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Find the Perfect Luxury Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders are essential bathroom accessories and need to be included next to every toilet. These essential accessories can be standard toilet paper holders that are just meant to hold a roll of toilet paper or they can be luxury toilet paper holders that have an extra level of design and durability. Every situation will have a different solution for the perfect toilet paper holder. The following list provides details of each type of toilet paper holder and their use-cases.

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

The most common type of toilet paper holder or toilet roll holders are wall mounted models. Wall mounted toilet paper holders are available in a variety of styles and sizes. These are typically excellent options for most bathrooms because they are minimalist, stay out of the way and are easily accessible for the user. Due to their popularity, these accessories, especially luxury toilet paper holders, are available in dozens of finishes, materials, sizes, and styles. Wall mount toilet paper holders include each of the populars types:

  • Single Toilet Paper Holders. These single wall mount toilet roll holders can be spring-loaded, left-facing, or right-facing. Depending on your style preference and design, these types of toilet paper holders will work in every scenario.
  • Double Toilet Paper Holders. These toilet paper holders are excellent because they hold two rolls of toilet paper at the same time. This is especially useful for commercial bathrooms so that you always leave a spare roll.
  • Vertical Toilet Paper Holders. This type of toilet paper is typically considered a luxurious toilet paper holder because of its elegant design. It is less traditional than a horizontal toilet paper holder but it can greatly enhance the design of the bathroom. A vertical toilet paper holder can always be used as a spare toilet paper holder and some models can hold multiple rolls.
  • Toilet Paper Holders with Lids or Flaps. This elegant type of toilet paper holder has a lid that covers the toilet paper roll. This feature hides the toilet paper holder, which can help bring a cleaner look to any bathroom.

Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Recessed toilet paper holders are very common in high-end bathrooms and also commercial bathrooms. Luxury recessed toilet paper holders are amongst the most durable models and their elegant recessed design can bring space-saving benefits to any bathroom. Recessed toilet paper holders are common for commercial bathrooms because the recessed design makes it less likely that the toilet paper holder will get damaged or accidentally ripped off the wall.

Shelf Toilet Paper Holders

This accessory is a multi-functional, modern toilet paper holder. This contemporary design includes a horizontal shelf on the top the accessory that can be used to hold a phone or any other small accessory, while multi-functioning as a toilet paper holder.

Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders

If you’re searching for a luxury toilet paper holder then look no further than a freestanding toilet paper holder. Freestanding toilet paper holders can be a true fixture and design staple for any bathroom. The elegant and luxurious design can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and for many models, it can be a multi-purpose accessory. Many luxury toilet paper holders that are freestanding are also combined with toilet brush holders or small guest towel holders.

Spare Toilet Paper Holders

Spare or reverse toilet paper holders can be either freestanding or wall mounted. These toilet paper holders are meant to hold additional or spare rolls of toilet paper holders. Spare toilet paper holders are available in many different types of materials such as metal, rattan, ceramic and plastic. If you’re looking for a truly unique, luxury toilet paper holder, we suggest considering either a rattan toilet paper holder or a vertical spare toilet paper holder.

Tank-Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

For bathrooms that are very limited on space, tank-mounted toilet paper holders provide an excellent option. These toilet paper holders are installed underneath the hood of a toilet's tank and hang along the side of the toilet paper holder. Typically, these are basic designs meant for functionality and utility only.

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