Vision Countertop Bathroom Sinks

The Vision Collection features a beautiful assortment of luxury vessel and countertop bathroom sinks.

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Vision Countertop Bathroom Sinks | Luxury Vessel Bathroom Sinks

The Vision Collection by WS Bath Collections is a gorgeous collection of countertop bathroom sinks. This elegant vessel bathroom sink collections feature a wide array of models available in various shapes, sizes and finishes. These sinks are perfect to pair with any bathroom vanity or countertop and their versatility makes them great options for any style bathroom, modern or classical.

Vision Countertop Bathroom Sinks - The Shapes

The Vision Collection is available in several shapes: rectangular, round, and specialty shapes that are rectangular with rounded corners. The core rectangular models are the Vision 6042, Vision 6050 and Vision 6075. These models are all the same style differing only by their size. The Vision 6042 is the smallest of the three models and measures at 16.5 inches by 10.6”. The Vision 6075 is the largest, measuring at 29.5 inches by 14.2 inches. The 6050 is in the middle of the two sizes and measures 19.7 inches by 14.2 inches. All three models are 4.3 inches high, feature elegant thin walls, and available in four finishes (glossy white, matte white, glossy black and matte black). The Vision countertop bathroom sinks also include a beautiful perfectly square countertop bathroom sink (Vision 6440).

The round countertop ceramic bathroom sinks from the Vision Collection include the Vision 6342 and Vision 16342. Both models are perfectly round and are 16.5 inches in diameter. The differentiating feature between the two models is the faucet hole. The Vision 6342 does not have a faucet hole creating more space for the basin. For the Vision 6342, you can either use a wall-mount bathroom faucet or mount the faucet in the countertop or vanity. The Vision 16342 includes a back-deck with a faucet hole. The back-deck creates some additional space that can be used for a tumbler, soap dish, soap dispenser or anything other small bathroom accessory. You will need to use a single-hole bathroom faucet for the Vision 16342.

Lastly, the Vision includes several models with an elegant and modern unique shape; the Vision 16260, Vision 16270, Vision 6260, and Vision 6290 countertop bathroom sinks have a rectangular shape with perfectly round corners, creating an elegant and modern countertop bathroom sink. The Vision 16260 and Vision 16270 differ only by size and have a small deck that accommodates a single-hole bathroom faucet; this gorgeous design maximizes the basin size for these ceramic sinks. Similarly, the Vision 6260 and 6290 vessel sinks differ only by size. These models do not have a faucet hole, so you’ll need to either mount the bathroom faucet onto the wall or install one into the countertop.

Vision Countertop Bathroom Sinks - The Finishes

All of the Vision ceramic bathroom sinks are available in an elegant glossy white finish. This beautiful glossy white finish matches very well with any bathroom color or decor. Three of the models (Vision 6042, Vision 6050, and 6075) are also available in several other beautiful finishes including a gorgeous glossy black finish, the trendy matte black finish, and an elegant matte white finish.

We hope that you enjoy shopping through our range of vessel and countertop bathroom sinks from our Vision Collection. This collection is carefully curated to ensure high-end quality and design. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Vision Collection on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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