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Find the Perfect Luxury Shower Heads

In any bathroom that has a shower, a high quality shower head is incredibly important. The quality of your shower head will determine a large part of the overall comfort and accessibility of your shower design. Shower heads are generally used in residential bathrooms, such as any home bathroom design, especially a master bathroom. However, shower heads are necessary in some commercial spaces as well. For example, gyms require high quality shower heads for frequent use by gym goers all throughout the day. No matter the situation, a shower head can make or break a shower area’s overall quality, so it is important to incorporate the right size, design and preference in the bathroom design in question.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads vs Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Our shower heads are available in a multitude of different designs, giving you plenty of quality options to choose from for your specific project. A good place to start when shopping for a shower head, is knowing what mounting style your bathroom requires or what you prefer. In general, there are two main types of mounting styles for a shower head. Wall mounted shower heads are very common in bathrooms all over the country, due to the versatility of the fixtures. Wall mounted shower heads can often be precisely positioned due to the ability to be set on a pivot. Ceiling mounted shower heads offer a luxury factor of bringing a rain style shower head into a design, if that is something you prefer. The main difference between the two is the direction the water is released from the shower head. Wall mounted shower heads will spray water from an angle, while ceiling mounted shower heads will typically have the wall spraying straight down in most cases.

Shower Head Shapes

In terms of physical design, shower heads are generally shaped in a circular or rectangular fashion. There are no significant differences between these two shapes other than what you personally prefer. Though both wall mounted shower heads and ceiling mounted shower heads can be both circular or rectangular, wall mounted shower heads are usually circular and ceiling mounted shower heads are usually rectangular. Again, it will ultimately depend on the specific model.

Best Shower Head Finishes

Our shower heads utilize a series of beautiful finishes that fit seamlessly into various different situations. Chrome is one of the most versatile finishes for not only shower heads, but your other shower accessories as well. This makes it very easy to match your shower head with your shower baskets and grab bars, among other possible accessories you may want to include. Most of our shower heads are made of a solid brass base, with the complementing materials used in certain other areas of the fixtures.

Installing a shower head is a process that should be done carefully and safely. Below are the necessary steps that you need to take in order to properly mount your shower head in your bathroom design.

Installing Just a Shower Head

  • Remove your current shower head, assuming you have already not done so. This process will vary depending on what type of shower head you have, so take the necessary steps for your specific situation. Make sure that your water is turned off.
  • Once the shower head is removed, prepare to install your new shower head. If you are simply replacing the shower head, screw the new one on to the shower arm. Before screwing on your shower head, you may need to apply some teflon tape on the threads of the shower arm, in order to prevent leaks.
  • Hand tighten your new shower head on to the shower arm. Hold the shower arm in place securely during this process in order to prevent an accidental shifting of the shower arm. Most shower heads are universal in terms of installation on a shower arm.
  • Turn your water back on and then turn your shower on. Check for leaks to ensure your shower head is installed securely and safely.
  • Installing a Shower Head With an Shower Arm

  • Remove your current shower arm. This process will vary depending on what type of shower head you have, so take the necessary steps for your specific situation. Make sure that your water is turned off. You do not have to remove the shower head from the shower arm, but you can if you are more comfortable with the process that way.
  • Slide the new flange on your shower arm. The flange is the metal ring shaped cover that rests against the wall. Put teflon tape on the threads of the shower arm to prevent leaks. Make sure the tape is on both sides of the shower arm.
  • Tighten the shower arm so it is snug. This can be done with your hands, or with some sort of tool. The shower arm should be mounted straight while still being secure.
  • Hand tighten your new shower head on to the shower arm. Hold the shower arm in place securely during this process in order to prevent an accidental shifting of the shower arm. Most shower heads are universal in terms of installation on a shower arm.
  • Shower Head Trends to Consider

    Chrome Shower Heads - Chrome shower heads are incredibly beautiful bathroom fixtures to include in any shower area. The chrome finish is very versatile, being able to fit in a variety of different color schemes and designs. In addition, chrome is also quite durable, lasting in a shower design for years to come. Match your chrome shower head with other chrome shower accessories to create a cohesive shower area.

    Rectangular Shower Heads - Rectangular shower heads offer a modern design element to your shower area. These shower heads have a unique spray style and can often be found as rain style shower heads and hand showers.

    Round Shower Heads - Round shower heads are versatile and common fixtures that can be included in any bathroom design. They can be used as wall mounted shower heads and rain style shower heads, making it easy to fit one in essentially any shower design.

    Pivot Shower Heads - commonly found in many residential and commercial showers alike, pivot shower heads allow you to perfectly position your shower head essentially any way you want. This is great for people who are different heights using the same shower. Pivot shower heads are generally mounted to the wall.

    Wall Mounted Shower Heads - Wall mounted shower heads are some of the most common types of shower heads due to how easy they are to incorporate. These shower heads are generally affordable and vast in terms of different designs.

    Rain Shower Heads - Rain shower heads are luxurious in terms of spray style and design. These types of shower heads are typically found in master bathrooms, walk-in showers and other medium to large shower spaces, with a few exceptions. Rain shower heads are generally mounted on the ceiling with some models able to be mounted from the wall.

    Important Things to Remember About Shower Heads

  • Shower Heads are Universal - Essentially every shower head can fit on your shower arm, given that it is coming from your wall or ceiling. The national pipe thread standard is ½” making it easy to replace a shower head easily and quickly. However, this can vary, so it is important to check the thread size of the shower head before your purchase.
  • Most Shower Heads are Adjustable - In many cases, a shower head will be able to be positioned in a preferred position. Rain style shower heads will usually be installed in a fixed position, but there are exceptions here. Pivot shower heads are common in bathrooms, both commercial and residential.
  • Keep Up With Cleanliness - Because shower heads will be used essentially every day, it is important to maintain them regularly. Make sure your shower head is clean and functioning properly. On average, a shower head should be replaced at least once a year.
  • A Good Shower Head Saves Money - Although you may think your current shower is working fine, it may be costing you money. An upgrade to your shower head can save you money on your water and energy bills, so if you’ve had your current shower head for a while, consider purchasing a new one.
  • Cost of Replacing a Shower Head - The cost of replacing a shower head will only cost the price of a shower head and some teflon tape, if you do not already have some. Replacing a shower head is a quick and easy process, so you won’t typically need to hire somebody for assistance.
  • Shop through our selection of shower heads and enjoy shopping through our collections of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Our range of shower heads carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our shower heads on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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