Update your bathroom with these affordable additions.

Affordable Updates

Sometimes you may look at your bathroom and notice something is missing or something needs to be updated to fit the latest trends or technology. It is usually the small things that makes a bathroom shine, so small updates could be just what your bathroom needs in order to live up to its full potential.

Go Green

Going green in your bathroom can be done in a multitude of different ways. This can be done by incorporating natural lighting or longer lasting LED light bulbs. Natural lighting is a great way to connect to the outside world as well as letting in free lighting. The windows can also add a nice design factor into your bathroom. LED lighting is simple, effective and great for any part of your home. LED lighting lasts much longer than incandescent lighting, reducing the overall cost as well as reducing waste from throwing light bulbs away. You can also include some water saving fixtures, such as shower heads, to reduce the amount of water being used in your bathroom which will further reduce your costs. Many fixtures are available that promote the conservation of water, so explore your options to see which fixtures mesh well with your bathroom design.

Add Counter-top Accessories

Counter-top accessories are always useful if you are looking for an affordable update to your bathroom design. Though not often seen as an accessory persay, a magnifying mirror is a great asset for your bathroom. Magnifying mirrors are available in several different forms, each coming with their own set of features. Some have flexible arms and others have LED lighting. You can also include other counter-top accessories such as soap dispensers and soap dishes that give you clean and easy ways for you to access your soap. Try to experiment with other accessories to make your bathroom comfortable and boost the quality and mood of your bathroom as well.

Update Your Paint

Updating your paint colors is one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom look. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint your whole bathroom. You may just want to repaint your vanity or your trim in order to accentuate color in your bathroom. You can also try painting your vanity a different color or just give it a fresh coat of paint. A simple change of the shade of color could be exactly what you need to update your bathroom. Explore some options that incorporate contrasting colors or a monochromatic color scheme to give your bathroom a unique design that fits your preferences. Repainting your walls is always an option as well to give your bathroom a fresh new change. Explore your color options and choose the colors that fit the best with your overall bathroom theme.

Update Your Mirror

A bathroom mirror is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom design, and it can be relatively affordable for a quality improvement. One of the most aesthetically effective ways to make your mirror beautiful is to incorporate a frame. You can either make your own frame for your mirror, get a professional to make one for you, or purchase a new mirror that is already framed. You could also try to find a pre-built frame, but it may be a little harder to find. You could just need a new mirror all together. This will cost you a bit more money, but depending on your current situation, it may be well worth it. A new bathroom mirror will cost an average of about $500.

Add Some Life

One of the most rewarding components of a bathroom is the inclusion of nature. There are several ways to do this, each of which have their own sets of benefits. Plant life is a very affordable and beautiful option to consider due to how effective it can be. Include plants that do well in wet places, such as aloe. You could also try to include some openings to the outside, such as windows or plant life outside of your windows. If you can't incorporate any windows or don't have any, it is strongly suggested that you at least include some plant life. Any connection to nature will greatly benefit the vibe of your bathroom design.

Keep It Clean

A clean bathroom is a healthy bathroom and there are a number of ways to do so. First off, it is important to control the level of condensation in your bathroom. This can be done by wiping down your fixtures or incorporating a dehumidifier. If you ignore the condensation buildup, fixtures could get damaged over time. You should be doing a full cleaning of your bathroom about every week or two, depending on how much you use it, which is relatively often. The most important thing to note is that a clean bathroom is extremely affordable. Just make sure you keep your cleaning products available and stocked somewhere in your bathroom.

Final Note

Little updates to your bathroom can turn out to be very important to the progression of your bathroom style. Affordable updates are a great way to improve your bathroom.