When it comes to a bathroom design, one of the most important things to consider is how energy is being used. This can encompass anything from water conservation to lighting efficiency. A green bathroom promotes health and longevity to the overall area, making it a comfortable and environmentally friendly option for your bathroom to consider. This guide will go over 7 great ways to design a green bathroom for your next bathroom project.

7 Ways to Design a Green Bathroom
7 Ways to Design a Green Bathroom

Choose an Efficient Faucet

One of the best things you can do when planning a green bathroom design is to incorporate a high quality bathroom faucet. This faucet should be efficient in terms of both ease of use and functionality. There are several key features that a high quality faucet should have that will allow you to experience the full benefits of it. For example, one of the first features you should look for is how the faucet is turned on. A faucet can be turned on in two main ways. An automatic faucet will be one of the most efficient, because it can only be turned on with sensor or touch activation. The other type of faucet will be a faucet that is turned on with a lever or knob. This will be a bit less efficient, but it will still be a good option to consider.

Another thing you need to consider is the quality of the faucet. There are several things to consider when choosing a faucet to make sure it is high quality. First is the efficiency of the faucet. As previously mentioned, efficiency is incredibly important to the overall impact on energy conservation. Second, the faucet needs to be built well in every aspect of the design. This includes the actual material of the faucet as well as the operation of the faucet. Lastly, a faucet needs to be functional. This means the faucet needs to be easy to operate and comfortable to use. All of these factors help to make an environmentally friendly bathroom fixture in the form of a high quality bathroom faucet.

The Importance of Shower Heads

Much like a bathroom faucet, a shower head is one of the most important fixtures when it comes to efficiency and water conservation. There are several things to consider in terms of environmentally friendly features in a shower head. For example, an environmentally friendly shower head will have a conservative yet effective water flow. No matter how the shower head is built, the most important thing to consider is the water flow. The water flow should be consistent, having appropriate pressure and flow. In addition, the shower head should not be leaking whatsoever. This is perhaps the most important aspect of an environmentally friendly shower head, because leaky fixtures can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if left unattended to.

An environmentally friendly shower head should also be built well. Most high quality shower heads are made of durable materials, mainly some type of metal such as solid brass. A well built shower head will last a long time in a bathroom design, even if it is being used multiple times a day. Lastly, it is crucial that a shower head has all of the necessary features to help limit the wasting of water as much as possible. This is usually a shower head feature that can change the spray style or even the amount of water coming out of the shower head. Because a shower head is going to be used so much, it is highly recommended that you get a high quality and environmentally friendly shower head.

Use Natural Materials Where You Can

7 Ways to Design a Green Bathroom
7 Ways to Design a Green Bathroom

When it comes to creating a green bathroom environment, the inclusion of natural materials will have a huge impact on the design. Natural materials are generally found as different types of wood or stone. These two materials can display many different textures and colors. Due to this, they can be utilized beautifully in a bathroom environment. For example, wood is one of the most versatile types of materials when it comes to this. Wood can display many natural tones that resemble a more earthy feeling. However, wood is also a great material for the longevity and health of a bathroom design. The same can be said about stone.

There are several areas in which both wood and stone can be used effectively in an environmentally friendly bathroom design. Bathroom vanities can utilize wood amazingly. This is due to how versatile it is. Stone can also be used in a bathroom vanity, although wood will be a more viable option for a number of reasons. These materials can be used in other fixtures as well. Fixtures such as bathroom sinks, bathtubs and all types of bathroom accessories can utilize wood and stone in their builds. The incorporation of natural materials is great for replacing some aspects of the design as well, making it a more environmentally friendly option for bathroom materials.

Natural Light is Crucial

The inclusion of natural light in a bathroom design is one of the most beneficial elements of a high quality design. Of course, natural light can only be incorporated in a design through some type of window. If you have a bathroom with a window, you are already on the right track. This is perfect for maximizing the amount and quality of the natural light that will be able to flow into the room. It will be more difficult trying to find a way to include natural light if you do not have a window. If you can install a window or skylight in your currently windowless bathroom, it is highly recommended that you do so.

There are many great benefits when it comes to natural light. First of all, natural light will bring visibility into the design. This is not only great for your bathroom design, but it gives you an environmentally friendly way to save money. Of course, natural light will not be a complete replacement for your electric light bulbs, but it adds a substantial amount of high quality lighting to the area at no cost. In addition to that, natural light can also increase the warmth of a bathroom, also at no cost. Depending on the size of your windows or skylights, as well as how many you have, the amount of light and warmth will vary. Either way, natural light is one of the most impactful elements of a bathroom design that focuses on environmentally friendly design elements.

Eliminate Harmful Chemical and Compounds

A bathroom design will require maintenance and upkeep in order to really be a comfortable and clean environment to use. When cleaning a bathroom many individuals will turn to chemical cleaning solutions. This is not a terrible thing to do, but there are more environmentally friendly and healthier options to consider. Try to stay away from highly chemical filled substances when going to clean certain areas of your bathroom design. There are many substitutes for chemical cleaners that are extremely effective. This can be a solution made with lemon juice, vinegar or several other options.

Chemicals can also be present on different types of fixtures. They can also be present on other materials in your design. For example, certain types of coatings or finishes can rub off some potentially damaging chemicals over time. This may not seem like an incredibly pressing issue. However, it is something that can happen. Due to this, make sure all of the fixtures and accessories that you have in your bathroom design are safe in terms of what they are made of. Do a bit of research before making any final purchases. This will help to ensure that your bathroom stays healthy for the long run. This is also important for your personal health as well. It makes it even more important when designing a bathroom or picking fixtures.

LED Light Bulbs

As one of the easiest ways to improve your current bathroom design to make it more eco friendly, LED light bulbs are definitely worth consideration. There are several great benefits to incorporating LED lights in a bathroom, some of which are incredibly important to know. First of all LED lights are extremely efficient when it comes to electricity. LED light bulbs should be implemented in all areas of the bathroom. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your lighting sources. They can be used virtually anywhere. The most important places to use them are for the ceiling lights, mirror lights and any vanity lights. These are the most used areas of the bathroom, and very important for visibility.

The other benefit of LED lighting is that it will serve to save you money in the long run. In most cases, LED lighting will be a bit more expensive than other types of traditional bathroom lighting. However, this is only the case for the immediate short term. After the initial purpose of the light bulbs, they are so efficient that they will save you money for the rest of their lifespan. This is an incredibly important aspect of LED lighting, as they will be key elements of your design for up to ten years or even more.

Build Your Bathroom Around Longevity

One of the best things you can do to make your bathroom green and environmentally friendly is to build a design that will last a long time. There are several easy ways to do this effectively. First of all, make sure you are purchasing high quality fixtures and accessories at the get go. This will help to ensure you will not have to replace or repair anything in the near future. After you have that settled, make sure you are incorporating efficient electric and plumbing fixtures. This can range from toilets to mirror lights. Each element of your bathroom needs to be functioning at a high level. This is in order to make it comfortable and accessible for as long as possible.

In addition to efficiency and functionality, you need to plan a design that will be accessible and easy to use. The way this is done will vary depending on the individual. However, your bathroom should be optimized for you. Start by positioning your bathroom fixtures in the best locations for you. This will make the environment comfortable and accessible. Overall, a durable and high quality bathroom design is one of the most important factors as to whether or not it will stand the test of time.