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Shower mats are important to the overall safety, health and design of the shower area as a whole. With the various different shapes and styles, shower mats are some of the best pieces to incorporate. First and foremost, they provide safety and stability to the environment. Aside from that, they add beautiful stylistic elements to the space as well. Both of the components working in tandem with each other create a great bathroom product to consider, no matter what type of overall bathroom design you are going for. High quality shower mats can be used in both indoor and outdoor showers. Depending on the material, size, shape and the various other design elements, shower mats can be implemented in essentially anywhere you want them, not just in a shower.

Types of Shower Mats

Rectangular Shower Mats

A common shape for a shower mat, rectangular shower mats are used in many shower designs. This is due to the space they cover, maximizing the safety and comfort experienced in the shower area. Rectangular shower mats are versatile in the sense that they fit in essentially any standard shower. They are especially common in showers combined with bathtubs, such as alcove bathtubs. These shower/bathtub combinations are common in many bathroom designs, making a rectangular shower mat a perfect fit. Basically any bathtub or shower that has a rectangular design should have a rectangular shower mat. These shower mats can also be placed outside of a shower as an area to step when getting out of the shower to maximize safety.

Square Shower Mats

Very similar to rectangular shower mats, square shower mats can be used in many different shower areas. However, there are a few key differences that should be taken into account. First of all, it is a good rule of thumb to say a shower mat should fit the shape of the shower as closely as possible. Therefore, square shower mats will work the best in a square shower area. This type of shower will generally be a standalone shower, with no bathtub combination. This isn’t always the case, but it will be the case most of the time. Square shower mats work perfectly for the standard size of a square shower will typically reach between 32” and 36” in length and width.

Corner Shower Mats

One of the most versatile shower mat shapes is a corner shower mat. Corner shower mats can be used in essentially any type of shower that has a fitting corner. This will basically include most types of shower designs, square and rectangular alike. Corner shower mats will typically be in somewhat of a triangular shape. The point of the triangle will fit into the corner, while the side opposite the corner will be rounded in most cases. This shape is generally referred to as a “sector”. Corner shower mats differ from rectangular and square shower mats because they can generally only be used in the shower, not outside of it.

Shower Mat Design Trends

Teak Wood Shower Mats

One of the most popular types of shower mats of recent years are teak wood shower mats. Teak wood is a beautiful material in terms of looks, but it is also quite sturdy. Wood shower mats are great design elements in a shower, especially if the shower design features other natural elements. Materials such as stone and other types of wood mesh wonderfully with teak wood shower mats. In terms of functionality, wood shower mats are incredibly beneficial to the shower environment. The wood used in shower mats is made to survive in the wet environment, making it able to last for years without being damaged. Teak wood is commonly used, with other types of wood such as Thermo-Ash and Marine Plywood being very effective as well. Wood also offers some beautiful tones to create a surprisingly stunning and luxurious element of design.

Bamboo Shower Mats

Bamboo shower mats are a more unique take on the typical wood shower mat. These showers are very similar to wood shower mats with some key differences. First of all, bamboo can offer some beautiful textures that other wood shower mats simply can’t. In addition, bamboo does not absorb water and it dries out very quickly. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor showers. For example, a bamboo shower mat is perfect for an outdoor pool shower. Bamboo shower mats are also generally light in weight. This makes them easy transport and places where they are needed. All in all, bamboo shower mats are versatile in both design and functionality.

Rubber Shower Mats

If you are looking for an affordable and easy to find shower mat, a rubber shower mat will be a great choice to consider. Although they are not the highest quality in terms of design or build, they are safe short term solutions. Rubber shower mats can include various features to improve comfort and safety in the shower area. Suction cups can be used to fix the shower mat in one spot, making it more secure for use. In addition, rubber shower mats can also have non-slip surfaces to help prevent any slipping or falling. These shower mats work in essentially any shower due to the sheer variety of shapes and sizes they are available in. Rubber is also very resistant to bacteria, which is a major benefit.

Plastic Shower Mats

Plastic shower mats are generally similar to rubber shower mats, but they lack a few components that make them the optimal choice. The benefits could be quite attractive, however. Plastic bath mats will typically be the most affordable options, making them great for quick fixes or kids bathrooms. In addition, They can vary widely in design to the versatility of the plastic material. Features such as suction cups, different colors and non-slip surfaces can all be implemented in a plastic shower mat to increase physical design and safety. In general plastic bath mats will not be the highest of quality, but they absolutely can serve a purpose in the right situations.

Cleaning a Shower Mat

Although it will constantly be in the shower, a shower mat still needs to be cleaned regularly. Different types of materials will need to be cleaned more often than others. For example, rubber is very resistant to bacteria and mold buildup. Because of this, it doesn’t need to be cleaned all that often. Materials such as teak wood are also very resistant to water, but should be cleaned regularly in order to keep them healthy. No matter what type of material a shower mat is made of, it should be cleaned in order to make the overall area look clean and feel healthy. Bacteria buildup can be extremely detrimental to the shower environment.

Cleaning a Rubber Shower Mat

To clean a shower mat, it will generally depend on the material. A rubber shower mat can be cleaned by hand or in a washing machine. To clean it by hand, start by soaking the rubber shower mat in a solution with diluted bleach. Make sure you are wearing protective gear such as rubber gloves and maybe protective eyewear. Soak the mat for 3-4 hours, then scrub any stains or spots off the mat. After that, remove the rubber shower mat from the solution and hang it up to dry.

Cleaning a Teak Wood Shower Mat

A teak wood shower mat should typically be cleaned about every three months. Apply a liberal amount of water and a bit of soap to the shower mat and scrub it using a soft brush. A brush with bristles too firm could damage the surface. Brush all sides of the shower mat to ensure mildew and bacteria is properly removed. Rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry. You also have the option of Teak cleaner, which is specifically made for teak wood objects.

Cleaning a Bamboo Shower Mat

Bamboo is one of the best materials in terms of shower mats due to the high resistance to bacteria as well as the natural non-slip surface. To clean it, simply wash it with warm water and soap. Rinse it thoroughly with water and let it dry. Applying mineral oil will help to preserve the shower mat if you want to go that route as well.

Cleaning a Plastic Shower Mat

Plastic is not the most resistant material when it comes to harboring bacteria. Clean it about twice every month with a bleach solution. If the plastic bath mat is especially dirty, make the bleach solution stronger. Again, it is important to wear protective gloves and possibly eyewear to keep yourself safe from any accidents.

Choosing the Perfect Shower Mat

When choosing the perfect shower mat, there are several key factors to consider. Safety is a top priority in a shower. This includes physical safety and the cleanliness of the shower mat. A high quality shower mat will be sturdy, well-built, non-slip and easy to clean while being resistant to bacteria. In addition to safety, you should also make sure you purchase a shower mat with a design you love. The design of a shower mat should mesh with the overall theme of your bathroom and the main shower area. Overall, a shower mat is used to promote health, safety and style. When all three of these components are satisfactory to you, you know you have found your personal perfect shower mat.

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