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Drawer units can offer amazing levels of storage and organization to any bathroom design. One of the best features of drawer units is the variety of different shapes and sizes available. For example, a drawer unit can be a bathroom vanity with drawers, a simple stand-alone drawer unit, or anything in between. The versatility and convenience that drawer units will provide to your bathroom environment cannot be understated and should absolutely be a consideration no matter what type of bathroom design you may have.

Bathroom Drawer Unit Materials and Finishes

In general, a bathroom drawer unit will be made of fairly common yet durable materials. It would typically boil down to two basic materials, being wood and metal. Bathroom drawer units are required to be built incredibly durably, so the wood and metal used in these fixtures will be of high quality. One of the most common types of wood used is oak, as it is a strong type of wood, perfect for a bathroom environment. Galvanized stainless steel, polished stainless steel and other similar metals are used in these luxurious drawer units and bathroom vanities with drawers as well.

In terms of finish, there are several that work amazingly on bathroom drawer units. Because bathroom vanities with drawers and other types of drawer units are somewhat of a secondary fixture, they don’t need to be too flashy. Common finishes include different types of white and black. Stainless steel is a sleek option to take advantage of as well. The wooden finishes are also quite attractive, adding a natural flare to your bathroom design.

Drawer Unit Size Options

Because each bathroom design will be a little different from the next, bathroom drawer units come in a variety of sizes that are designed to fit any scenario. If you have a smaller bathroom design that can only fit a little bit of storage space, consider a small two drawer unit that can fit in a small space. If you were working with a large bathroom environment, you may want to consider a taller five drawer unit in order to properly organize all of your items.

In terms of actual height, a bathroom drawer unit can range anywhere from about one foot tall to about three feet tall. This gives you a great range of options to choose from especially if space creation is a struggle for your design. Of course, taller drawer units will need more space and can't really be placed under anything like a vanity or bathroom sink. In general, you are absolutely able to find a bathroom drawer unit or bathroom vanity with drawers that can fit your specific needs and requirements.

Important Features of Bathroom Drawer Units

Drawer units can come with a handful of excellent features that can help optimize storage and create a very easy to use fixture for your bathroom. Firstly, many drawer units or bathroom vanities with drawers will have the option of wheels built into them. The inclusion of wheels makes it easy to move your storage unit to wherever you may need it. In addition, the wheels are incredibly effective if the drawer unit is decently heavy, making it difficult to pick up. The wheels will typically be on each bottom corner of the unit, with four wheels being included in most cases.

In addition to the excellent mobility that many luxury drawer units have, there are also several drawer and door options. For example, some drawer units will just have a series of two to five drawers, offering structured and organized storage space. You can also choose a drawer unit that has a combination of drawers and doors. The drawers are perfect for storing and organizing smaller items and toiletries. The doors are ideal for taller items, such as a toilet brush holder or other taller items you may need to have in your bathroom.

Best Places for Your Drawer Unit

A bathroom vanity with drawers can be placed in a surprising amount of places to make it convenient and accessible to you at all times. If you have an open space between fixtures, you may be able to simply slide your drawer unit in between them to make it fit seamlessly. If you don't have enough open space to place a drawer unit by itself, you may need to move things around in order for it to fit appropriately. However, there are plenty of other areas in which you can place a drawer unit to make it just as accessible as if it was out in the open.

If you have a bathroom closet, a drawer unit will fit perfectly inside to further organize the space. This way, the drawer unit will be out of the way, while still performing its function incredibly well. If you have a free-standing vanity or wall mounted bathroom sink, your drawer unit can be placed underneath it in order to further optimize the storage in the area.

We hope that you enjoy shopping through our collection of high-end bathroom drawer units. Our range of storage drawer units is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our luxury drawer units on If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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