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Find the Perfect Luxury Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is an integral part of any home’s bathroom. Bathroom vanities provide the functionality of the bathroom sink coupled with storage space that creates a comfortable bathroom set-up. Typically bathroom vanities are installed in houses, apartments and condominiums and less common in hotel bathrooms and commercial projects. Since these integral bathroom fixtures are installed in homes, it’s important to consider luxury bathroom vanities, models that combine quality, design and functionality. Upscale bathroom vanities are available in a multitude of styles, shapes, finishes and dimensions. When you’re shopping for a vanity, it’s important to understand the different types of vanities available and the important characteristics to consider.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating or wall mounted bathroom vanities are installed onto the wall and provide an elegant, contemporary floating design. The space-saving design of a floating bathroom vanity can be very aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the comfort and space of any bathroom. Wall mounted bathroom vanities also give you the ability to mount the vanity at any height, helping accommodate situations where you may need it higher or lower. Luxury wall mounted bathroom vanities can truly be an essential part of perfecting your bathroom decor.

Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

Freestanding bathroom vanities are practical designs due to the availability of thousands of styles as well as the simplicity of their installation. Freestanding bathroom vanities can be bathroom vanities that sit fully on the floor or models that have four legs. There are also partially freestanding bathroom vanities in which the vanity is installed onto the wall but the vanity itself has either two or four legs that add additional stability and a design aspect. Luxury freestanding bathroom vanities are typically made of high quality materials and incorporate luxurious designs and features.

Console Bathroom Vanities

Console bathroom vanities are high end bathroom vanities that have an open design. Thes modern bathroom vanities typically have integrated sinks and a frame or console that is made of either metal, wood, or ceramic. Some of the upscale bathroom vanity consoles have multi-functional bars that act as supports for the console and also as towel holders. Other luxurious bathroom vanity designs may incorporate high-end bathroom shelves or cabinets as part of the console vanity.

Styles to Consider for Luxury Bathroom Vanities

There are many styles to consider when you’re shopping for a bathroom vanity, however, typically the two main groups are vintage bathroom vanities and modern bathroom vanities. Vintage style bathroom vanities are also referred to as retro, classic or traditional bathroom vanities. These classical bathroom vanities incorporate classical or old-age designs elements and help create truly remarkable and elegant bathroom environments. It is common for vintage bathroom vanities to be made out of real wood (especially dark-tone woods) and incorporate classic finishes such as gold, bronze and brass.

Modern or contemporary bathroom vanities are typically made out of MDF and incorporate more modern colors such as glossy white, anthracite, natural light wood finishes and other similarly modern colors. Modern bathroom vanities typically incorporate modern finishes such as polished chrome in the structure’s hardware such as for handles and in the legs of freestanding bathroom vanities.

Within the two major styles of bathroom vanities, there are many other styles to consider such as transitional, simple and rustic. Beyond the style, there are numerous varieties of bathroom vanities you will need to consider. For luxury bathroom vanities, some of the most popular options are double bathroom vanities, two drawer bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity sets that may include cabinetry and wall mirrors.

Double Bathroom Vanities

Double bathroom vanities are excellent for master bathrooms and any type of bathroom that may be used simultaneously by two people. Double bathroom vanity has two bathroom sinks and typically two sets of storage units (either drawers, cabinets or both). Large double bathroom vanities may even have additional shared storage space between the two sides of the vanities. Luxury double sink bathroom vanities will typically feature an abundance of storage, beautiful designs and high-end quality basins.

Small Bathroom Vanities

For a small bathroom, a small bathroom vanity is typically an excellent solution. Small bathroom vanities can be corner bathroom vanities, small wall mount bathroom vanities, or small floating vanities. Maximizing the usable space and storage space of a small bathroom is typically one of the toughest design problems, and incorporating a small bathroom vanity is more often than not, the perfect solution.

Bathroom Vanity Base Units

When you’re installing a designer bathroom vanity, you may find that it's important for the bathroom design to also include a luxury bathroom sink. Bathroom vanity base units are typically sold without a top allowing you to use a countertop of your choice (being either a custom countertop or one designed for a specific vanity). By using a countertop that does not have a built-in sink, you’ll be able to install the sink of your choice creating unimaginable and unique bathroom vanity designs.

We hope you enjoy shopping through our luxury bathroom vanities on Our range of high-end bathroom vanities includes a full line of wall mounted bathroom vanities, freestanding bathroom vanities, and console bathroom vanities. Our goal is to offer the latest trends and designs to provide our customers with high quality bathroom fixtures that will exceed your expectations. If you need any help with your project or have any questions about our bathroom vanities, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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