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Shower baskets and shower caddies are some of the most important bathroom accessories in terms of your shower design. Shower baskets are great for storing items in your shower design, such as shampoo, soaps and other similar shower items. Shower caddies are perfect for keeping your items organized while simultaneously acting as a mode of transportation for those same items. Both of these accessories should be included in your design in order to keep your items organized, accessible and easy to use.

Benefits of Shower Baskets

Shower Baskets Help with Organization

Shower baskets are incredibly effective when it comes to organizing each of your shower items for easy accessibility. Often, shampoos and soaps are scattered on shelves or even countertops, making them hard to locate and reach in most cases. Shower baskets will immediately solve this problem, keeping your items together but separate. Shower baskets are essential for maximizing comfort and accessibility in a shower areas.

Multiple Tiers are Available to Fit your Needs and Design Perfectly

Shower baskets will typically be available in three tiers. These are single shower baskets, two-tier shower baskets and three-tier shower baskets. Depending on the size and scale of your shower are, you may need to consider multiple shower baskets with multiple tiers. The more tiers a shower basket has, the easier it will be to incorporate the items you need. If you have a small shower, consider a shower basket with multiple tiers due to the lack of extra space.

Shower Baskets Can be Mounted in Several Ways

Different showers may be able to accommodate different types of mounting methods. In addition, different installations will be preferred by different individuals. Showers baskets will typically have three different ways to be mounted in a bathroom. There are hardware installations, self-adhesive installations and hanging installation. All of these mounting methods are stable and secure.

Beautiful Bathroom Design Element

Aside from being magnificent functional bathroom accessories, shower baskets are also beautiful elements of design in a shower area. The various shapes, sizes and designs of shower baskets give you plenty of options to choose from for your specific area. In addition, there are several different elegant finishes used in shower baskets to go along with several different design themes.

Versatile Positioning

Not all showers are shaped exactly the same, so it is important to have a shower basket that fit perfectly in the area. Shower baskets can be mounted on a flat surface, in a corner or even hung over a shower door. In addition, they can be mounted at essentially any height that you want. Although there are recommended heights and positions for a shower basket, you will ultimately get to decide where your shower basket will be.

Types of Shower Baskets

  • Single Shower Baskets - Single tier shower baskets feature one basket to hold your shower items. These shower baskets are great for smaller showers used by one single person. In addition, they can also be very useful in larger showers when used in sets. Each person can have a dedicated shower basket, making organization and accessibility increasingly efficient.
  • Two-Tier Shower Baskets - Two-tier shower baskets combine the storage capacity of larger shower baskets with the small enough design to fit in essentially any shower area. If your shower is used by two people, both individuals have their own basket. These shower baskets will work in essentially any shower design due to the versatility they offer.
  • Three-Tier Shower Baskets - The largest of the shower baskets in terms of height, three-tier shower baskets feature three shower baskets used to hold any items you might need. These shower baskets are generally used in the larger bathroom designs that require storage for many items.
  • Corner Shower Baskets - Corner shower baskets can have any amount of tiers, but will only work in the corner of a shower. These shower baskets are great for small showers that struggle with space, but should also be considered for larger designs as well.
  • Installing a Shower Basket with Hardware

  • Step 1: Choose a flat and smooth location for which your self-adhesive shower basket will be mounted on. Make sure that you mark the spot on your wall or surface, ensuring that the shower basket will be mounted in a level position.
  • Step 2: Clean or wipe the surface with an appropriate cloth or cleaning material, to ensure that there will be no issues with mounting the hardware safely and securely.
  • Step 3: Once the surface is clean, mark with a pencil where you will need to drill for the mounting hardware. Use the mounting bracket to perfectly align and mark where you will need to drill holes for the screws. When doing this, use a level to ensure that your shower basket will be mounted perfectly straight. Drill the holes with an appropriate sized drill bit.
  • Step 4: Place your wall mounted shower basket on the wall, with the holes on the mounting bracket aligned with the holes that you just drilled on your wall or surface. Use the screws provided to mount your wall mounted shower basket on to the wall.
  • Installing a Self-Adhesive Shower Basket

  • Step 1: Choose a flat and smooth location for which your self-adhesive shower basket will be mounted on. Make sure that you mark the spot on your wall or surface, ensuring that the shower basket will be mounted in a level position.
  • Step 2: Clean or wipe the surface with an appropriate cloth or cleaning material, to ensure that the adhesive attached directly to the surface.
  • Step 3: Once the surface is clean, remove the protective covering from the adhesive and prepare to mount the shower basket onto the wall.
  • Step 4: Use a level to mount your shower basket onto the surface. This can be done alone, but if you are unsure about it, have another person help you.
  • Step 5: Press the self-adhesive shower basket firmly onto the surface. Hold it in place for about 30 seconds.
  • Transportable Shower Caddies

    Shower caddies are very similar to shower baskets, but they have one main feature that sets them apart. Shower caddies can be transported in and out of a shower, with no permanent mounting. Some shower caddies can double as shower baskets due to mounting capabilities and other design elements.

    Benefits of Shower Caddies


    One of the best features of a shower caddies is the mobility aspect. The ability to transport your shower items to different areas of your bathroom, especially in and out of your shower, is what makes a shower caddies one of the most important considerations for a shower design. They can generally hold a lot of weight, so you won't have any trouble storing your specific needs and wants in your shower caddie.

    Organizational Benefits

    Much like other shower storage solutions, shower caddies offer a unique organization factor to your shower design. Because shower caddies can be positioned into many different locations, a perfectly created shower space is easier than ever. Shower caddies can hold all of your items comfortably. One thing to note is that shower caddies are generally single tier, but other variations are available as well.

    Easy to Install

    Shower caddies can be mounted in a shower area in several different ways, all of which can be done by yourself very easily. Shower caddies can fit across a bathtub with no actual installation, called bathtub bridges. They can also utilize the hardware and self-adhesive installations that traditional shower baskets use.

    Bathtub Bridges

    Shower caddies can utilize a unique design called a bathtub bridge. A bathtub bridge is a shower caddy that rests each side of your bathtub, creating a bridge across your tub. This type of shower caddy will work incredibly well for you if you have a freestanding bathtub because of the space you have on both sides of the tub itself. For example, a freestanding tub has ledges on each side, while an alcove bathtub will only have one ledge in most cases. In addition, bathtub bridge shower caddies are adjustable in length in most cases, being able to fit many different bathtub sizes.

    Bathtub bridge shower caddies are typically made of metal or wood, while utilizing a number of different finishes and styles. Solid brass and wood are two solid materials that will be reliable in a shower environment for years to come. In addition, finishes like chrome are versatile and durable that can match with other shower accessories and fixtures.

    Hanging Shower Caddies

    Shower caddies are known for their usefulness when it comes to moving your items all together quickly and easily. Hanging shower caddies are especially effective in this sense. These types of shower caddies can be hung on several different parts of a shower area in order to create the most accessible area for you. One of the most common places for a hanging shower caddy is the shower arm for your shower head. However, if hung incorrectly, the shower arm is weak or the contents of the shower caddy are too heavy, some problems could occur. If you want a dedicated location for just your shower caddy, consider an adhesive hook for your shower wall to hang your shower caddy on. Shower caddies can be hung in a number of different ways, depending on the model.

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