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Find the Perfect Luxury Bathroom Faucets

A luxury bathroom faucet is absolutely essential in any functioning bathroom design. Because it is such an important and heavily used bathroom fixture, quality is of the utmost importance. In addition to high build quality, a luxury bathroom faucet should also be designed perfectly to fit into your specific bathroom project. There are a plethora of beautiful finishes and materials that are used in bathroom faucets today, so there is without a doubt, a faucet perfect for your specific needs. Bathroom faucets can also come equipped with a variety of functions and features designed to increase the overall performance of the fixture, and in turn, the quality of your bathroom sink and vanity area. By choosing a high quality faucet, you will be incorporating an extremely impactful bathroom fixture into your design.

Types of Bathroom Faucets

Deck Mounted Bathroom Faucets

One of the most common types of faucets, used in both commercial and residential bathroom spaces, is the deck mounted faucet. Deck mounted faucets are extremely versatile in terms of what types of sinks they can be used with because they can be mounted on the vanity countertop or directly onto the sink. If mounted on to the countertop, a number of holes will have to be drilled. If mounted on a sink, the same can be said. However, many bathroom sinks are available with holes already drilled, making it easy to change your faucet out easily. Deck mounted faucets work perfectly with wall mounted sinks, vessel sinks, semi-recessed sinks and essentially any other bathroom sink that has the ability to incorporate faucet holes. In addition, any sink that is built into a vanity can typically utilize a deck mounted faucet as well. Deck mounted faucets can have one to three holes for installation.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets

A great way to open up countertop space while incorporating a minimalist feature into your design, wall mounted faucets are excellent bathroom fixtures. Wall mounted bathroom faucets are mounted on a wall or vertical surface, with the plumbing being installed behind the wall or surface. This installation will be a bit more difficult than a traditional deck mounted faucet, so it is important to contact a professional for assistance if you do not have prior experience or training. Wall mounted faucets are extremely versatile, being able to work with essentially any type of bathroom sink due to the fact that the sink and faucet are independent from one another. When pairing your wall mounted faucet with a sink, the sink does not need any faucet holes, but the faucet spout should be mounted on the wall about six inches above the bottom of the basin of the sink. A common design concept for these floating faucets is to pair it with a wall mount bathroom sink or a vessel bathroom sink that is sitting on-top of a vanity or countertop.

Floor Standing Bathroom Faucets

Although not as common as deck mounted faucets or wall mounted faucets, floor standing faucets are incredibly useful in many situations. Typically used in larger master bathrooms, floor standing faucets can be used in bathroom sinks as well as bathtubs. When used with a bathroom sink, floor standing faucets are generally used with pedestal or free standing bathroom sinks. In certain situations, the can also be used with other types of bathroom sinks, such as wall mounted bathroom sinks. Floor standing faucets are incredibly useful for freestanding bathtubs as well. It is important to mention that the faucets for bathtubs and sinks are not interchangeable, and you should make sure you get the proper type of faucet for your specific situation. Installing this type of faucet can be a difficult task, so it is important to consult a professional if you do not have prior experience with this particular process.

Bathroom Faucet Design Trends

Sensor Bathroom Faucets

One of the best ways to keep your vanity area clean, is the inclusion of a sensor bathroom faucet. This is also incredibly useful for keeping the faucet clean as well. A sensor faucet is especially useful in bathrooms that are used by multiple people. This can be any commercial bathroom design that sees heavy traffic, but it can also include residential bathrooms used by two or more people. These faucets are incredibly common in commercial bathrooms due to their high effectiveness in terms of efficiency and cleanliness. In general, sensor faucets can be either battery operated or hardwired, utilizing some type of sensor technology to sense the presence of one’s hands and dispense water accordingly. Sensor faucets do not have any type of lever that can adjust water temperature or pressure, but they can be set to preferred pressures and temperatures ahead of time.

Battery Operated Bathroom Faucets

Battery operated faucets are very convenient bathroom fixtures in terms of both efficiency and functionality. For battery operated faucets, each model will typically vary somewhat. Each one might take different types of batteries as well as different amounts of batteries. In general, you will not have to replace the batteries in a battery operated faucet for six months to a year. This will depend on the type and amount of batteries used in the faucet. These faucets are available in both sensor and touch variants. Sensor battery operated faucets are great for a hands free experience. Touch faucets are great as well, being a convenient and easy to operate bathroom fixture to consider.

Low Pressure Bathroom Faucets

Although low pressure might seem unappealing, low pressure bathroom faucets are incredibly effective for saving water and helping out the environment. By utilizing a low water pressure, this type of faucet is extremely efficient at conserving water, ensuring the waste factor is reduced as much as possible. In addition, the low pressure is even preferable to some people who think it is more comfortable and relaxing than a standard or high pressure water stream. Low pressure faucets are available in single lever, two lever, sensor and touch variants among others, giving you plenty of options to consider before you make a final purchase. This faucet is one to consider if you are focused on water conservation above other issues.

Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

One of the most visually aesthetic and trendy finishes for bathroom fixtures over the past several years is matte black. A matte black bathroom faucet can be an incredibly elegant bathroom fixture to incorporate into your design, and it can be available in several forms. For example, matte black faucets can incorporate the finish in the entire faucet or just in certain areas. Some matte black faucets can have either matte black spouts or matte black handles, or sometimes both. Matte black can be paired with a plethora of different materials and finishes as well, making it very easy to pair your matte black faucet with essentially any type of bathroom sink; pairing it will a black bathroom sink can be a truly striking, harmonized design. Matte black and white is a great combination to consider, since most bathroom sinks come in white anyway. In addition, matte black faucets can come in any type of installation type or design, making them easy to incorporate into any bathroom theme or design.

