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Find the Perfect Luxury Laundry Baskets

High-end laundry baskets are a true luxury to have for any home. A luxury laundry basket combines elements of design and quality to an otherwise standard home essential. Including a high-end hamper in your bedroom, laundry room or bathroom can help complement the design of the room and can act as an additional piece of decorative furniture. In some cases, some luxury laundry baskets can also combine as stools. When shopping for a luxury laundry basket, usually the most important criteria will be the material.

Leather Laundry Baskets

For luxurious home complements, leather laundry baskets are a very popular choice. Leather laundry baskets are durable, water resistant, scratch resistant and soft. These features make these luxurious laundry hampers comfortable to use, easy to move and not to mention elegant to look at. Leather laundry baskets are available in many colors such as black, dark brown, gray and many others. Also, leather laundry baskets can vary in style. For a classical leather laundry basket, you may find the Vintage collection to be an excellent choice. For a more modern leather laundry basket, you can choose from several of our collections including Ecopelle, Perle and Vela. These modern laundry baskets are available in two sizes and many beautiful modern finishes. We also offer matching leather wastebaskets that can create a truly beautiful set.

Metal Laundry Baskets

High-end metal laundry baskets are durable, strong and bold. These beautiful laundry baskets are typically available in various metallic finishes such as polished chrome and polished stainless steel and can perfectly match the hardware of most bathrooms and homes. Luxury metal laundry baskets are typically much heavier than other laundry baskets, making them a little less portable. Though, they will always include a removable liner so you really should not have the need to move these beautiful metal hampers.

Rattan Laundry Baskets

Rattan laundry baskets can bring a natural look to any room that you use them in. Rattan is a strong, yet lightweight, stain resistant, and weather resistant material making it an excellent material for a laundry basket. The natural beauty and longevity of luxury rattan laundry hampers make them an ideal choice for luxurious designs.

Laundry Baskets for Commercial Projects

For commercial settings such as gym bathrooms, locker rooms, spa and saunas, it is always recommended that you invest in durable and high end quality laundry baskets. With significant use, a standard laundry basket may not be able to withstand the wear and tear and will often need to be replaced. On the contrary, high-end laundry baskets should always withstand the test of time, remain durable and undamaged, and stay clean over prolonged and continuous use. For commercial projects, longevity of the products may be one of the most important characteristics and though the price may be higher for durable laundry baskets, it will usually always be worth it. For luxury projects and ones where a customer’s comfort is very important (such as spas, saunas, massage parlors, and gyms), the importance of design of the fixtures and the complements are important for customer satisfaction and retention.

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