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How Deep Should a Bathroom Sink Be

Bathroom Sinks Sinks are essential for any bathroom design. With beautiful design elements, sturdy builds and quality functionality, a bathroom sink can add a lot to your bathroom design. Aside from those aspects, bathroom sink measurements are also one of the most important things to consider. Sink measurements depend on the size of your vanity […]


The Vintage Bathroom Design and Why It Works

The Vintage Design A vintage bathroom design can be one of the most beautiful and comfortable designs that you can implement in your bathroom. A vintage design offers a traditional style along with a number of beautiful fixtures and accessories. With stylish materials, finishes and design features, a vintage bathroom design could be the perfect […]


10 Things Every Bathroom Needs

Bathroom Vanity One of the most important pieces of your bathroom design is the vanity. A vanity is where you will be spending a majority of your time in the bathroom for a number of reasons. For example, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, applying makeup and shaving are just a few of the activities […]


How to incorporate a Small Bathroom Sink with a Cabinet

Small Bathroom Sink With a Cabinet A small bathroom sink is a compact way to include a quality sink into your bathroom design. There are many ways to include a small sink in your bathroom, but one of the most beautiful ways is with the inclusion of a cabinet in the design. This can be […]


Shopping for Bathroom Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

Bathroom Accessories A bathroom can’t function properly without the inclusion of bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are essential for your bathroom in terms of both comfort and accessibility. If you aren’t sure which accessories you need in your bathroom, below is a list of the accessories that will make your bathroom design complete and functional. Towel […]


Bathroom Trends of 2019

Incorporate some of the most beautiful bathroom trends into your bathroom design. Matte Black One of the most popular up-and-coming design trends for bathrooms in 2019 is the inclusion of the matte black finish. The reason why this finish is so popular this year is due to the increasingly popular modern bathroom design design. The […]


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Matte finishes have been on the rise in recent years and are breaking through in modern design. https://t.co/9GlVUJvXUV #modobath #bathroom #matte #finish #design

Bathroom decor is a must for a beautiful bathroom design. https://t.co/rXofgmjRU5 #modobath #design #bathroom #decor

Comfort is key when designing your luxury bathroom. https://t.co/mP33OI7KSU #modobath #bathroom #comfort #luxury

Including culturally inspired features in your bathroom can add comfort and beauty to your bathroom. https://t.co/ei1SXXtKxp #modobath #design #bathroom #culture

Shopping for Bathroom Accessories: The Ultimate Guide https://t.co/8ZzHiuKA8e #modobath #bathroom #design #accessories

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