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The Key Differences Between Public and Private Bathrooms

When you picture a bathroom, you will think of a few things. Toilets, sinks, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures will come to mind. However, it is good to know the differences in the types of bathrooms. Specifically, it is good to know the main differences between public and private bathrooms. There are some several differences […]


How Flooring Can Set the Tone for a Bathroom Theme

High quality bathroom flooring is an incredibly important part of a healthy bathroom design. The way a floor is designed and implemented can make or break a bathroom theme overall. Various different materials can be used to make a bathroom floor. However, in order to create a proper theme, you will have to consider various […]


Best Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate a Bathroom

Decorating a space is an important part of a complete design. Whether it is a bathroom or a living room, decor is a crucial aspect of a comfortable room. When it comes to a bathroom design, one of the main things to consider is finding the perfect balance between decoration and functionality. If too much […]


Design Idea: Install a Magnifying Mirror Inside your Medicine Cabinet

Over the past few years, one of the most unique and efficient bathroom design ideas has been to install a magnifying mirror inside of the medicine cabinet. Not only is this a unique design idea, but it is one of the most effective. Mirrored medicine cabinets combined with a beautiful magnifying mirror will set your […]


Why You Should Immediately Switch to Wall Mounted Tumblers and Soap Dispensers

One of the best features of an optimized bathroom is the inclusion of wall mounted accessories. This gives you the opportunity to clear off your surfaces and countertops while still keeping your favorite bathroom accessories available. If you currently have a countertop full of miscellaneous bathroom accessories, this is something that you will definitely want […]


Adding Grab Bars to Improve Shower Safety

Grab bars are some of the most effective accessories for a bathroom. In addition, they are incredibly easy to include in a design. This is especially true for the shower area. Because a shower will be used essentially every day, it is important that the area is as safe as possible. A simple installation of […]


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