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Find the Perfect Luxury Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Wall mounted bathroom sinks provide an elegant, minimalist design to any bathroom. Mounting your bathroom sink directly onto the wall can help save valuable space in your bathroom by opening up the space underneath the sink. Although a bathroom vanity can provide cabinets and drawers for storage purposes, it also tends to be quite bulky. Wall mount bathroom sinks, sometimes also referred to as floating bathroom sinks, are very versatile and available in many shapes, sizes, materials, designs and configurations.

Is a Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink Right For You?

Wall-mount bathroom sinks provide a sleek, space-saving design that will surely enhance the overall appearance and feel of any bathroom. For residential projects, wall-mount bathroom sinks should strongly be considered for guest bathrooms or powder rooms. These bathrooms tend to be smaller and incorporating a small or medium sized wall mounted bathroom sink will make the bathroom feel bigger and more comfortable.

For commercial projects, such as offices, restaurants, retail stores and any other similar projects, a wall-mounted bathroom sink may be a requirement for the project. Many commercial projects require bathrooms to be ADA compliant which means that the bathroom will require either a wall mounted bathroom sink or a wall mounted counter with an undermount or vessel bathroom sink. If an ADA compliant bathroom sink is not required, considering a floating bathroom sink will still provide the same benefits as mentioned above for residential projects; increasing the bathroom space, design and comfort.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink Designs & Styles

The most common type of wall mount bathroom sinks are ceramic, rectangular shaped bathroom sinks. These sinks are commonly used in both commercial and residential bathrooms. Their sleek design is easy to incorporate into most bathrooms and they are typically highly configurable. These bathroom sinks are usually available without faucet holes or with up to three or more faucet holes giving you the ability to use a wall mounted bathroom faucet, a deck mounted faucet or a widespread faucet. Furthermore, a faucet hole can be configured to be used as a soap dispenser hole, which provides both an elegant and utilitarian design especially for commercial settings such as a restaurant bathroom or any other public bathroom.

Depending on your bathroom design, you could also consider U-shaped bathroom sinks, oval sinks, corner sinks or specialty shaped bathroom sinks such as the Zetta bathroom sink by WS Bath Collections. Although the most common sink material is ceramic, which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, floating bathroom sinks are also available in metal, glass, solid surface, along with many other materials. Recently, ceramic colored bathroom sinks in colors such as matte black and matte white have gained popularity.

Today, there are ten of thousands of wall-mounted bathroom sinks available on the market, ranging in style from modern and contemporary to classical and wall mounted vintage sinks/ vintage wall sinks. For all bathroom styles, designs, shapes and themes, there is a wall mounted bathroom sink that will work perfectly for you. Determining the exact size, features, shape, color, style and price range will help you filter through the large range of wall mounted vessel sinks/ wall mount vessel sinks that are available online. If you have any local bathroom retailers and showrooms, it is also worth visiting the showroom to learn about the different styles and see some different options visually.

The space-saving benefits along with the design of a modern wall mount sink are two of the biggest reasons to consider incorporating this type of sink in your design. To get the most out of the design, a decorative trap can be used rather than a PVC pipe. Furthermore, to maximize the space underneath the sink, you could also incorporate a space-saving decorative trap which will usually retract towards the wall parallel with the bottom of the sink then angle down towards the wall to connect to the piping.

How to Install a Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

Wall mounted bathroom sinks have become much easier to install over the last decade. Most of the bathroom sinks on the market have done away with the old bracket system of installing a sink, which was not only more difficult to install but was also not the most pleasant design. The new wall mounted bathroom sinks are now installed with a bolt and nut system. The bolts are drilled into the wall supported by a minimum of 2x6 wall supports. The sink is then attached to the supports and secured with the support nuts. This method of mounting bathroom sinks has made the installation much easier to handle for DIYers and professionals, alike.

Commercial Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

For commercial projects, it can oftentimes be a requirement to have an ADA compliant bathroom. Although undermount bathroom sinks can be ADA compliant, they need to be installed in a counter, which can become very costly. Accordingly, using a wall mounted ADA compliant bathroom sink is usually the most cost effective manner for the sink to meet ADA compliance. Most bathroom sink collections are available in multiple sizes. This makes it highly likely that you will find the exact size you need from the design you choose to use in your project.

Shop our selection of wall mounted bathroom sinks and enjoy shopping through our collections of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Our range of wall mounted bathroom sinks is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern wall mount sinks, bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our wall mount and floating bathroom sinks on ModoBath.com.

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