ADA Compliant Bathroom Sinks

ADA compliant bathroom sinks are bathroom sinks that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance of bathroom sinks is not a requirement for private residences though ADA compliant sinks may be required for some commercial projects. ADA compliance ensures that wheelchair accessible bathroom sinks, handicap bathroom sinks, and handicap vanity sinks are installed correctly for projects that people with disabilities will be using.

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What is a commercial ADA Compliant Bathroom Sink?

An ADA compliant bathroom sink meets the regulations and guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance requires that a bathroom sink meets specific dimensions and is installed at specific dimensions as set forth by the ADA guidelines. The goal of ADA compliance is ensure that people with disabilities are able to comfortably and safely use the bathroom sink. In many commercial projects and public bathrooms, it can be a requirement to have at least one ADA compliant bathroom or an ADA compliant area in a public restroom.

All the bathroom sinks listed on this page are ADA compliant but it is also important to ensure that the installation of the ADA bathroom sinks meets the guidelines. Our representatives are available by phone or email if you have any questions or need any help with commercial ADA compliant bathroom sinks.

Important ADA Compliant Bathroom Sink Requirements

ADA Minimum installation height: 27 inches

For a bathroom sink to be ADA compliant, it must be installed at a minimum of 27 inches above the floor. This is known as the knee clearance of an ADA compliant bathroom sink and this requirement ensures that a wheelchair can fit underneath the sink.

ADA Maximum height at the top of the sink: 34 inches

Measured from the floor to the top of the sink, the total distance cannot exceed 34 inches. Coupled with the minimum installation height, an ADA compliant bathroom sink cannot have a height of greater than 7 inches.

ADA Minimum sink depth: 17 inches

The minimum sink depth, measured from the front of the bathroom sink to the back, must be 17 inches or greater. This requirement leaves adequate space for a wheelchair to fit underneath the sink without colliding into the wall.

ADA Minimum depth for the plumbing to the front of the sink: 8 inches

This distance is measured from the the drain hole, where the trap or plumbing is connected to the sink, to the front of the sink. The minimum depth for this measurement is 8 inches, which ensures that a person in a wheelchair does not collide with the plumbing while using an ADA compliant bathroom sink.

ADA Minimum clear floor space: 30 inches by 48 inches

An ADA compliant bathroom must have a minimum of 30 inches of length and 48 inches of depth (front to back) in the surrounding area of the bathroom sink. This area is known as the clear floor space and includes the bathroom sink. For instance, if a ADA compliant bathroom sink is 24” in length by 18” in depth, a minimum space of 6” must be clear between the sink and any other sink, wall or bathroom fixture. The 6” of space can be on either side or divided between the two sides. Similarly in the example, there must be 30” of space between the front of the sink and any other bathroom sink, wall or bathroom fixture.

Commercial Bathroom Sinks

Commercial-grade bathroom sinks are not required to be ADA compliant in most cases, however, every ADA compliant bathroom sink must be suitable for commercial use. The majority of commercial projects require that at least one ADA compliant restroom is included per gender, which allows the project to include several bathrooms, stalls, or bathroom sinks that do not meet ADA compliance. Furthermore, there are also stipulations for the number of bathrooms needed for commercial bathrooms that depend on the use-type, square footage, and total usage of the building.

Yet, ensuring that all the bathroom sinks that are installed in your commercial project are commercial-grade is very important for safety reasons and to ensure the lasting durability and quality of your bathroom sinks.

The ADA compliant restroom requirements are meant to make the bathroom sink wheelchair accessible and accessible to people with disabilities.

Full information about ADA compliant bathroom sinks can found in ANSI A117.1, visit for full details.

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