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Modern Bathroom Sinks

A sleek, modern bathroom sink will help you update your bathroom with a new clean design. Modern bathroom sinks incorporate new designs, finishes, and technical improvements, keeping your bathroom comfortable and up-to-date. Shop through our selection of modern bathroom sinks and contemporary bathroom sinks. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about modern bathroom sinks.

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Find the Perfect Luxury Modern Bathroom Sinks

In most projects, we recommend using a modern bathroom sink, though of course there are exceptions such as if you have a traditional home, in which you should definitely use a traditional bathroom sink. Modern bathroom sinks incorporate the latest designs, features and colors in bathroom sinks. Typically these modern bathroom sinks will have a trendier design and will fit together better with new construction and renovation, same of which, usually focus on bringing a project up-to-date using the latest design trends.

Ideas for Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Sinks

Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Wall mounted bathroom sinks continue to grow in popularity. Most wall-mount sinks today are mounted using a bolt and nut system. This is a big enhancement from the older system that used L-Shaped brackets underneath the sink. Mounting a modern bathroom sink today is not much different than mounting a TV. A wall mounted bathroom sink will enhance your bathroom with not only a sleek design but also by providing additional space underneath the sink that can be used for storage, a drawer unit, a scale or any other bathroom complement. A wall hung sink will definitely make your bathroom look bigger and newer.

Modern Console Bathroom Sinks

Console bathrooms sinks are becoming increasingly desired for their combination of style and functionality. A contemporary console bathroom sinks will typically be available in several finishes, the most popular being polished chrome and matte black. The frame or console part of the sink can function as a towel holder as well. Modern console bathroom sinks are very sleek in design and can be a staple in a contemporary bathroom.

Modern Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Vessel bathrooms sinks continue to have the most innovative designs in the bathroom sink sector. A modern vessel sink can be available in a multitude of different shapes, sizes, finishes and materials. Counter top sinks also do not need to be installed making them very practical. The wide selection of designs available for modern vessel bathroom sinks makes this choice very appealing.

Modern Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Undermount bathroom sinks are still the best selling type of sink. With their seamless design of being built into your counter or vanity, modern undermount sink typically work well with most projects. A contemporary undermount bathroom sink may feature a ramp design or hidden drain to bring a more modern feel to an otherwise more traditional sink.

Pairing your Modern Bathroom Sink with a Vanity

If you are using a modern vessel or undermount bathroom sink, you will need to find the perfect modern vanity or countertop to match. Although many vanities have built-in or integrated bathroom sinks, modern vanities are still available and sold without countertops or sinks. For a modern vessel bathroom sink, we recommend using a bathroom vanity that has sufficient storage space for your needs and a neutral color that is easy to match. The countertop should typically be a lighter color and can be a solid color or one with a clean design incorporated. Modern bathroom countertops are usually made of marble, stone or ceramic. Since most modern bathroom sinks are either white or black, using neutral colors will usually bring the most out of your bathroom design. A combination of a modern bathroom sink with a luxurious bathroom vanity will greatly enhance your bathroom design.

Shop our selection of modern and contemporary bathroom sinks and enjoy shopping through our collections of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Our range of modern bathroom sinks is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern wall mount sinks, bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our contemporary bathroom sinks on

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