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When it comes to commercial bathroom sinks, the most important aspect is always quality and durability. Designing, building and renovating public or commercial bathrooms or restrooms can involve a multitude of steps to ensure the design and fixtures installed will withstand the test of time and fall within the project’s budget. Durable fixtures will help ensure the items don’t need to be replaced for long periods of time and will help minimize and alleviate ongoing maintenance and problems, significantly reducing the cost of maintaining a commercial bathroom overtime.

Commercial-grade bathroom sinks will always be made with the best and most durable materials to ensure maximum durability and strength. The most common material for a bathroom commercial sink is ceramic, which is hard, durable, weather resistant, has high dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance and low conductivity of electricity and heat. Based on those properties, it is easy to see why a ceramic commercial bathroom sink will typically be the best choice for most projects.

Depending on the type of project, different types and styles of commercial bathroom sinks will be needed. The following is a short guide that can help you with your commercial project.

Large Public Commercial Bathrooms

Examples of large public bathroom projects are airports, restaurants, event halls, sports stadiums, and many other similar commercial projects. These bathrooms will be multi-use bathrooms that usually need several commercial sinks and sometimes can be up to 20 or more in a single large bathroom. For these bathrooms, you will always need to designate at least one ADA compliant stall or area (this includes the sanitary ware such as a toilet and also the bathroom sink area).

For large public bathrooms, the most common commercial sink used is an undermount commercial bathroom sink. Typically a large counter is installed along one of the bathroom walls and that counter will accommodate multiple undermount commercials sinks. These counters are referred to as integrated commercial bathroom countertops and sinks. Floating commercial sinks (wall mounted) are also common in these projects.

Medium-Sized Commercial Bathrooms

These projects can consist of private office bathrooms, bathroom for meeting rooms, airplane bathrooms, bathrooms on yachts or boats, among others. For these types of projects, you may be able to incorporate different designs and styles of commercial bathroom sinks. You can always stick with the most common (under-mount or wall mounted) but you can also consider vessel commercial bathroom sinks or semi-recessed sinks if you are trying to add a little more flare to the bathroom.

Small Office Bathrooms and Small Businesses and Small Warehouses

If you are building a bathroom for a small business, it will typically be a single use bathroom (used by only one person at a time). For these bathrooms, wall mount commercial bathroom sinks are the most common. Storage space is rarely needed in these bathrooms and maximizing the working space of a small office is usually more important for the tenant. However, keep in mind that most small offices or commercial spaces require at least one bathroom to be ADA compliant. Based on that, if you only have one bathroom in the office, definitely make sure that you use an ">ADA compliant commercial bathroom sink.

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