drawer units; luxury bathroom vanities will always have soft-closing drawers, high quality handles or a modern handleless design, and high quality drawer slides that ensure durability over time. Second to the material of bathroom vanities, the drawer characteristics often separate higher quality bathroom vanities from ones that are of less quality. Luxury bathroom vanities with drawers will typically also include an organizer for a least one of the drawers.

Similarly, for bathroom vanities with cabinets, it’s important to find a vanity with soft-closing hinges to protect the doors from wear and tear over time. For these vanities, the interior shelving and heights of the shelves can be an important deciding factor for the model that you choose.

Shop through our selection of luxury bathroom vanities and bathroom furniture and enjoy shopping through our collections of high-end bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Our range of bathroom vanities is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our bathroom vanities on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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