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Find the Perfect Luxury Hand Showers

Hand showers offer the benefit of versatility and maneuverability in a shower design. This can obviously be very important for certain situations. Because hand showers are typically used for personal bathrooms, they will generally work the best in residential bathroom designs. Hand showers can be used in essentially any type of bathroom design, but there are a few situations in which they are especially effective and useful. For example, any bathroom that requires special accessibility features may benefit greatly from a hand shower. This might be any bathroom that is built for certain physical disabilities. On the other hand, they are all around great showers for comfortable spaces.

Hand Shower Designs

Our hand showers are available in several different designs that can fit in several scenarios effectively. For starters, hand showers can typically have a rectangular sprayer or a round sprayer. The sprayer you choose will ultimately come down to your personal preferences. Rectangular sprayers will usually spray in a wider fashion, but it will be in a thinner straight line. Round sprayers will spray in a round fashion. Both of these sprayers are incredibly effective, and one is not necessarily better than the other in terms of functionality.

Hand showers will also have hoses that allow the shower to be detached from the holder. All hand showers will have these hoses with some being different lengths than others. All of the hoses will give you enough to work with so that you will be able to bring the hand shower anywhere you need it. In addition, some hand showers also have options in terms of spray pressure and style. This is an amazing feature that hand showers have that are used to further increase the comfort they bring into a shower design.

Best Hand Shower Finishes

Hand showers, like other types of shower systems and shower heads, utilize a series of elegant finishes. Chrome is a finish that is commonly used in shower hardware, both in elements of the shower itself as well as shower accessories. In addition, if chrome is used as the main based finish, it is common to see hand showers with different colored handles and even shower heads. White and black are very common colors due to the neutral design that will fit well in essentially any bathroom design.

Installing a Hand Shower

Depending on what type of hand shower you are working with, installing a hand shower is a process that may take longer than simply installing a standard shower head. Below are the necessary steps that you need to take in order to properly mount your hand shower in your bathroom design.

  • Turn off your water and prepare the area for the installation. Make sure the area is dry and make sure the drain hole is covered with a towel so you do not lose any pieces of hardware, such as screws.
  • If paired with a diverter, screw on the diverter until it is snug on the threads. Wrap the threads with teflon tape to prevent leaks and create a secure seal.
  • Drill the holes where the hand shower system will be mounted. These holes will be where the hand shower bracket will be installed, so measure the distance the screws should be apart from each other. Measure several times to ensure the specifications are perfect before installation.
  • Attach the hose of the hand shower. Wrap the threads of the hose with teflon tape and screw it securely to the shower head as well as the shower arm.
  • Attach the mounting bracket with the screws included with the hand shower. Snugly secure the screws to the bracket to ensure the hand shower does not move out of place.
  • Turn the water on to see if everything is functional. Check to see if there are any leaks or issues. If there are any leaks, locate the issue and address it immediately.
  • Benefits of Hand Showers

    Hand Showers Offer Maneuverability

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of hand showers is how they can be held maneuvered for maximum accessibility. Hand showers have a hose, which is typically about 47 inches depending on the specific hand shower in question. Due to this, hand showers work great in both small and large shower designs.

    Hand Showers are Easy to Use

    Because they are so easy to maneuver and fit comfortably in the hand, hand showers are incredibly easy to use. Whether it is in a master bathroom or a kids bathroom, hand showers can be easily operated by anyone who needs to use it.

    Several Available Spray Patterns

    Hand showers come in a variety of different designs that utilize a number of different spray patterns. Rectangular and round spray patterns are the most common because they match the shape of the shower head. However, there are variations in spray shape, size and other variables that affect the spray patterns of other hand showers.

    Hand Shower are Great for Pets

    If you have any pets, a hand shower setup will be perfect for them as well. Hand showers allow you to fully clean your pet without even having to move them or struggle to get them in the right position. Having a shower setup that works for everybody, as well as pets, is perfect for any home design, especially smaller ones with only one or two showers.

    Hand Shower Trends to Consider

    Black Hand Showers - Black hand showers offer a beautiful and modern design element to a shower design. These hand showers can be completely black or simply have parts of them utilize the black color. Black handles, black shower heads and black accents are all great options to consider.

    Chrome Hand Showers - Because chrome is such a versatile finish, it can be implemented amazingly in a hand shower. Chrome allows you to match your hand shower with other accessories in your shower design, such as shower baskets.

    White Hand Showers - Much like black hand showers, white hand showers utilize their colors in many elegant fashions. Whether the white is used in the entirety of the hand shower or used as smaller accents, the neutral white color offers a magnificent design aspect to the shower area as a whole.

    Rectangular Hand Showers - Rectangular hand showers present a nice change of pace from the traditional round shape that is used in most shower heads. Rectangular shower heads are great for modern bathroom design due to the sharp and sleek look. In addition, the rectangular spray pattern is an elegant look and feel, resembling somewhat of a rain shower head style.

    Round Hand Showers - It is impossible to go wrong with a round hand shower. Round showers are very common in bathrooms around the country due to the basic yet beautiful design. Never going out of style, round hand showers are great trends to get on board with.

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