Waterfall Spout Bathroom Faucets

For premium or luxury look to a bathroom design, consider a waterfall spout faucet. This type of faucet is amazingly luxurious, with a high end aesthetic that can make your bathroom shine. A waterfall spout faucet also has a very comfortable flow of water that is soft on the hands. These faucets are typically single lever, but there are other variations available as well. Waterfall spouts also add a sense of relaxation and serenity that works incredibly well for sap bathroom design. These faucets are typically used with bathroom sinks and not bathtubs, because the flow of water is typically very gentle. This isn’t to say that the water pressure is low, it just is not as effective at filling a bathtub as it is for being used with a bathroom sink. This is a great bathroom faucet for both residential and commercial bathroom designs.

Important Features of Bathroom Faucets

Faucet Size

The size of your faucet will depend on a number of different factors. First of all, the size of your faucet will highly depend on what it is being used for. Of course, faucets used for a sink will be much smaller than faucets being used for a bathtub. However, it also depends on the size of your bathroom vanity area. You should generally avoid faucets that are excessively large. Choose a bathroom faucet that is large enough to maximize comfort but small enough that it will not take up an excessive amount of space. This is especially important for double bathroom vanities or similar situations. You should also consider the width of your faucet, which could vary depending on the number of levers or handles.

Sensor Technology

One of the most appealing features to look for in bathroom fixtures is the incorporation of sensor technology. In a bathroom faucet, sensor technology will bring several benefits into a bathroom design. First of all, it allows a hands-free activation to the faucet. This will end up helping with cleanliness for both your faucet as well as the surrounding bathroom sink and vanity area. In addition, sensor technology is also very energy efficient. The sensor will spot the water from coming out of the spout, giving you almost the exact amount of water you need for whatever you may be using it for. This type of feature is incredibly effective for bathrooms that see heavy traffic, such as many commercial bathroom areas.

Installation Type

The way a faucet is installed is absolutely crucial to consider before you make a final purchase. As mentioned previously, the three main types of installation are wall mounted, deck mounted and floor standing. Each of these installation can have different features that will allow the faucet to perform slightly different functions. For example, deck mounted faucets may be able to have a swivel feature. Other types of installation may be able to have features that are impossible for other types to incorporate. In general, you should always be looking for different features that each installation method offers.

Water Flow

Different types of faucets will release water in different ways. One of the most common types of water flows is a straight down water flow, typically with a filter that keeps the water straight and smooth. Other faucets could have a waterfall style flow, which is very elegant and relaxing in most bathroom situations. Being able to easily control the temperature and water pressure is also something very important to consider as well. Overall, the type of water flow is incredibly important for comfort levels, so it is important to consider it before choosing your bathroom faucets.

Ease of Use

Above all else, your faucet should be comfortable and easy to use. This is perhaps the most important element to consider because over time, some faucets could start to get harder to use due to various reasons. The most common reason for this is because of wear. The more a faucet is used, the more issues it has. A high quality bathroom faucet will be easy to use not only immediately, but for years to come. When shopping for a bathroom faucet, read some reviews, visit a showroom to test it out and do anything you can to determine which faucet will be the best for your specific needs.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet

Choose the Right Finish

A bathroom faucet will generally be one of the fixtures you decide on after you have a sink or vanity picked out. If you already have your sink picked out, choose a faucet that goes well with the design of the sink. For example, a white bathroom sink will go well with many different finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and a variety of other designs. On the other hand, your sink might be colored or metallic. These sinks pair well with matching faucet colors or neutral colors. Take your time to find a bathroom faucet that incorporates a great finish that meshes with the area beautifully.

Choose a Durable Material

Much like a high quality finish, a durable base material is extremely important. One of the best base materials used in bathroom faucets is solid brass. Solid brass is one of the most common materials in not only bathroom faucets, but other bathroom fixtures and accessories as well. Because solid brass is so durable and reliable, it will be used in the majority of faucets on the market. Stainless steel is another commonly used metal, as well as other types of strong, water resistant metals. Plastic is typically used in certain areas of a faucet as well, but usually not as a base material.

Choose the Right Installation Method

Before you purchase your bathroom faucet, it is absolutely necessary to know what type of faucet your sink or countertop will be able to accommodate. Some sinks will have either one, two or three faucet holes, so you need to match the number of holes in your sink with the number of holes a faucet requires. More holes can be drilled in order to accommodate certain faucets, which is also something to remember. For wall mounted faucets, you need to make sure that the plumbing situation is in order and able to accommodate it appropriately. Each faucet will be slightly different, so make sure you choose the correct installation type for your specific situation.

Get the Right Features

Depending on the bathroom in which the faucet will be used, your faucet will need to have certain features. For example, commercial bathroom designs should generally try to incorporate a sensor faucet. This is especially effective for limiting the spread of germs due to the large amount of traffic that these bathrooms typically see. In residential bathroom projects, there is a bit more freedom as to what features are necessary. In general, any bathroom faucet used in a residential bathroom can have whatever features match up with your personal preference.

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