Cento Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

The Cento Collection is an exclusive collection of high-end ceramic bathroom sinks. The range features wall-mount, vessel and pedestal bathroom sinks that are excellent for both residential and commercial use. Enjoy free shipping on Collection Cento.

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Collection Cento | Luxury Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

The Cento Collection is an elegant and vast range of luxury bathroom sinks and bathroom furniture. The collection is made by WS Bath Collections and produced in Italy. The collection exhibits designs that are modern, minimalist, and versatile. The clean design makes the Cento Collection by WS Bath Collections an excellent choice for all types of bathroom decors and designs. The range features ceramic bathroom sinks in all sizes and installation types along with several unique shapes. Most of the basins in this elegant collection can be combined with consoles or other high-end bathroom furniture units.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks from the Cento Collection

The Cento collection started with a full line of rectangular wall mounted bathroom sinks. The line includes floating sinks that range from small (approximately 15 inches) to very large, 55 inch bathroom sinks. Most of these wall mount sinks are completely flat on the bottom making them suitable to be used as a countertop or vessel bathroom sinks. For smaller bathrooms, the two most popular models are the Cento 3530 (19.7 inch model) and the Cento 3531 (23.6 inch model). For larger bathrooms or multi-use bathrooms, you can consider either one of the large trough bathroom sinks (Cento 3534 or Cento 3535) or the Cento 3536, which is a luxury double bathroom sink.

Cento Countertop Bathroom Sinks

Along with the versatile wall-mount sinks, the collection features pure countertop bathroom sinks. The Cento collection includes round and oval vessel bathroom sinks along with several gorgeous rectangular countertop bathroom sinks. These ceramic vessel sinks can be paired with any bathroom vanity or countertop of your choice.

Cento Semi-Recessed Bathroom SinksSemi-recessed bathroom sinks have a distinct design where the basin sits in the countertop or vanity while the front of the sink overhangs the front of the counter. The Cento semi-recessed bathroom sinks are excellent for situations where you have a narrow vanity or countertop; the semi-recessed sink design can increase the basin space making the bathroom more comfortable to use. The semi-recessed sinks from the range are available in four sizes ranging from 19.7 inch wide to a large semi-recessed bathroom sink that is 31.5 inches wide (Cento 3549).

Cento Console Bathroom Vanities

The modern and trendy console bathroom vanities of the Cento range are available in all the sizes of the basins. These luxury console bathroom vanities are made of solid brass and finished in an elegant matte black to perfectly match the beautiful white finish of the basins. There are two models to choose from for these luxury console bathroom sinks, the wall mounted model and the freestanding model. The wall-mount console sink has a beautiful floating design and includes a shelf along with multi-functional horizontal bars that can be used as towel bars; these horizontal bars run along the right side, left side and the front of the vanity unit. Similarly the Cento freestanding console bathroom sink includes the same shelf (though it sits closer to the floor), however, the horizontal bars are only on the left and right side of the unit.

Cento Ceramic Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Bringing along a traditional design, Collection Cento also includes a full range of pedestal bathroom sinks. The ceramic pedestal sink is available in all of the sizes available in the range and they are perfect if you are looking for a modern sink with a more traditional feel.

Accessories for the Cento Collection

Many of the Cento collection bathroom sinks have optional towel bars available that can greatly increase the utility of your sink. Especially for smaller bathrooms, a side or front towel bar can be the perfect accessory to maximize your bathroom space. Along with the luxury sink towel bars, we recommend pairing your Cento bathroom sink with our decorative drains, traps and luxury bathroom faucets.

We hope that you enjoy shopping through our luxury ceramic bathroom sinks from our Cento Collection. This collection is carefully curated to ensure high-end quality and design. By offering the latest trends and designs, our goal is to provide our customers with the best modern bathroom fixtures & accessories that will exceed your expectations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Cento Collection on ModoBath.com. If you need any help with your project or have any product questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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