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Matte Black Bathroom Accessories

Find the Perfect Luxury Matte Black Bathroom Accessories

If you are looking to add a trendy style to your bathroom, you should definitely consider matte incorporating black bathroom accessories or matte black bathroom hardware. The matte black finish has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s beautiful and subtle design makes this gorgeous finish match with all types of bathrooms. Whether you are designing a modern bathroom or a traditional one, matte black bathroom accessory sets will always fit into the design and add a truly gorgeous touch.

Aside from design, matte black bathroom accessories have many benefits. They are easy to clean (though you should never use anything abrasive), they offer a warm, soft and comfortable feel, and they pair well with white and most other designs. When incorporating matte black into your bathroom, you can either buy specific pieces of hardware (detailed below) or buy a complete matte black bathroom accessory set (which can include all the items that you need for a specific bathroom). In addition to the matte black bathroom hardware and/or accessories, you should find a matching matte black bathroom faucet.

Types of Matte Black Bathroom Accessories

So you’ve decided to incorporate matte black bathroom accessories into your bathroom. Now you’ll need to decide which exact items you need. The following list briefly describes each of the items that you will need to consider.

Matte Black Bathroom Accessory Sets

Buying a full accessory set will always make your life easier. These bathroom accessory sets typically include a towel bar, a set of bathroom hooks and a toilet paper holder; of course, each of those items will be from the same collection and perfectly matching. Accessory sets or matte black bathroom hardware sets may also include towel racks, soap dispensers, soap dishes and a matte black magnifying mirror. Brands will offer different types of sets and combinations, so shop around to find a matte black bathroom accessory set that perfectly matches your needs.

Matte Black Bathroom Hooks

The simplest, yet, probably the most essential element of a bathroom, matte black bathroom hooks are tiny pieces of hardware that can be mounted almost anywhere in the bathroom. Yet, the functionality cannot be understated. These matte black hooks can be used for towels, robes, glass wipers, cleaning supplies and many other things. It’s no wonder that these bathroom hooks are also referred to as matte black towel hooks or matte black robe hooks by many people.

Matte Black Towel Bars

For most bathrooms, you will need at least one towel bar to hold your towels. These matte black towel bars can be used for guest hand towels or larger towels. When shopping for a matte black towel bar, make sure you measure your bathroom accurately so you can choose the perfect size towel bar and also consider whether you will need a double towel bar or just a standard single bar.

Matte Black Towel Rings

These beautiful pieces of matte black bathroom hardware are perfect for guest towels. Matte black towel rings can be mounted next to a sink or vanity to provide convenient and easy access to a small hand towel.

Matte Black Toilet Paper Holders

Essential for every bathroom, toilet paper holders will always be needed next to a toilet. These can be standard items that are used solely to hold toilet paper or you can add some touch and design to these functional pieces by considering a gorgeous, luxury matte black toilet paper holder.

Matte Black Soap Dispensers, Tumblers and Soap Dishes

Most bathrooms will have at least one of the following: a soap dispenser, tumbler or soap dish; though many have all three. Depending on the bathroom type and the number of people using the bathroom, you should consider incorporating these into your bathroom. Most users have started to prefer matte black soap dispensers instead of soap dishes, though matte black tumblers (or tumblers in general) are essential for any home bathroom aside from guest bathrooms and powder rooms.

Matte Black Towel Racks

Towel racks are beautiful items to add to your bathroom if you have the space. Luxury matte black towel racks are beautifully designed pieces of hardware and can hold several towels.

Matte Black Magnifying Mirrors

A luxury matte black magnifying mirror can be used in your bathroom or bedroom. Magnifying mirrors are important bathroom staples for all cosmetic, shaving and makeup needs. Using a matte black makeup mirror will surely bring an added design element to the bathroom or bedroom.

When to Use Matte Black Bathroom Accessories

We recommend using matte black bathroom accessories when you are designing a bathroom that is either modern, trendy or classical. For modern or trendy bathrooms, you can pair the matte black bathroom accessories with white fixtures to create an open, trendy and comfortable feel. For classical bathroom designs, you can pair the matte black bathroom accessories with gold, brass or bronze elements to create a luxurious and elegant bathroom.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our matte black bathroom accessories, matte black bathroom accessory sets and matte black bathroom hardware on Our range of matte black bathroom accessories is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations.

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