Free Standing Sinks & Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Free Standing & Pedestal Bathroom Sinks are elegant in design and excellent fixtures to enhance a modern or vintage bathroom design. Shop through our collection of freestanding pedestal bathroom sinks and enjoy our wide variety of carefully curated bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about freestanding bathroom sinks.

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Find the Perfect Luxury Free Standing Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Free Standing & Pedestal Bathroom Sinks can provide significant design and utility to the bathroom. Freestanding bathroom sinks include pedestal bathroom sinks, console bathroom sinks, and one piece free standing bathroom sinks. Pedestal bathroom sinks can oftentimes be beautifully designed and can resemble sculptures; these beautiful designs can be important fixtures especially for vintage and classical bathrooms. On the other hand console bathroom sinks are not only beautiful pieces but they also provide additional utility. Many console bathroom sinks have stands that can be used as towel rails and other console sinks may have additional side towel rails or a shelf component on the bottom. These features can provide additional storage space and free up often times much needed space in most bathrooms. The last type of free standing bathroom sinks are one-piece sinks which are amongst the highest-end designs for bathroom sinks. These sinks are completely one piece and can have either floor drainage or a standard wall drainage. These sinks are popular in luxury bathroom designs.

Which Freestanding Bathroom Sink is Right for You?

Free standing sinks bathroom designs can be amongst the most compelling and elegant styles. When you use a free standing or stand alone sink, it will surely be the centerpiece of the bathroom and accordingly, it’s important to choose the one that works best for your design and usage.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Pedestal sinks are the most common type of bathroom sink and the most traditional. Although these are becoming a little less popular with time, they are still commonly used in guest bathrooms and powder rooms. When considering a pedestal bathroom sink, it’s important to note that these sinks do not include any storage space. However, despite the lack of storage space, they are still very practical to use. For powder rooms in the home, storage space is usually not needed so it usually does not pose much of a limitation to use a pedestal sink. The main benefit of this type of sink is that it does not need to be installed/ mounted onto the wall (though, we do usually recommend attaching pedestal sinks to the wall for added balance and security) and they’re available in a wide variety of styles and sizes ranging from small pedestal bathroom sinks (15-16” wide) to very large trough style pedestal sinks that can be up to 60” wide. Moreover, if you have a traditional bathroom, some of the most elegant vintage bathroom sinks are the retro-style or vintage pedestal bathroom sinks that are available in the market.

Console Bathroom Sinks

Contemporary and modern console bathroom sinks are becoming increasingly popular. Console bathroom sinks also have the nice benefit of not having to be mounted onto the wall and they also provide storage space in the form of shelves or drawers (depending on the design) and can have added features such as side towel bars or hooks. These features can help keep your bathroom much less cluttered and improve the utility of the bathroom. For console bathroom sinks that have a shelf or drawer unit as well as an integrated towel bar, it makes all toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials available in arms-reach, greatly increasing the comfort of the bathroom.

One-piece Freestanding Bathroom Sinks

Stand alone sinks or freestanding bathroom sinks can truly be works of art. Freestanding bathroom sinks are typically monoblock designs and may have the option of either wall or floor drainage. The designs are typically artistic in nature and if you are looking for a truly stunning design, this type of stand alone sink is definitely the way to go.

Bathroom Vanity with Sink

A bathroom vanity with sink or sink vanity unit has similar benefits to a console bathroom sink, however, will have more of a closed design. Console bathroom sinks are typically open underneath the sink, which can have great design benefits. Bathroom vanities with sinks, however, are typically closed units either with drawers, doors or a combination of both. A bathroom vanity with a sink will provide a significant amount of storage space for the bathroom and will allow you to keep all your bathroom essentials out of sight.

Shop through our collection of high-end Freestanding & Pedestal Bathroom Sinks and enjoy shopping through our collections of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Our range of Free Standing Pedestal Bathroom Sinks is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Free Standing & Pedestal Bathroom Sinks on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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